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2020/01/26NBA legend Kobe Bryant has died in California helicopter crash: reports2020-01-26 11:53:02
2020/01/26Wuhan, China, mayor says 5 million residents left city before travel ban2020-01-26 11:28:51
2020/01/25Trump defense team’s opening arguments: See all the action live on MarketWatch2020-01-25 06:51:51
2020/01/24Dow industrials end down 170 points on coronavirus fears2020-01-24 13:04:50
2020/01/24Stocks have fallen to their lowest level in a week, with the Dow now down 3002020-01-24 11:30:51
2020/01/24Watch: Third and final day of Adam Schiff and House managers’ opening arguments2020-01-24 09:35:50
2020/01/24Cannabis watchers think 2020 could be the year for legalization in New York2020-01-24 09:14:59
2020/01/24Blue chips off 100: Dow Inc., Walgreens, J.P. Morgan losses outweigh Intel rally2020-01-24 09:08:52
2020/01/24Stocks turn negative as CDC confirms coronavirus case in Chicago2020-01-24 07:53:52
2020/01/23Intel stock rallies 6% after earnings beat estimates2020-01-23 13:04:52
2020/01/23Nasdaq finishes at record high; Dow closes slightly lower2020-01-23 13:02:52
2020/01/23Click to tune in for the third full day of Trump’s impeachment trial2020-01-23 09:49:50
2020/01/23Barron’s: History’s verdict on which party is better for the U.S. economy2020-01-23 09:06:51
2020/01/23U.S. stocks pull back as investors weigh earnings and widened coronavirus threat2020-01-23 08:53:50
2020/01/23Coronavirus case confirmed in Singapore: report2020-01-23 05:32:51
2020/01/22S&P 500, Nasdaq cling to gains at the close; Dow ends in the red2020-01-22 13:06:51
2020/01/22Second full day of Trump impeachment trial set to start in Senate — watch here2020-01-22 09:57:51
2020/01/22Trump says impeachment witnesses are Senate’s call but cites national security2020-01-22 09:38:51
2020/01/22Trump says impeachment witnesses are Senate’s call but cites national security2020-01-22 09:38:50
2020/01/22Unionized employees’ share of U.S. workforce hits record low2020-01-22 09:28:53
2020/01/22Tesla’s market cap climbs past $100 billion mark on intraday basis2020-01-22 08:14:51
2020/01/22U.S. stock markets put aside China virus fear to set sights on record heights2020-01-22 07:16:53
2020/01/21IBM stock rises on earnings beat, strong outlook2020-01-21 13:10:49
2020/01/21Netflix stock down over 2% after quarterly results2020-01-21 13:08:51
2020/01/21Dow snaps 5-session winning streak as Boeing’s decline weighs2020-01-21 13:01:51
2020/01/21Boeing now expects the 737 Max to be back in service in mid-20202020-01-21 11:55:51
2020/01/21Boeing stock trading is halted as reports indicate further delays for 737 Max2020-01-21 11:24:49
2020/01/21The deadly coronavirus has hit U.S. shores, and this is how stocks are reacting2020-01-21 11:05:51
2020/01/21Trump impeachment trial kicks off with McConnell statement: live blog2020-01-21 09:42:51
2020/01/21Trump attacks climate-change ‘prophets of doom’ in Davos speech2020-01-21 07:04:50
2020/01/21U.S. stock benchmarks retreat from record heights after holiday weekend2020-01-21 06:49:51
2020/01/20Barron’s on MarketWatch: Dow 30,000 forecast for 2025 may have been too cautious2020-01-20 08:01:11
2020/01/20IMF dials down optimism in latest global economic forecast2020-01-20 07:39:50
2020/01/20Most markets are closed for the Martin Luther King holiday — but not all of them2020-01-20 05:14:53
2020/01/17Best Buy stock falls on report board is investigating CEO’s personal conduct2020-01-17 13:13:49
2020/01/17Dow, S&P 500, Nasdaq finish the week at records2020-01-17 13:02:50
2020/01/17Yes, stocks keep hitting records. But so does this precious metal (no, not gold)2020-01-17 12:21:54
2020/01/17Which markets will be closed Monday for the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday?2020-01-17 10:08:51
2020/01/17U.S. consumer sentiment slips at start of new year2020-01-17 07:06:51
2020/01/17New-home construction jumps to 13-year high2020-01-17 06:27:51
2020/01/17Stocks are looking to cap a record-setting week with even more gains on Friday2020-01-17 05:50:54
2020/01/16You can add Google parent Alphabet to the $1 trillion valuation stock club2020-01-16 13:28:50
2020/01/16Stock benchmarks close at record highs again as trade optimism rules2020-01-16 13:01:51
2020/01/16Trump administration to bar reporters’ use of computers in economic-data lockups2020-01-16 09:23:50
2020/01/16Senate passes U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement in 89-10 vote2020-01-16 09:12:50
2020/01/16Barron’s on MarketWatch: Even downgrade to sell won’t change Tesla bulls’ minds2020-01-16 08:20:51
2020/01/16GAO says Trump administration broke law by holding up Ukraine aid2020-01-16 07:50:51
2020/01/16U.S. import prices climb in December2020-01-16 05:35:51
2020/01/15Alcoa stock is falling 3% after earnings show a bigger loss than forecast2020-01-15 13:17:50
2020/01/15The Dow closed above 29,000 for the first time, sent to a record by trade deal2020-01-15 13:09:51
2020/01/15Stocks end the day higher after U.S. signs initial trade pact with China2020-01-15 13:03:51
2020/01/15What deals are in the U.S.-China trade pact signed Wednesday? Read the full text2020-01-15 11:36:52
2020/01/15Elon Musk stands to get a lot richer if Tesla’s market cap tops $100 billion2020-01-15 09:45:51
2020/01/15Barron’s on MarketWatch: How Netflix subscriptions could double by 20252020-01-15 09:40:50
2020/01/15Trump criticizes Fed at China-deal ‘Phase 1’ signing ceremony2020-01-15 09:28:50
2020/01/15Dow up triple digits as market awaits ‘Phase 1’ trade-deal signing2020-01-15 07:03:51
2020/01/15Fed’s Empire State index shows factories treading water in N.Y. region2020-01-15 05:35:52
2020/01/15PPI data show modest increase in wholesale-level inflation at year-end2020-01-15 05:34:51
2020/01/15Target shares slump in premarket trade on holiday sales miss2020-01-15 03:40:50
2020/01/14Live blog: Updates & analysis as six Democrats face off in Iowa debate2020-01-14 17:48:52
2020/01/14Dow ends slightly higher as JPMorgan lifts banks; S&P, Nasdaq close in the red2020-01-14 13:03:50
2020/01/14Here’s the case for Tesla stock to hit $6,0002020-01-14 12:28:52
2020/01/14Stocks turn negative following report China tariffs will stay put until election2020-01-14 11:14:03
2020/01/14House preparing to vote Wednesday on transmission of impeachment articles2020-01-14 07:29:50
2020/01/14Dow edges upward early Tuesday as earnings season gets under way2020-01-14 07:04:51
2020/01/14U.S. consumer prices rose less than forecast in December2020-01-14 05:33:50
2020/01/13China is no longer a currency manipulator, U.S. Treasury says2020-01-13 14:09:53
2020/01/13Visa to buy fintech company Plaid for $5.3 billion2020-01-13 13:45:50
2020/01/13S&P 500, Nasdaq end at records ahead of U.S.-China trade deal signing2020-01-13 13:03:51
2020/01/13Tesla’s stock tops $500 mark for first time2020-01-13 09:33:50
2020/01/13Booker’s campaign suspension leaves 12 Democrats in running for presidency2020-01-13 08:30:51
2020/01/13Dow takes cautious step higher with first close atop 29,000 not yet in books2020-01-13 06:44:51
2020/01/10Boeing faces another million-dollar FAA fine over faulty 737 Max parts2020-01-10 13:58:51
2020/01/10Dow ends down over 100 points after weaker-than-expected jobs report2020-01-10 13:02:51
2020/01/10Pelosi says Trump impeachment articles will go to Senate next week2020-01-10 09:04:54
2020/01/10Dow briefly moves above 29,000 mark for first time ever2020-01-10 07:15:51
2020/01/10Dow postpones test of 29,000 level after weaker-than-forecast jobs data2020-01-10 06:48:58
2020/01/10Barron’s on MarketWatch: December data cap 10 straight years of U.S. job gains2020-01-10 06:33:50
2020/01/10Stock-index futures hold gains after December nonfarm-payrolls data2020-01-10 05:36:51
2020/01/10U.S. economy adds a fewer-than-forecast 145,000 jobs in December2020-01-10 05:31:51
2020/01/09Boeing emails show workers mocking FAA, ridiculing 737 Max’s safety2020-01-09 19:40:51
2020/01/09Dow ends up over 200 points at record high on trade optimism2020-01-09 13:04:51
2020/01/0929,000 level in sight for Dow as investors put Mideast worries on back burner2020-01-09 08:46:54
2020/01/09U.S. weekly first-time unemployment claims drop to 214,000 in early January2020-01-09 05:38:51
2020/01/08Trump has broken his promises to American workers, writes Mike Bloomberg2020-01-08 18:06:51
2020/01/08Nasdaq closes at record as stocks rally on hopes for easing Mideast tensions2020-01-08 13:06:53
2020/01/08U.S. stock benchmarks extend intraday gains after Trump’s remarks on Iran2020-01-08 09:00:55
2020/01/08U.S. stock markets largely shrug off Iran attack and open mixed2020-01-08 06:59:51
2020/01/08Stocks set to shake off Iran missile strike, but Boeing crash weighs on Dow2020-01-08 05:55:51
2020/01/08U.S. economy adds more private-sector jobs in December than forecast: ADP2020-01-08 05:19:50
2020/01/07Boeing 737 jetliner reportedly crashes in Tehran, Iran2020-01-07 19:59:51
2020/01/07Iran launches multiple missiles at U.S. base in Iraq2020-01-07 16:01:57
2020/01/07Oil prices surge, U.S. stock futures plunge after Iran missile attack2020-01-07 16:01:52
2020/01/07Iran launches multiple missiles at U.S. base in Iraq2020-01-07 15:44:50
2020/01/07U.S. stocks end lower as consumer staples, banks and real-estate shares sink2020-01-07 13:02:53
2020/01/07Apache’s stock is rocketing toward its biggest gain in 50 years after oil find2020-01-07 12:20:51
2020/01/07Tesla’s market cap has eclipsed that of Ford at its peak2020-01-07 09:19:50
2020/01/07Dow off 100 points at midday on renewed selling pressure2020-01-07 09:00:01
2020/01/07Dow industrials erase bulk of intraday triple-digit decline2020-01-07 08:08:51
2020/01/07U.S. factory orders decline for third month in past four2020-01-07 07:27:51
2020/01/07U.S. trade gap narrows in November; deficit in China trade shrinks further2020-01-07 05:34:50
2020/01/06CES 2020: Impossible Foods to add pork and sausage to menu ahead of possible IPO2020-01-06 16:03:53
2020/01/06Pier 1 to close up to 450 stores, reports widening loss2020-01-06 13:32:51
2020/01/06Dow stages turnaround as stocks shake off geopolitical tensions to end higher2020-01-06 13:06:51
2020/01/06John Bolton says he’ll testify in impeachment trial if subpoenaed2020-01-06 09:12:57
2020/01/03Stocks slump , but finish above day’s lows, as traders cast wary eye on Iran2020-01-03 13:02:50
2020/01/03U.S. oil futures settle at highest price since May as tensions with Iran rise2020-01-03 11:50:03
2020/01/03Twenty-nine of 30 Dow components in negative territory at midday2020-01-03 09:26:51
2020/01/03U.S. manufacturing-sector slump worsens in December; ISM index hits 10-year low2020-01-03 07:51:52
2020/01/03Dow down as much as 370 points early Friday; crude oil surges2020-01-03 06:38:50
2020/01/02Oil spikes, U.S. stock futures sink after Iranian general killed in airstrike2020-01-02 19:14:51
2020/01/02Crude prices now up more than 2% after Iranian general killed by airstrike2020-01-02 18:24:50
2020/01/02Crude prices spike after report that Iranian general killed in U.S. airstrike2020-01-02 17:57:52
2020/01/02Apple stock jumps 2.3% to close above $300 a share2020-01-02 13:07:50
2020/01/02Stocks open 2020 with a bang as Dow gains more than 300 points2020-01-02 13:01:52
2020/01/02Record highs notched as U.S. stock markets kick off 20202020-01-02 06:57:51
2020/01/02U.S. initial jobless claims fall to 222,000 from revised 224,0002020-01-02 05:32:52
2019/12/31The S&P 500 rises on the last day of 2019 to bring its annual gain to 29%2019-12-31 13:08:53
2019/12/31Stocks rally late to end a fantastic 2019 on an upbeat note2019-12-31 13:00:51
2019/12/31Dow, Exxon Mobile and IBM top the ‘Dogs of the Dow’ list as 2019 ends2019-12-31 12:02:50
2019/12/31Gold closes out 2019 with its best annual gain in 9 years2019-12-31 10:48:52
2019/12/31Two stocks dominated S&P 500 returns in 2019 — and over the past decade2019-12-31 09:47:50
2019/12/31Apple and Microsoft responsible for nearly 1,300 points of Dow gain in 20192019-12-31 08:24:50
2019/12/31How the New Year’s holiday affects trading today2019-12-31 07:55:51
2019/12/31Dow down 50 points as U.S. stocks threaten to end banner year with two-day skid2019-12-31 06:29:51
2019/12/31Trump says ‘Phase 1’ of China trade pact will be signed Jan. 152019-12-31 06:27:52
2019/12/31Barron’s on MW: Dennis Gartman caps 2019 with one final stock-market warning2019-12-31 06:05:51
2019/12/30Santa Claus rally gives up the ghost as stocks take worst losses in 4 weeks2019-12-30 13:02:51
2019/12/30Apple stock is rising toward a record even as the overall market hits the brakes2019-12-30 11:37:52
2019/12/30Pending home sales rebound in November led by resurgence in the West2019-12-30 07:35:50
2019/12/30Chicago regional purchasing index climbs in December2019-12-30 06:48:50
2019/12/30U.S. stocks dip at start of 2019’s penultimate trading session2019-12-30 06:40:50
2019/12/30Here’s the only New Year’s resolution your finances really need2019-12-30 06:25:52
2019/12/30Barron’s on MarketWatch: Stocks that made the biggest comebacks in 20192019-12-30 05:56:50
2019/12/29Tesla delivers first cars made at its China gigafactory2019-12-29 19:15:51
2019/12/27Dow, S&P 500 claw out small gains, but Nasdaq’s record streak comes to an end2019-12-27 13:07:52
2019/12/27A Federal Reserve study shows Trump’s tariffs led to job losses, higher prices2019-12-27 12:28:52
2019/12/27The best performing Nasdaq stocks of 20192019-12-27 08:53:51
2019/12/27Nasdaq loses footing atop 9,000 mark early Friday2019-12-27 07:04:50
2019/12/27MarketWatch’s most popular 2019 stories: money wasters, marrying for money, more2019-12-27 06:39:51
2019/12/26Nasdaq closes above 9,000 for first time as stocks stage Santa Claus rally2019-12-26 13:02:52
2019/12/26The Nasdaq just hit 9,000 for first time, led by stocks that might surprise you2019-12-26 10:19:50
2019/12/26S&P 500 sits just 14 points from level that would furnish best year since 19972019-12-26 09:10:50
2019/12/26Nasdaq is stock-market outperformer midway through post-Christmas trading day2019-12-26 09:08:49
2019/12/26Barron’s on MarketWatch: Another rising-star prospect to succeed Warren Buffett?2019-12-26 08:40:50
2019/12/24Stocks had their worst Christmas Eve ever 1 year ago. Here’s how they did since2019-12-24 11:21:50
2019/12/24This Michigan woman’s Secret Santa was Bill Gates. She got an 81-pound gift box2019-12-24 10:28:03
2019/12/24Stocks end mixed in shortened Christmas Eve trade, with Nasdaq extending streak2019-12-24 10:02:51
2019/12/24Main U.S. stock benchmarks slightly lower in abbreviated Christmas Eve session2019-12-24 07:41:51
2019/12/24Uber co-founder Travis Kalanick leaving company’s board2019-12-24 06:06:51
2019/12/24Markets to close early on Christmas and New Year’s eves — get all the details2019-12-24 05:53:51
2019/12/24Ground stops at O’Hare and Midway as Christmas Eve fog shrouds Chicago2019-12-24 05:45:52
2019/12/23The Nasdaq just booked its longest streak of record closing highs since 19982019-12-23 13:19:50
2019/12/23All 3 major U.S. stock indexes finish at record highs Monday2019-12-23 13:03:51
2019/12/23A ‘Minsky moment’ could be near for the stock market and that would not be good2019-12-23 11:58:50
2019/12/23When do stock and other markets close for the Christmas and New Year holidays?2019-12-23 11:31:51
2019/12/23Boeing contributing 70 points to the Dow’s 85-point rise early Monday2019-12-23 06:45:51
2019/12/23Dennis Muilenburg is out as Boeing CEO2019-12-23 06:09:11
2019/12/23Trading in Boeing shares halted for pending news2019-12-23 06:00:59
2019/12/23U.S. durable-goods orders slump 2% in November2019-12-23 05:31:52
2019/12/20Stocks close at record highs, booking fourth straight weekly gain2019-12-20 13:01:52
2019/12/20U.S. consumer sentiment on the rise in December: Univ. of Mich.2019-12-20 07:03:50
2019/12/20S&P, Dow and Nasdaq notch record intraday highs early Friday2019-12-20 06:40:51
2019/12/19Follow our live blog as 7 Democratic hopefuls face off in last debate of 20192019-12-19 16:51:52
2019/12/19U.S. House passes new trade deal with Canada, Mexico; bill awaits Senate vote2019-12-19 13:35:50
2019/12/19Nike stock down 2% following quarterly results2019-12-19 13:19:50
2019/12/19Major U.S. stock benchmarks close at record highs2019-12-19 13:03:54
2019/12/19Walgreens and Cisco are big drivers as Dow runs up triple-digit gain2019-12-19 09:08:50
2019/12/19Four-week unemployment-claims average rises as weekly claims tumble2019-12-19 05:33:51
2019/12/18Trump impeached in historic House vote2019-12-18 17:43:50
2019/12/18Micron stock rises 4% after earnings, revenue top estimates2019-12-18 13:09:50
2019/12/18S&P 500 snaps 5-session winning streak; Nasdaq ekes out gain2019-12-18 13:04:52
2019/12/18S&P joins Nasdaq in having reversed early gains to dip into negative territory2019-12-18 07:34:51
2019/12/18Need to Know: Citigroup warns against equity-market ‘overexuberance’2019-12-18 05:43:52
2019/12/18Barron’s on MarketWatch: Amazon, Google absent from list of decade’s best stocks2019-12-18 05:02:50
2019/12/17FedEx stock falls 5% after earnings miss estimates2019-12-17 13:16:51
2019/12/17U.S. stocks finish at record high on trade deal hopes, economic data2019-12-17 13:05:53
2019/12/17Barron’s on MarketWatch: Gold has taken a beating — here’s how to play a rebound2019-12-17 09:16:51
2019/12/17How Wall Street’s top 2019 stock picks have panned out2019-12-17 08:52:52
2019/12/17Boeing’s stock is headed for its 12th decline in the past 14 sessions2019-12-17 07:44:52
2019/12/17Boeing’s stock is down 1.25% early Tuesday, reining in Dow’s rise2019-12-17 06:48:52
2019/12/17U.S. housing starts climb in November2019-12-17 05:33:50
2019/12/16Boeing to temporarily halt 737 Max production in January2019-12-16 13:52:51
2019/12/16U.S. stocks finish at records as trade optimism buoys markets2019-12-16 13:03:51
2019/12/16Boeing’s stock selloff puts a 70-plus-points drag on the Dow2019-12-16 07:04:51
2019/12/16Nasdaq and S&P notch all-time intraday highs at Monday’s opening bell2019-12-16 06:36:52
2019/12/13Stocks squeeze out gains Friday as investors don’t fully buy China trade deal2019-12-13 13:02:52
2019/12/13AT&T is raising its quarterly dividend to 52 cents a share2019-12-13 10:53:51
2019/12/13The U.S. and China have agreed to a trade deal text2019-12-13 07:33:50
2019/12/13House Judiciary Committee approves 2 articles of impeachment against Trump2019-12-13 07:13:50
2019/12/13Stocks have turned positive as China breaks silence on possible trade deal2019-12-13 07:03:52
2019/12/13Stocks open lower as investors await word from China on trade deal progress2019-12-13 06:31:51
2019/12/13Retail sales fall short of forecasts in what could be a poor omen for holidays2019-12-13 05:43:50
2019/12/13British banks, homebuilders surge after Conservative victory2019-12-13 00:58:51
2019/12/12Pound surges as U.K. election poll predicts strong Boris Johnson victory2019-12-12 14:10:54
2019/12/12Oracle earnings climb but stock falls after revenue comes up short2019-12-12 13:16:52
2019/12/12S&P, Nasdaq end at records after reports of U.S-China deal to roll back tariffs2019-12-12 13:09:51
2019/12/ stock rockets 60% in its trading debut after IPO2019-12-12 08:34:55
2019/12/12These are Wall Street’s top dividend stock picks for 20202019-12-12 07:37:54
2019/12/12All major stock indexes have hit record intraday highs on heels of Trump tweets2019-12-12 07:16:50
2019/12/12Stocks have quickly reversed course and are now solidly higher, with Dow up 1252019-12-12 06:39:51
2019/12/12Stocks slump at opening of trade Thursday2019-12-12 06:31:52
2019/12/12Jobless claims soar to a more than 2-year high of 252,0002019-12-12 05:36:50
2019/12/11U.S. stocks finish higher after Fed leaves rates on hold2019-12-11 13:03:50
2019/12/11U.S. budget deficit hits $209 billion in November, on track for $1 trillion year2019-12-11 11:07:03
2019/12/11Fed leaves interest rates unchanged, signals no hikes in 20202019-12-11 11:01:51
2019/12/11Apple AirPods and Apple Watches are getting analysts excited about Apple stock2019-12-11 10:49:53
2019/12/11The Dow has reversed course and stocks are now higher across the board2019-12-11 07:01:52
2019/12/11Dow falls at opening bell as stocks struggle ahead of Fed meeting2019-12-11 06:34:52
2019/12/11Consumer inflation picks up in November, with annual rate hitting a 1-year high2019-12-11 05:34:50
2019/12/10U.S. stocks finish lower as trade deadline looms2019-12-10 13:04:52
2019/12/10Stocks open lower, shrugging off positive news in U.S.-China trade battle2019-12-10 06:32:52
2019/12/10U.S. stock futures turn upward on prospect of tariff postponement2019-12-10 05:54:50
2019/12/10U.S. and China trade negotiators planning to delay Dec. 15 tariffs: report2019-12-10 05:53:51
2019/12/10Noted hedge-fund manager Kyle Bass: No better place than U.S. for your money2019-12-10 04:35:50
2019/12/09Dow ends down over 100 points as Apple falls, trade deadline looms2019-12-09 13:04:52
2019/12/09Dow down 15 points as Nasdaq and S&P edge into positive territory2019-12-09 07:16:57
2019/12/09Former Fed Chairman Paul Volcker dead at 92: reports2019-12-09 06:03:50
2019/12/08Barron’s on MarketWatch: 5 stocks and 5 funds to ride the rally in small caps2019-12-08 06:39:50
2019/12/06Dow finishes up over 300 points on strong jobs report2019-12-06 13:03:50
2019/12/063M’s stock surge is leading the Dow to a more than 300 point gain at midday2019-12-06 09:21:50
2019/12/06Consumer sentiment improves quite a bit in December2019-12-06 07:13:51
2019/12/06Stocks are adding to their gains as more good economic news joins jobs optimism2019-12-06 07:04:50
2019/12/06Dow shoots up more than 200 points at open, boosted by solid jobs data2019-12-06 06:33:51
2019/12/06U.S. adds 260,000 jobs in November as unemployment dips to 3.5%2019-12-06 05:31:51
2019/12/05U.S. stocks eke out gain ahead of November jobs report2019-12-05 13:03:13
2019/12/05Dow off 16 points as premarket gains fail to carry over2019-12-05 07:03:52
2019/12/05Pelosi says she’s asking House chairmen to proceed with articles of impeachment2019-12-05 06:15:53
2019/12/05U.S. first-time jobless claims drop to 203,0002019-12-05 05:32:50
2019/12/05United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz stepping down2019-12-05 05:08:50
2019/12/04Stocks close higher Wednesday as once again trade sentiment drives action2019-12-04 13:03:53
2019/12/04U.S. economy’s service sector slows further in November: ISM report2019-12-04 07:32:50
2019/12/04Dow jumps nearly 200 points as hope returns for U.S.-China trade pact2019-12-04 07:03:02
2019/12/04U.S. private-sector job growth slows in November: ADP2019-12-04 05:29:51
2019/12/03Larry Page steps down as CEO of Alphabet2019-12-03 13:38:49
2019/12/03Dow finishes down over 270 points on trade deal delay2019-12-03 13:03:51
2019/12/03Kamala Harris drops out of race for Democratic presidential nomination2019-12-03 10:21:50
2019/12/03Tuesday’s worst stock-market performers, so far2019-12-03 09:30:51
2019/12/03Dow Inc., Goldman and Apple are sharpest blue-chip decliners Tuesday2019-12-03 08:16:50
2019/12/03All 30 constituent stocks in red as Dow’s intraday decline exceeds 425 points2019-12-03 07:01:53
2019/12/03U.S. stocks absorb sharp blow as Trump floats notion of delayed China trade deal2019-12-03 06:34:52
2019/12/03Stock futures fall as Trump suggests China trade deal could come after election2019-12-03 02:36:50
2019/12/02Trump administration threatens 100% tariffs on $2.4 billion in French goods2019-12-02 15:11:57
2019/12/02Dow ends down over 260 points on manufacturing slowdown, trade worries2019-12-02 13:02:51
2019/12/02ISM data show further weakening in U.S. manufacturing last month2019-12-02 07:15:50
2019/12/02U.S. stock benchmarks weaken Monday in wake of Trump tariffs tweet2019-12-02 07:03:03
2019/11/29Stocks fall in shortened trading Friday, but November gains are best since June2019-11-29 10:50:50
2019/11/29Dow, Home Depot, Caterpillar big losers as blue-chip skid runs to triple digits2019-11-29 09:47:51
2019/11/27Trump defies China, signs bills supporting Hong Kong protesters2019-11-27 15:56:03
2019/11/27Nasdaq leads stocks higher Wednesday ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday2019-11-27 13:02:52
2019/11/27The U.S. economy ‘expanded modestly’ in October and November, Beige Book finds2019-11-27 11:13:50
2019/11/27Barron’s on MarketWatch: 11 stocks to be thankful for this Thanksgiving2019-11-27 08:39:49
2019/11/27Dow, Boeing, Caterpillar weigh on blue chips even as S&P, Nasdaq eke out gains2019-11-27 08:01:52
2019/11/27U.S. personal incomes flat in October, but spending rises2019-11-27 07:02:51
2019/11/27Online holiday shoppers have already spent $50.1 billion: Adobe2019-11-27 07:01:52
2019/11/27U.S. third-quarter GDP reading raised to 2.1%2019-11-27 05:33:50
2019/11/27U.S. durable-goods orders jump 0.6% in October2019-11-27 05:32:51
2019/11/26S&P 500, Dow and Nasdaq clinch 10th record close in November2019-11-26 13:05:51
2019/11/26S&P and Nasdaq set sights on 10th record-high closes in November2019-11-26 09:02:51
2019/11/26U.S. consumer confidence declines in November2019-11-26 07:03:52
2019/11/26U.S. trade deficit in goods is narrowest in 17 months2019-11-26 05:50:51
2019/11/25Dow finishes up 190 points as stocks end at records2019-11-25 13:03:52
2019/11/25Dow scores triple-digit gain on rosier investor view of U.S.-China trade talks2019-11-25 07:23:53
2019/11/25Why some critics are questioning KKR’s ‘responsible investing’ posture2019-11-25 06:30:54
2019/11/25Barron’s on MarketWatch: What we all need to know about Schwab-Ameritrade deal2019-11-25 05:49:50
2019/11/25Ameritrade shares ascend toward multimonth high and Schwab dips on deal news2019-11-25 05:13:52
2019/11/22U.S. stocks end higher Friday, but S&P 500 suffers weekly decline2019-11-22 13:03:51
2019/11/21Tesla unveils its Cybertruck: An angular electric pickup starting at $39,9002019-11-21 21:11:50
2019/11/21U.S. stocks finish lower amid mixed signals on trade talks2019-11-21 13:05:51
2019/11/21Facebook considering shift in political-ad-targeting policy: report2019-11-21 08:32:53
2019/11/21U.S. existing-home sales up 1.9% in October2019-11-21 07:04:52
2019/11/21U.S. leading economic indicators decline for third straight month2019-11-21 07:03:51
2019/11/21Schwab’s stock joins Ameritrade’s in rallying at open on reported takeover talks2019-11-21 06:36:50
2019/11/21Xerox says it’s ‘determined’ to pursue its proposed purchase of HP2019-11-21 06:24:51
2019/11/20Live blog: 10 Democratic hopefuls square off in Atlanta debate2019-11-20 17:51:54
2019/11/20House passes bill aiming to protect Hong Kong human rights2019-11-20 14:27:49
2019/11/20U.S. stocks end lower on report trade deal may not be completed this year2019-11-20 13:01:50
2019/11/20Fed officials have grown more optimistic about the economy, meeting minutes show2019-11-20 11:08:51
2019/11/20The Dow is down more than 200 points as stocks extend their decline2019-11-20 10:09:52
2019/11/20Watch now: Sondland, U.S. ambassador to EU, testifies in impeachment hearing2019-11-20 06:21:52
2019/11/19Dow finishes lower as Home Depot weighs; Nasdaq ekes out gain2019-11-19 13:03:52
2019/11/19Dow industrials down 50 points as Tuesday morning’s gains evaporate2019-11-19 07:28:55
2019/11/19U.S. housing starts climb 3.8% in October2019-11-19 05:37:50
2019/11/18Dow, Nasdaq finish at record high but trade fears cap gains2019-11-18 13:05:53
2019/11/15Dow breaks above 28,000 for first time as stocks end at records2019-11-15 13:02:50
2019/11/15The Supreme Court has agreed to hear the Oracle vs. Google copyright case2019-11-15 11:26:50
2019/11/15Day 2 of open impeachment hearings — click to watch live2019-11-15 07:02:51
2019/11/15U.S. stocks hit all-time highs at opening bell on restored hope for trade deal2019-11-15 06:36:51
2019/11/15U.S. retail sales rise 0.3% in October2019-11-15 05:31:50
2019/11/14Trump asks Supreme Court to block subpoena for his tax returns2019-11-14 14:19:50
2019/11/14Aurora Cannabis stock falls over 6% after earnings report2019-11-14 14:18:50
2019/11/14Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway reveals new RH, Occidental stakes2019-11-14 13:55:50
2019/11/14Nvidia stock volatile following quarterly results2019-11-14 13:31:52
2019/11/14S&P 500 ekes out record close; Dow, Nasdaq finish little changed2019-11-14 13:02:50
2019/11/14Stocks move lower early Thursday amid new pessimism over U.S.-China trade deal2019-11-14 06:59:50
2019/11/14Initial claims for unemployment benefits hit a nearly 5-month high of 225,0002019-11-14 05:36:51
2019/11/13Cisco stock drops 5% after outlook disappoints2019-11-13 13:09:50
2019/11/13Dow industrials finish at record high as Disney stock jumps2019-11-13 13:02:52
2019/11/13Disney stock is up 7% to lead the Dow and it’s on track for record closing high2019-11-13 12:03:50
2019/11/13U.S. October budget deficit hits $134.5 billion, 34% higher than the year before2019-11-13 11:28:49
2019/11/13Canada Goose shares sink 13% after company is reluctant to raise its guidance2019-11-13 10:38:49
2019/11/13The 10 million subscribers for Disney+ on Day 1 is ‘eye popping,’ analyst says2019-11-13 10:33:49
2019/11/13AMD stock has reached a 13-year high and leads S&P 500 gains for the year2019-11-13 10:06:49
2019/11/13Powell says Fed rates are on hold absent material economic deterioration2019-11-13 06:36:51
2019/11/13U.S. consumer prices jump in October2019-11-13 05:33:51
2019/11/13Impeachment probe enters new phase this morning with first public hearing2019-11-13 05:23:49
2019/11/08S&P 500, Nasdaq finish at record highs as stocks notch weekly gains2019-11-08 13:03:49
2019/11/08Gold suffers its biggest weekly percentage loss in 2 1/2 years2019-11-08 11:13:51
2019/11/08The world’s billionaires saw their wealth decline by $388 billion last year2019-11-08 08:43:49
2019/11/08Disney’s 4% surge fails to keep Dow afloat as blue-chip index sinks 50 points2019-11-08 07:29:50
2019/11/07Gap CEO Art Peck to step down; stock falls over 8%2019-11-07 13:24:50
2019/11/07Zillow stock jumps after earnings show sales more than doubling2019-11-07 13:15:50
2019/11/07Disney stock rises after earnings top expectations2019-11-07 13:10:50
2019/11/07Twenty-six of 30 Dow stocks in positive territory as index rises by 230 points2019-11-07 08:41:49
2019/11/07California utility PG&E anticipates $6 billion–plus in wildfire losses2019-11-07 08:38:54
2019/11/07U.S. first-time claims for unemployment benefits fall to 211,0002019-11-07 05:43:50
2019/11/06Qualcomm stock rises 3% after earnings beat, strong outlook2019-11-06 13:14:50
2019/11/06Nasdaq snaps 3-day win streak as S&P 500, Dow finish little changed2019-11-06 13:01:50
2019/11/05Xerox mulls bold $27 billion takeover of HP2019-11-05 20:11:51
2019/11/05Dow, Nasdaq extend record highs; S&P 500 finishes in the red2019-11-05 13:05:50
2019/11/05Walgreens’ stock surges after report drug chain explored a deal to go private2019-11-05 11:03:50
2019/11/05U.S. job openings fall for fourth straight month2019-11-05 07:16:50
2019/11/04Uber stock falls over 6% as company reports another quarterly loss2019-11-04 13:13:50
2019/11/04Fed’s Kashkari says intrerest-rate policy is ‘effectively on pause for a while’2019-11-04 05:59:49
2019/11/04McDonald’s stock down nearly 2% in premarket after sudden CEO ouster2019-11-04 04:57:50
2019/11/03McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook ousted after relationship with employee2019-11-03 13:50:52
2019/11/01Beto O’Rourke is dropping out of the presidential race2019-11-01 14:39:49
2019/11/01S&P 500, Nasdaq end at records as jobs report boosts Wall Street sentiment2019-11-01 13:03:49
2019/11/01Nasdaq notches intraday record high at Friday’s opening bell2019-11-01 06:35:50
2019/11/01Alphabet unit Google to acquire Fitbit for $2.1 billion; Fitbit shares halted2019-11-01 06:02:49
2019/11/01Fitbit stock trading halted in premarket with news pending2019-11-01 05:41:49
2019/11/01U.S. economy gains 128,000 jobs in October2019-11-01 05:31:49
2019/10/31Pinterest stock slides over 20% after quarterly results2019-10-31 13:07:49
2019/10/31U.S. stocks finish lower on renewed worries about data and trade2019-10-31 13:01:50
2019/10/31Twenty-seven of 30 components losing ground as Dow decline exceeds 200 points2019-10-31 09:08:54
2019/10/31House passes resolution to begin public phase of Trump impeachment probe2019-10-31 08:31:50
2019/10/31U.S. stocks open mixed amid China-trade-deal skepticism2019-10-31 06:43:50
2019/10/31Need to Know: Ex–BlackRock manager prefers more tech thrills than Apple offers2019-10-31 06:00:52
2019/10/31U.S. first-time claims for unemployment benefits climb2019-10-31 05:33:51
2019/10/30Apple stock rises after quarterly results beat targets2019-10-30 13:33:52
2019/10/30Facebook stock rises after earnings top estimates2019-10-30 13:09:49
2019/10/30S&P 500 ends at record high after Fed interest-rate cut2019-10-30 13:02:49
2019/10/30The Dow and Nasdaq indexes have swung higher but most stocks are still down2019-10-30 12:12:50
2019/10/30Fed Chairman Powell explains interest-rate cut and possible pause: Watch live2019-10-30 11:32:49
2019/10/30The Fed cuts interest rates a quarter point, but signals it will pause on easing2019-10-30 11:03:32
2019/10/30The Fed is minutes away from an interest-rate decision: Follow live coverage2019-10-30 10:45:49
2019/10/30Chile reportedly cancels APEC summit at which Trump and Xi were to meet2019-10-30 07:33:49
2019/10/30Stocks relinquish early gains as Wall Street awaits Fed interest-rate decision2019-10-30 06:56:50
2019/10/30GDP data show U.S. economic growth tapering to 1.9% in third quarter2019-10-30 05:33:51
2019/10/30U.S. economy has added 125,000 private-sector jobs in October: ADP2019-10-30 05:17:50
2019/10/29AMD stock ticks higher after earnings come in about as expected2019-10-29 13:33:49
2019/10/29Mattel stock jumps 15% after earnings top estimates2019-10-29 13:17:50
2019/10/29Drug giants Pfizer and Merck help keep Dow afloat early Tuesday2019-10-29 07:27:50
2019/10/29Need to Know: UBS strategist says a bear-market catalyst is lying in wait2019-10-29 05:59:51
2019/10/28Beyond Meat stock falls despite earnings that show profit2019-10-28 13:15:51
2019/10/28Alphabet stock falls after earnings miss estimates2019-10-28 13:10:50
2019/10/28S&P 500 closes at record as stocks rally on trade optimism2019-10-28 13:03:53
2019/10/28House Democrats plan vote this week on impeachment procedures2019-10-28 12:55:49
2019/10/28S&P 500 trades above all-time closing high at Monday’s opening bell2019-10-28 06:43:50
2019/10/28Tiffany’s stock soars 33% after LVMH takeover offer is confirmed2019-10-28 05:34:49
2019/10/25Microsoft beats Amazon to win major defense cloud-computing contract2019-10-25 16:18:51
2019/10/25S&P 500 ends just shy of record close as stocks book weekly gains2019-10-25 13:04:49
2019/10/25U.S. budget deficit reaches nearly $1 trillion in fiscal 2019, 26% ahead of 20182019-10-25 11:04:51
2019/10/25S&P 500 tops all-time closing high in intraday trading Friday2019-10-25 08:31:50
2019/10/25Amazon a downside standout as Intel surges in mixed start to Friday trading2019-10-25 07:03:49
2019/10/24Intel stock up over 6% on earnings beat, outlook2019-10-24 13:09:51
2019/10/24Amazon stock falls over 6% after earnings miss estimates2019-10-24 13:05:52
2019/10/24Dow ends flat as 3M weighs; tech-sector rally boosts Nasdaq2019-10-24 13:02:52
2019/10/24Infosys stock slides after SEC launches whistleblower investigation of company2019-10-24 10:36:49
2019/10/24Boris Johnson to seek Dec. 12 general election in U.K.2019-10-24 09:26:50
2019/10/24As Twitter and Nokia shares plummet, Tesla and Microsoft are notable gainers2019-10-24 07:35:51
2019/10/24U.S. stocks open higher as investors wade through earnings season’s busiest day2019-10-24 06:42:51
2019/10/23Tesla stock jumps over 10% after quarterly results2019-10-23 13:57:50
2019/10/23EBay stock falls on weak outlook2019-10-23 13:36:49
2019/10/23Microsoft earnings and revenue beat estimates2019-10-23 13:07:49
2019/10/23Stocks cling to gains at close after disappointing Caterpillar, Boeing earnings2019-10-23 13:01:50
2019/10/23Stocks have turned lower as earnings sentiment sours2019-10-23 11:31:50
2019/10/23Turkish assets rally after Trump says sanctions are being lifted2019-10-23 09:52:49
2019/10/23Dow advance at opening bell defies Wednesday’s premarket weakness2019-10-23 06:35:49
2019/10/23Need to Know: Here’s where hedge-fund shorts are at risk of getting burned2019-10-23 05:37:49
2019/10/22Nike CEO Mark Parker to step down in 2020; John Donahoe to replace him2019-10-22 13:23:50
2019/10/22Snap earnings show continued strong user growth, stock volatile in late trading2019-10-22 13:19:49
2019/10/22Texas Instruments shares drop 11% after weak outlook2019-10-22 13:05:49
2019/10/22Stocks end lower after weaker-than-expected earnings from McDonald’s, Travelers2019-10-22 13:04:51
2019/10/22The British pound is falling after PM Johnson loses vote to fast track Brexit2019-10-22 11:54:49
2019/10/22Pulte’s stock surges to 13-year high as builder succeeds with 1st time buyers2019-10-22 11:45:49
2019/10/22U.S. existing-home sales drop in September2019-10-22 07:09:49
2019/10/22Shares of components reporting earnings Tuesday weigh on the Dow2019-10-22 06:45:51
2019/10/22Need to Know: Why the S&P 500 needs Amazon to deliver on earnings2019-10-22 05:48:49
2019/10/21Stocks finish higher on U.S.-China trade optimism2019-10-21 13:03:50
2019/10/21Are millennials destined to live longer and retire poorer than their parents?2019-10-21 09:37:49
2019/10/21U.K. House Speaker Bercow rejects bid for a new Brexit vote2019-10-21 08:12:49
2019/10/21Infosys stock gets slammed after whistleblowers complain about company ethics2019-10-21 07:17:49
2019/10/21Stocks rise at the open of trade Monday on growing optimism over trade2019-10-21 06:37:56
2019/10/21Silver prices jump 1.6% early Monday as traders say the metal’s risk is enticing2019-10-21 06:26:51
2019/10/21Netflix is planning to issue $2 billion in bonds to produce new content2019-10-21 06:20:49
2019/10/21Stocks futures are heading up Monday, buoyed by positive earnings sentiment2019-10-21 05:48:50
2019/10/19British MPs pass Brexit deal delay2019-10-19 06:56:50
2019/10/18Dow closes down over 200 points as Boeing, Johnson & Johnson tumble2019-10-18 13:04:50
2019/10/18The Dow is down 170 points, but breadth data is sounding a more upbeat tone2019-10-18 11:26:50
2019/10/18Oracle CEO Mark Hurd dies at age 622019-10-18 09:11:49
2019/10/18Stocks edge lower at open Friday but are still on track for an up week2019-10-18 06:31:50
2019/10/18Johnson & Johnson stock falls after company issues baby-powder recall2019-10-18 05:59:50
2019/10/17U.S. confirms tariffs on $7.5 billion in EU goods will take effect Friday2019-10-17 16:45:51
2019/10/17U.S. stocks end with modest gains following tentative Brexit pact2019-10-17 13:02:52
2019/10/17GM stock is falling as details of its contract deal with the UAW emerge2019-10-17 11:29:49
2019/10/17U.S. and Turkey broker a ceasefire in Syria, Vice President Pence announces2019-10-17 10:52:49
2019/10/17You can blame IBM for the Dow’s weakness in the face of broader stock strength2019-10-17 09:34:50
2019/10/17Stocks have given up most of their morning gains and the Dow is now negative2019-10-17 09:10:50
2019/10/17U.S. stocks open higher as Wall Street cheers U.K.-EU Brexit deal2019-10-17 06:33:49
2019/10/17The drop in IBM stock is lopping 60 points off the Dow in premarket trading2019-10-17 06:04:52
2019/10/17Housing starts were down 9% in September, but building permit data cushion blow2019-10-17 05:44:49
2019/10/17The Philly Fed manufacturing index dropped in October, falling short of forecast2019-10-17 05:42:49
2019/10/17Political leaders including Boris Johnson say a Brexit deal has been reached2019-10-17 02:38:50
2019/10/16IBM stock falls over 2% after revenue misses expectations2019-10-16 13:13:50
2019/10/16Netflix stock rises after earnings show subscriber growth bouncing back2019-10-16 13:08:49
2019/10/16U.S. stocks finish slightly lower after weak retail sales2019-10-16 13:01:49
2019/10/16Fed Beige Book reports ‘slight’ economic growth in some regions of the U.S.2019-10-16 11:04:50
2019/10/16Dow heads lower at Wednesday open as investors react to soft retail-sales report2019-10-16 06:52:49
2019/10/16U.S. retail sales miss Wall Street mark with 0.3% decline in September2019-10-16 05:33:49
2019/10/15Follow our live blog as 12 Democrats square off in Ohio presidential debate2019-10-15 17:00:52
2019/10/15United Airlines stock gains after company raises outlook, tops profit views2019-10-15 13:35:49
2019/10/15Dow jumps over 200 points, closing above 27,000 level2019-10-15 13:03:50
2019/10/15British pound surges on report of prospective draft Brexit deal2019-10-15 08:54:49
2019/10/15U.S. stocks on rise Tuesday as banks kick off third-quarter earnings season2019-10-15 07:05:55
2019/10/15IMF pegs global economic growth at slowest rate since financial crisis2019-10-15 06:11:49
2019/10/14Trump says he will stop trade negotiations with Turkey, raise tariffs on steel2019-10-14 13:11:49
2019/10/14U.S. stocks close slightly lower amid trade-deal skepticism2019-10-14 13:03:50
2019/10/14CannTrust will destroy about $75 million in pot inventory in licensing bid2019-10-14 09:55:50
2019/10/14Apple set to reclaim market-cap crown from Microsoft for first time in 6 months2019-10-14 07:29:54
2019/10/14Stocks fall early Monday as trade-deal skepticism creeps back into markets2019-10-14 06:55:50
2019/10/14Need to Know: Morgan Stanley advises a cautious take on U.S.-China trade pact2019-10-14 05:37:50
2019/10/11Stocks post solid gains Friday on trade news, but Dow closes 200 points off high2019-10-11 13:01:49
2019/10/11Trump says U.S. and China have ‘substantial phase one deal’ on trade2019-10-11 12:51:49
2019/10/11China risks will be front and center for stocks as earnings kick off next week2019-10-11 10:27:49
2019/10/11Stocks extend Friday gains after Fed announces balance-sheet expansion2019-10-11 08:07:49
2019/10/11Fed to buy Treasury bills starting next week to ease money-market pressure2019-10-11 08:04:51
2019/10/11British pound hits highest level of Boris Johnson era on rise in Brexit hope2019-10-11 07:25:49
2019/10/11U.S. consumer sentiment climbs to a three-month high2019-10-11 07:16:51
2019/10/11Analysts at Jefferies slash price targets on cannabis stocks by average of 50%2019-10-11 05:22:50
2019/10/11Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed2019-10-11 02:12:50
2019/10/10Rick Perry gets subpoena in Democrats’ impeachment inquiry2019-10-10 13:30:49
2019/10/10U.S. stocks end higher as Trump plans to meet China’s chief trade negotiator2019-10-10 13:04:50
2019/10/10Marijuana stocks have turned sharply lower late in the trading day2019-10-10 11:42:50
2019/10/10Mortgage rates dropped again this week and interest in refinancing is growing2019-10-10 07:38:50
2019/10/10Stocks have now moved solidly higher as U.S.-China trade talks get underway2019-10-10 06:57:50
2019/10/10Stocks struggle to stay positive early Thursday as China talks ebb and flow2019-10-10 06:38:50
2019/10/102020 Social Security cost of living increase will be 1.6%, inflation data show2019-10-10 05:33:51
2019/10/09U.S. stock futures sink on report of ‘no progress’ at U.S.-China trade talks2019-10-09 16:13:53
2019/10/09Bed Bath & Beyond names Mark Tritton as CEO; stock jumps in late trading2019-10-09 13:35:49
2019/10/09U.S. stocks end higher as China-U.S. trade talks come into focus2019-10-09 13:01:49
2019/10/09Fed grew more worried about the economy at its September meeting, minutes show2019-10-09 11:04:52
2019/10/09Twenty-six of 30 components in the black as Dow industrials gain 140 points2019-10-09 07:59:51
2019/10/09U.S. job openings fall as the economy and hiring slow2019-10-09 07:26:52
2019/10/08White House tells House it won’t cooperate with Trump impeachment inquiry2019-10-08 14:28:49
2019/10/08Fading hopes on China trade send stocks reeling with Dow off 315 points at close2019-10-08 13:00:50
2019/10/08Dow falls 200 points early Tuesday as U.S. blacklists China tech companies2019-10-08 06:44:50
2019/10/07Hong Kong Exchanges drops $37 billion bid to buy London Stock Exchange2019-10-07 18:09:54
2019/10/07U.S. stocks finish lower as investors await U.S.-China trade talks2019-10-07 13:02:52
2019/10/07A troubling ‘death cross’ pattern has appeared in the Dow transport-stock index2019-10-07 11:44:49
2019/10/07Coca-Cola is top decliner as Dow turns negative2019-10-07 09:45:50
2019/10/07Need to Know: Why Jim Rogers rejects notion of U.S. dollar as safe haven2019-10-07 05:55:50
2019/10/07GE says it’s freezing the pension plan of 20,000 employees2019-10-07 03:42:49
2019/10/04The Dow and S&P 500 were losers on the week, but the Nasdaq gained 0.5%2019-10-04 13:04:49
2019/10/04Stocks close solidly higher as jobs data eases recession fears, Apple leads2019-10-04 13:03:50
2019/10/04Fed Chairman Powell says U.S. economy is in a ‘good place,’ but faces some risks2019-10-04 11:03:52
2019/10/04Just three components in the red as Dow pushes Friday gain to 225 points2019-10-04 09:38:49
2019/10/04Supreme Court agrees to take up Louisiana abortion law2019-10-04 07:00:50
2019/10/04U.S. stocks open higher after September jobs report2019-10-04 06:35:50
2019/10/04Dow futures turn higher after September jobs report2019-10-04 05:50:49
2019/10/04U.S. trade deficit widened in August2019-10-04 05:37:49
2019/10/04U.S. economy adds 136,000 jobs in September2019-10-04 05:31:49
2019/10/04Another poor U.S. jobs report would add to Wall Street gloom — what to watch for2019-10-04 05:24:52
2019/10/03HP to slash 7,000 to 9,000 jobs over three years as part of major restructuring2019-10-03 16:04:49
2019/10/03Stocks rebound from sharp losses suffered after service-sector data2019-10-03 08:46:49
2019/10/03Service sector of U.S. economy has not grown this slowly in three years: ISM2019-10-03 07:18:49
2019/10/03Dow turns sharply lower as ISM service-sector reading amplifies recession fears2019-10-03 07:13:51
2019/10/03Stocks edge upward at open in bid to ward off third straight decline2019-10-03 06:35:49
2019/10/03Need to Know: Citigroup cautions against calling an end to the bull market2019-10-03 05:54:49
2019/10/03U.S. first-time unemployment claims climb to one-month high2019-10-03 05:36:49
2019/10/03Stock-market futures point to a third straight day of declines2019-10-03 05:23:49
2019/10/02Tesla stock down 4% after company misses estimates on 3Q vehicle deliveries2019-10-02 13:38:50
2019/10/02U.S. to impose tariffs on $7.5 billion of EU imports after WTO ruling: report2019-10-02 13:15:50
2019/10/02Dow ends off 490 points as stocks suffer biggest decline since Aug. 232019-10-02 13:05:49
2019/10/02Market malaise: Companies and insiders are dumping stock, while repurchases sink2019-10-02 10:55:56
2019/10/02The Dow and S&P 500 are on track for their worst start to a quarter in 11 years2019-10-02 10:26:52
2019/10/02Two-day decline in Dow transports is biggest in a year2019-10-02 09:45:50
2019/10/02Walgreens, Cisco, Intel and Visa are top contributors to 525-point Dow decline2019-10-02 09:20:50
2019/10/02Dow off nearly 300 points early Wednesday as recession worries grip markets2019-10-02 06:53:49
2019/10/02It didn’t take long for October to remind us of its reputation for volatility2019-10-02 06:47:50
2019/10/01Dow ends down over 300 points on manufacturing slowdown fears2019-10-01 13:03:51
2019/10/01Fed rate cut this month viewed as likelier after ISM manufacturing report2019-10-01 09:12:50
2019/10/01Dow takes sharp turn lower after worst ISM manufacturing report since 20092019-10-01 07:32:53
2019/10/01ISM manufacturing index falls to lowest level since 20092019-10-01 07:07:50
2019/10/01U.S. stocks kick off October — and 2019’s fourth quarter — with gains2019-10-01 07:01:10
2019/10/01Schwab shares down 7% on commission-cut news; E-Trade, TD Ameritrade also hit2019-10-01 05:57:54
2019/10/01Need to Know: Daily call is to keep faith in bonds tied to consumer strength2019-10-01 05:24:51
2019/09/30Rudy Giuliani subpoenaed by House in Trump impeachment inquiry2019-09-30 13:07:49
2019/09/30U.S. stocks finish higher to cap volatile quarter2019-09-30 13:06:56
2019/09/30Gold price drops below the key $1,500 an ounce level, lowest close in 2 months2019-09-30 11:42:52
2019/09/30An ETF that tracks marijuana companies is falling toward a record low Monday2019-09-30 11:29:49
2019/09/30Apple stock surges toward 11-month high to pace Dow’s gain of 160 points2019-09-30 10:02:50
2019/09/30WeWork parent We Co. to withdraw IPO plan2019-09-30 08:29:51
2019/09/30Stocks rise as Treasury official denies plan to ban Chinese listings in U.S.2019-09-30 07:21:50
2019/09/30Need to Know: This market looks just like 1998 — which is both bad news and good2019-09-30 04:41:49
2019/09/27House panels subpoena Secretary of State Mike Pompeo over Ukraine documents2019-09-27 13:22:49
2019/09/27Stocks end lower as White House weighs limiting U.S. investments into China2019-09-27 13:02:49
2019/09/27What happens next in the Trump impeachment inquiry?2019-09-27 09:34:50
2019/09/27September’s final consumer-sentiment reading higher than preliminary2019-09-27 07:07:51
2019/09/27S&P on pace for weekly loss despite early stock-market rise Friday2019-09-27 06:43:50
2019/09/27Oil extends decline after reported Rouhani remark about U.S. sanctions on Iran2019-09-27 06:28:49
2019/09/27U.S. durable-goods orders boosted by Pentagon in August2019-09-27 05:44:50
2019/09/26Endeavor withdraws its IPO one day before debut: WSJ2019-09-26 14:15:49
2019/09/26Micron stock falls 5% after outlook2019-09-26 13:07:50
2019/09/26U.S. stocks end lower as trade optimism fizzles2019-09-26 13:01:52
2019/09/26Endeavor Group slashes price range as it scales down IPO ambitions2019-09-26 09:43:49
2019/09/26Peloton’s stock opens 6.9% below its IPO price — and keeps falling2019-09-26 09:26:49
2019/09/26UnitedHealth, Disney and Cisco are top drivers of triple-digit Dow decline2019-09-26 08:05:50
2019/09/26The whistleblower complaint: Read the complete document here2019-09-26 06:38:53
2019/09/26Need to Know: This bank has quit recommending loading up on stocks — here’s why2019-09-26 06:29:51
2019/09/26LIVE VIDEO: Testimony from acting director of national intelligence Maguire2019-09-26 06:06:49
2019/09/26U.S. trade deficit in goods widens in August2019-09-26 05:46:50
2019/09/26U.S. second-quarter economic growth rate of 2% reaffirmed2019-09-26 05:35:48
2019/09/26First-time claims for unemployment benefits rise2019-09-26 05:34:49
2019/09/25Peloton prices its IPO at a top-of-the-range $29 a share, raising $1.2 billion2019-09-25 16:29:49
2019/09/25Dow ends up over 160 points on China trade deal optimism2019-09-25 13:03:50
2019/09/25Stock market holds solid gains as Ukraine president says ‘nobody pushed me’2019-09-25 11:54:49
2019/09/25U.S. new-home sales flirt with 12-year high after August rebound2019-09-25 07:29:50
2019/09/25Trump asked Ukraine president to ‘look into’ Biden and son, call summary shows2019-09-25 07:22:49
2019/09/25Stocks rebound after stumble following White House release of Ukraine transcript2019-09-25 07:17:49
2019/09/25White House releases transcript of Trump’s call with Ukrainian president2019-09-25 07:04:49
2019/09/25Philip Morris and Altria end merger talks; both stocks rise in premarket trades2019-09-25 04:37:50
2019/09/24Pelosi says House moving forward with impeachment inquiry into Trump2019-09-24 14:08:50
2019/09/24Nike stock rises after sales, earnings beat estimates2019-09-24 13:35:49
2019/09/24U.S. stocks finish lower as Trump impeachment fears rattle investors2019-09-24 13:02:50
2019/09/24U.S. stock benchmarks forfeit morning’s modest gains near midday2019-09-24 08:43:49
2019/09/24Case-Shiller report shows U.S. home-price growth slowing to a crawl2019-09-24 07:55:49
2019/09/24U.S. consumer-confidence gauge hits three-month low2019-09-24 07:51:51
2019/09/24Need to Know: Is Wall Street underestimating 5G’s impact on Apple?2019-09-24 05:55:53
2019/09/23Dow industrials edge higher as S&P 500, Nasdaq finish little changed2019-09-23 13:05:49
2019/09/23Market Snapshot: U.S. stocks lower as fresh data reinforce global-slowdown trend2019-09-23 07:42:02
2019/09/23Need to Know: We’ve entered the year’s weakest week — historically — for stocks2019-09-23 06:54:49
2019/09/20Stocks close lower Friday as China trade snub thwarts early rally2019-09-20 13:05:50
2019/09/20Major stock indexes have all turned lower at midday Friday2019-09-20 10:20:49
2019/09/19Disney and Apple weigh on Dow as stocks give up most gains at the close Thursday2019-09-19 13:02:51
2019/09/19Airbnb says it plans to go public in 20202019-09-19 07:57:49
2019/09/19Leading economic indicators point to continued, if slow, U.S. expansion2019-09-19 07:36:53
2019/09/19U.S. first-time unemployment claims rise to 208,0002019-09-19 05:31:51
2019/09/18Ex-CEO Patrick Byrne sells all of his Overstock shares for $90 million2019-09-18 15:56:50
2019/09/18U.S. stocks end mostly higher after reversing earlier losses2019-09-18 13:05:49
2019/09/18Dow turns higher in last half-hour of session2019-09-18 12:39:49
2019/09/18Fed Chairman Powell answers press questions following rate cut: Watch live2019-09-18 11:39:49
2019/09/18Why did the Fed cut interest rates? Here’s the Open Market Committee’s statement2019-09-18 11:25:49
2019/09/18Stock market losses deepen after Fed cuts interest rates by 1/4 point2019-09-18 11:15:49
2019/09/18Fed cuts interest rates one-quarter point2019-09-18 11:01:49
2019/09/18The Fed is just minutes away from its latest interest-rate decision: Follow live2019-09-18 10:57:49
2019/09/18Outsized selloff in Dow transports is virtually all the fault of FedEx’s stock2019-09-18 08:55:50
2019/09/18U.S. stocks move slightly lower ahead of Fed interest-rate decision2019-09-18 07:22:52
2019/09/18FedEx’s stock skids 12% at Wednesday open; rival UPS off 2.5%2019-09-18 06:35:50
2019/09/18Trump tweets of substantial increase in Iran sanctions2019-09-18 06:30:51
2019/09/18N.Y. Fed injects liquidity into U.S. banking system for second straight day2019-09-18 05:42:49
2019/09/18U.S. housing starts jump 12% in August2019-09-18 05:32:50
2019/09/18Need to Know: Schwab’s Sonders warns of inflation and interest-rate complacency2019-09-18 04:41:50
2019/09/17FedEx stock falls after company lowers outlook on ‘trade tensions’2019-09-17 13:12:50
2019/09/17Dow remains in red as S&P and Nasdaq clamber into positive territory2019-09-17 08:24:53
2019/09/17U.S. stocks in decline for a second day after Saudi oil attack; Fed set to meet2019-09-17 07:02:52
2019/09/17Need to Know: Daily call is that recession is coming and S&P should be 13% lower2019-09-17 04:59:51
2019/09/17U.S. stocks drift lower in premarket as oil surge pauses2019-09-17 04:55:50
2019/09/16Dow snaps 8-session winning streak in aftermath of weekend Saudi oil attack2019-09-16 13:05:50
2019/09/16Oil prices surge 15% to settle at their highest level in 4 months2019-09-16 11:47:51
2019/09/16U.S. stocks open lower as oil prices jump in wake of attack on Saudi facility2019-09-16 06:37:49
2019/09/16Fed’s Empire State manufacturing gauge falls in September2019-09-16 05:32:52
2019/09/16Need to Know: Don’t get lured into bottom fishing if the tech sector is rocked2019-09-16 05:08:49
2019/09/16Dow’s eight-session win streak poised to end Monday in wake of Saudi oil attack2019-09-16 04:58:49
2019/09/15Opioid maker Purdue Pharma files for bankruptcy as part of settlement2019-09-15 20:34:50
2019/09/15Crude prices soar, U.S. stock futures slip after attacks on Saudi oil facilities2019-09-15 15:45:49
2019/09/15Crude prices spike after attack on Saudi oil facilities2019-09-15 15:21:50
2019/09/13Disney CEO Bog Iger resigns from Apple board2019-09-13 14:32:49
2019/09/13MoviePass-parent Helios & Matheson is set to shut down on Saturday2019-09-13 13:15:49
2019/09/13Dow ends higher for 8th straight session; S&P 500, Nasdaq edge lower2019-09-13 13:02:50
2019/09/13Felicity Huffman gets 14 days in prison in college-admissions cheating case2019-09-13 12:45:49
2019/09/13Cloudflare stock surges at open, with first trades 20% above IPO price2019-09-13 08:54:50
2019/09/13Apple stock falls early Friday, pulling its market cap back below $1 trillion2019-09-13 06:41:50
2019/09/12Follow our live debate blog as 10 Democrats candidates square off in Houston2019-09-12 16:47:50
2019/09/12Palladium price tops $1,600, its highest settlement ever2019-09-12 11:08:49
2019/09/12Dow and S&P 500 are less than 0.2% from record highs as stock rally expands2019-09-12 10:12:53
2019/09/12SmileDirectClub’s stock loses ground in post-IPO debut on Nasdaq2019-09-12 09:16:51
2019/09/12Early Dow advance sets index on path toward seventh straight gain2019-09-12 06:36:51
2019/09/12Need to Know: How to invest conservatively without buying defensive stocks2019-09-12 06:01:50
2019/09/12Euro falls to two-year low after ECB news2019-09-12 05:20:50
2019/09/11Trump to delay tariff hikes on $250 billion in Chinese goods until Oct. 152019-09-11 16:30:51
2019/09/11Oracle CEO Mark Hurd taking leave of absence for health reasons2019-09-11 13:17:55
2019/09/11Dow ends up over 200 points, gaining for sixth straight session2019-09-11 13:01:50
2019/09/11T. Boone Pickens, renowned energy tycoon and entrepreneur, dies at 912019-09-11 11:24:54
2019/09/11Apple market valuation crosses trillion-dollar threshold intraday Wednesday2019-09-11 09:41:50
2019/09/11Apple on verge of reclaiming trillion-dollar market cap2019-09-11 07:22:50
2019/09/11Winning streak on line as Dow industrials dip at opening bell2019-09-11 06:37:00
2019/09/11Hong Kong exchange offers 29.6 billion pounds for London Stock Exchange2019-09-11 01:39:51
2019/09/10Peloton sets IPO range between $26-$29 per share, plans to raise up to $1.2 bln2019-09-10 14:55:49
2019/09/10Dow extends winning streak to fifth session2019-09-10 13:02:50
2019/09/10Apple to launch TV+, Arcade streaming services for $4.99 a month each2019-09-10 10:41:49
2019/09/10McDonald’s is sharpest decliner as Dow industrials fall by triple digits2019-09-10 07:56:50
2019/09/10Nasdaq below 50-day moving average as U.S. stocks retreat early Tuesday2019-09-10 07:05:50
2019/09/10Need to Know: If global economic growth spikes, will investors be ready?2019-09-10 05:59:50
2019/09/09Dow industrials finish higher; S&P 500, Nasdaq end slightly lower2019-09-09 13:06:51
2019/09/09Consumers expanded their borrowing in July at the fastest pace in nearly 2 years2019-09-09 12:03:50
2019/09/09Bank stocks are staging a broad rally Monday as Treasury yields climb2019-09-09 11:29:51
2019/09/09Dow clings to vestige of Monday’s gain after Nasdaq and S&P turn negative2019-09-09 09:49:49
2019/09/09Walgreens is biggest gainer as Dow sets sights on triple-digit rise early Monday2019-09-09 07:49:57
2019/09/09AT&T jumps in premarket trade as activist Elliott Management calls for changes2019-09-09 04:53:50
2019/09/07Serena loses opening set 6-3 to Canada’s Bianca Andreescu at U.S. Open final2019-09-07 14:10:51
2019/09/06U.S. stocks close higher, marking third straight session of gains2019-09-06 13:01:52
2019/09/06Fed’s Powell says August jobs report is a sign of strength in U.S. labor market2019-09-06 10:23:49
2019/09/06Dow up 50 points at open as investors handicap Fed odds after jobs report2019-09-06 06:34:49
2019/09/06Stock-index futures pare gains after August jobs data2019-09-06 05:33:49
2019/09/06U.S. economy adds 130,000 jobs in August; unemployment rate remains 3.7%2019-09-06 05:31:49
2019/09/06Need to Know: Friday call is that silver, despite multiyear high, still has room2019-09-06 05:27:50
2019/09/05Dow closes up over 370 points on rising trade optimism2019-09-05 13:02:51
2019/09/05An explosion of alternative data gives regular investors tools to match the pros2019-09-05 12:16:52
2019/09/05Just one component in the red as Dow surges 300 points early Thursday2019-09-05 06:32:52
2019/09/05U.S. unemployment claims rise at end of August2019-09-05 05:38:53
2019/09/05U.S. private sector adds 195,000 jobs in August: ADP2019-09-05 05:18:51
2019/09/05Need to Know: European banking giant sees U.S. stocks falling 7% by year-end2019-09-05 05:13:53
2019/09/04U.S., China agree to renew trade talks; stock futures shoot up2019-09-04 19:32:55
2019/09/04Slack stock falls over 12% after first earnings report since going public2019-09-04 13:22:55
2019/09/04Dow ends up over 200 points as fears of conflict in Hong Kong recede2019-09-04 13:06:52
2019/09/04Dow up 200 points at open as Hong Kong tension eases and China signals stimulus2019-09-04 06:46:53
2019/09/04Need to Know: Corporate profit margins will stop defying gravity — what then?2019-09-04 05:35:55
2019/09/04Global markets rally as Hong Kong’s Lam withdraws extradition bill2019-09-04 03:06:53
2019/09/03Dow finishes down over 280 points on weak manufacturing data2019-09-03 13:05:51
2019/09/03Gold has surged to a 6 1/2-year high and gold-miner stocks are rallying strongly2019-09-03 10:53:52
2019/09/03Dow off 400 points as Tuesday morning’s stock-market decline steepens2019-09-03 07:28:52
2019/09/03ISM gauge of U.S. manufacturing falls in August2019-09-03 07:03:52
2019/09/03Dow off 200-plus points as China and U.S. put new tariffs in place2019-09-03 06:58:52
2019/09/03Need to Know: Summer is ending, but the Trump-China trade war is not2019-09-03 05:20:51
2019/08/30Stocks end mostly higher to record best week since June2019-08-30 13:02:52
2019/08/30Hurricane Dorian is already disrupting Florida flights, cruises and theme parks2019-08-30 11:55:51
2019/08/30Stocks have coughed up their early gains, with all 3 major indexes turning red2019-08-30 08:14:52
2019/08/30Stocks jump out of the gate Friday, aiming for 3rd straight day of gains2019-08-30 06:32:53
2019/08/30U.S. consumer spending surges in July, but inflation remains tame2019-08-30 05:43:54
2019/08/30Tesla stock is up 5% on report China will exempt 16 car models from purchase tax2019-08-30 04:49:51
2019/08/30Campbell Soup stock jumps 4% as food company beats profit estimates2019-08-30 04:46:51
2019/08/29Stocks end sharply higher as U.S.-China trade fears ease2019-08-29 13:01:53
2019/08/29Dow industrials up 325 points at midday2019-08-29 09:09:52
2019/08/29Comey broke FBI policy in handling of Trump meeting memos: DOJ watchdog2019-08-29 07:40:56
2019/08/29U.S. first-time unemployment claims climb in late August2019-08-29 05:37:53
2019/08/29U.S. second-quarter GDP reading lowered to 2% from 2.1%2019-08-29 05:31:57
2019/08/28Kirsten Gillibrand drops out of the 2020 presidential race2019-08-28 14:42:56
2019/08/28Dow finishes up over 250 points as energy leads gains2019-08-28 13:05:54
2019/08/28Stocks dip Wednesday as yield curve, trade war and Brexit weigh on sentiment2019-08-28 06:58:54
2019/08/28Need to Know: After a summer’s worth of flip-flops, here’s how to trade now2019-08-28 05:29:54
2019/08/28Brown-Forman shares blasted in premarket trades as quarterly results miss mark2019-08-28 05:23:54
2019/08/27Peloton’s IPO documents show steep losses for maker of high-end exercise bikes2019-08-27 14:55:54
2019/08/27U.S. stocks end lower as Treasury yield curve deepens inversion2019-08-27 13:03:55
2019/08/27U.S. consumer-confidence index falls slightly in August2019-08-27 07:29:57
2019/08/27Philip Morris International confirms talks with Altria over all-stock merger2019-08-27 06:28:54
2019/08/27Need to Know: There’s a hidden bet on biotech in this closely watched index2019-08-27 05:18:53
2019/08/26Johnson & Johnson ordered to pay $572 million in Oklahoma opioid case2019-08-26 13:12:52
2019/08/26Dow industrials finish up over 250 points on renewed trade-talk hope2019-08-26 13:02:54
2019/08/26With stocks so volatile, here’s a dividend strategy that provides a nice income2019-08-26 10:11:53
2019/08/26Dow sees triple-digit rebound after latest Trump assertion on China trade talks2019-08-26 06:52:54
2019/08/26Need to Know: Remember the ‘quant quake’ of 2007? This could be far worse2019-08-26 05:49:52
2019/08/25Stock futures sink after Trump hikes tariffs against China2019-08-25 15:32:54
2019/08/23Trump announces that tariffs on Chinese goods will increase2019-08-23 14:05:51
2019/08/23Dow off 700 points as losses accelerate into the close2019-08-23 12:55:52
2019/08/23Stock losses continue to mount Friday as trade war with China roils investors2019-08-23 10:32:55
2019/08/23The Dow’s 400-point decline Friday has wiped out the week’s gains for the index2019-08-23 08:42:53
2019/08/23Stocks turn again in whipsaw Friday session, with Dow nearing a 350-point loss2019-08-23 08:11:52
2019/08/23All 3 major stock indexes are now in the green as investors shrug off trade woes2019-08-23 07:55:55
2019/08/23Trump asks whether Fed’s Powell is ‘bigger enemy’ of the U.S. than China’s Xi2019-08-23 07:54:52
2019/08/23Stocks pare losses after Powell says Fed is ‘carefully watching developments’2019-08-23 07:05:54
2019/08/23Stocks tumble at Friday’s open, with Dow off 120 points after China trade moves2019-08-23 06:31:53
2019/08/22VMware to acquire Carbon Black and Pivotal Software2019-08-22 13:29:53
2019/08/22HP Inc. announces new CEO, shares fall 5%2019-08-22 13:17:54
2019/08/22Salesforce stock rallies 5% after earnings, outlook beat estimates2019-08-22 13:12:00
2019/08/22Dow industrials finish higher, Nasdaq falls as investors focus on Fed2019-08-22 13:03:53
2019/08/22Fed talk and economic data blamed as Dow relinquishes nearly 200-point advance2019-08-22 07:59:54
2019/08/22First-time U.S. unemployment claims dip in mid-August2019-08-22 05:31:52
2019/08/22Need to Know: These blue chips are cheap — with good reason, says money manager2019-08-22 05:23:57
2019/08/21Dow industrials finish up over 200 points after Fed minutes2019-08-21 13:03:53
2019/08/21CBO raises 2019 budget-deficit estimate to $960 billion2019-08-21 08:11:04
2019/08/21U.S. existing-home sales get boost in July from lower mortgage rates2019-08-21 07:18:54
2019/08/21Dow jumps 200 points in wake of upbeat earnings from retailers Target and Lowe’s2019-08-21 06:51:54
2019/08/21Need to Know: John Hancock spotlights a major risk lying in wait for stocks2019-08-21 05:40:54
2019/08/20Walmart sues Tesla over solar-panel roof fires at several stores2019-08-20 13:52:54
2019/08/20Dow industrials close down 170 points, snapping winning streak2019-08-20 13:01:55
2019/08/20Dow winning streak on line as U.S. stocks skid early Tuesday2019-08-20 07:20:55
2019/08/19Dow ends up roughly 250 points on hopes for global stimulus, trade truce2019-08-19 13:03:55
2019/08/19Dow industrials up 300 points early Monday2019-08-19 06:39:54
2019/08/19All 30 Dow stocks on rise ahead of Monday’s open, led by Apple and Goldman2019-08-19 05:31:06
2019/08/16Jeffrey Epstein’s death ruled a suicide by hanging, medical examiner says2019-08-16 13:25:55
2019/08/16Dow closes up over 300 points Friday after volatile week2019-08-16 13:03:56
2019/08/16Stocks on the rise Friday but positioned for hefty weekly losses2019-08-16 08:07:55
2019/08/16U.S. housing starts fall 4% in July, but building permits rise2019-08-16 05:39:54
2019/08/16Dow futures point to 200-point rise at Friday open2019-08-16 05:15:53
2019/08/15Nvidia stock rises 6% after earnings top estimates2019-08-15 13:31:54
2019/08/15Dow industrials finish up 99 points as Walmart gains2019-08-15 13:05:54
2019/08/15Dow industrials up 60 points amid tentative stock-market rebound bid2019-08-15 07:04:53
2019/08/15U.S. retail sales surge in July2019-08-15 05:34:14
2019/08/15U.S. first-time unemployment claims rise to six-week high2019-08-15 05:34:12
2019/08/15Need to Know: Yield-curve inversion called no match for American consumer2019-08-15 05:32:54
2019/08/1430-year Treasury bond yield falls below 2% level for first time2019-08-14 20:14:55
2019/08/14Pivotal stock spikes 70% higher amid VMware merger discussions2019-08-14 15:29:55
2019/08/14Cisco Systems stock falls 7% on light outlook2019-08-14 13:22:53
2019/08/14Dow closes down 800 points in worst day of the year2019-08-14 13:02:56
2019/08/14Dow down 770 points as U.S. stock decline again accelerates2019-08-14 11:46:53
2019/08/14Gold futures settle at highest level in more than six years2019-08-14 10:37:52
2019/08/14Dow industrials now down 700 points — and Nasdaq’s decline is even more severe2019-08-14 09:58:52
2019/08/14Just two components now in positive territory as Dow decline exceeds 550 points2019-08-14 08:09:53
2019/08/14Wall Street wagers on 50-basis-point Fed rate cut jump as yield curve inverts2019-08-14 07:57:02
2019/08/14Twenty-nine of 30 components in the red as Dow skids 400 points at opening bell2019-08-14 06:33:54
2019/08/14Dow futures down nearly 400 points2019-08-14 06:01:55
2019/08/13CBS and Viacom shares rise on news of merger pact2019-08-13 11:19:54
2019/08/13Some U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods delayed till December2019-08-13 07:01:04
2019/08/13Dow industrials up 350 points after U.S. stocks reverse opening declines2019-08-13 06:52:53
2019/08/13Need to Know: Bond market now meets these four bubble criteria2019-08-13 05:46:59
2019/08/13U.S. consumer prices rise 0.3% in July2019-08-13 05:32:55
2019/08/12Yum Brands names COO David Gibbs new CEO2019-08-12 13:32:54
2019/08/12Dow ends down 390 points, falling below 26,000 as bond yields slide2019-08-12 13:03:55
2019/08/12Corn futures fall 6% after bearish USDA crop report2019-08-12 10:12:55
2019/08/12Dow industrials down 200 points after Monday’s opening bell2019-08-12 06:46:53
2019/08/12Need to Know: Reasons for investor optimism despite stock-market hammerings2019-08-12 05:10:52
2019/08/12CannTrust plummets a further 25% as regulator calls second facility noncompliant2019-08-12 05:02:54
2019/08/09Stocks late-day run to the upside falters as seesaw day ends well in the red2019-08-09 13:02:05
2019/08/09The Dow has turned positive as stocks stage a late-day rebound Friday2019-08-09 12:11:55
2019/08/09Stock declines deepen markedly as Trump dampens hope for China trade deal2019-08-09 07:38:55
2019/08/09Intel, Cisco, IBM sharpest-declining components as Dow falls 105 points2019-08-09 07:01:02
2019/08/08China sets yuan midpoint weaker than 7 for second time this week2019-08-08 18:51:57
2019/08/08Uber stock dives 12% as ride-hailing service posts $5.24 billion quarterly loss2019-08-08 13:14:53
2019/08/08Stocks surge Thursday, with Nasdaq and S&P 500 wiping out losses for the week2019-08-08 13:01:53
2019/08/0827 of 30 components in the black as Dow runs intraday gain to 250 points2019-08-08 08:51:57
2019/08/08U.S. mortgage rates fall sharply amid mounting trade concerns2019-08-08 08:14:04
2019/08/08U.S. stocks on rise after China pegs yuan at higher level vs. dollar than feared2019-08-08 06:45:55
2019/08/08First-time unemployment claims drop to 209,000 in early August2019-08-08 05:32:54
2019/08/08Ten-year Treasury yield edges up after hitting nearly three-year low2019-08-08 05:19:54
2019/08/08Need to Know: The bad-news-is-good-news era may be over for investors2019-08-08 05:11:53
2019/08/07China sets yuan’s midpoint at weakest level since 20082019-08-07 18:48:52
2019/08/07Roku stock is gaining after company earnings and outlook beat forecasts2019-08-07 13:23:53
2019/08/07Lyft stock jumps 11% on record Q2 revenue, raised guidance2019-08-07 13:21:54
2019/08/07The Dow stages its sharpest turnaround in 7 months as stocks climb off early low2019-08-07 13:03:52
2019/08/07All 3 major stock indexes are now trading higher, reversing huge early declines2019-08-07 12:34:54
2019/08/07Consumers racked up more debt in June, but at the slowest pace in 3 months2019-08-07 12:03:55
2019/08/07Silver tallies its largest daily gain in 3 years and gold is up 2.4% Wednesday2019-08-07 11:50:54
2019/08/07The Nasdaq has completely reversed a 130-point slide and is now up for the day2019-08-07 10:56:55
2019/08/07Disney and J.P. Morgan Chase are the Dow’s biggest Wednesday losers2019-08-07 07:33:55
2019/08/07Dow industrials off nearly 600 points as opening declines accelerate2019-08-07 06:50:56
2019/08/07Premarket Dow industrials gains vanish as Treasury yields sink2019-08-07 05:44:53
2019/08/07Disney’s stock single-handedly set to cost Dow industrials 40 points2019-08-07 05:18:54
2019/08/06Disney reports record revenue, but stock falls in after hours2019-08-06 13:26:54
2019/08/06Stocks rebound Tuesday from their biggest losing day of 2019, with Dow up 3122019-08-06 13:02:52
2019/08/06Dow up 100 points as stock market tries rebound after 767-point blue-chip plunge2019-08-06 07:31:53
2019/08/05U.S. stock futures recover from steep early losses2019-08-05 21:04:53
2019/08/05U.S. stock futures sink, suggesting more steep losses on Tuesday2019-08-05 17:33:55
2019/08/05U.S. Treasury Dept. designates China as a currency manipulator2019-08-05 15:03:53
2019/08/05Shake Shack stock climbs 6% following earnings results that beat estimates2019-08-05 13:13:55
2019/08/05Stocks take a beating Monday, with the Dow down 765 points though off its low2019-08-05 13:01:56
2019/08/05Is the stock market’s ‘everything bubble’ popping? 1 chart might hold the answer2019-08-05 12:43:55
2019/08/05Amazon stock drops 3.5% Monday, marking its longest losing streak in 13 years2019-08-05 12:15:56
2019/08/05Gold has risen to a 6-year high as investors seek shelter from trade-war fallout2019-08-05 11:35:54
2019/08/05Stocks are now down more than 3% across the board, with tech faring the worst2019-08-05 11:26:53
2019/08/05The Dow is down 700 points but Arms index suggests no panic in the stock selloff2019-08-05 10:31:54
2019/08/05Monday-morning decline in Dow industrials exceeds 600 points2019-08-05 07:47:53
2019/08/05ISM gauge of U.S. economy’s services sector hits lowest level in three years2019-08-05 07:07:54
2019/08/05Dow down 500 points after China trade strife is ratcheted up2019-08-05 06:51:54
2019/08/05Amazon’s stock on path to longest losing streak in 13 years2019-08-05 06:37:55
2019/08/05Twenty-eight of 30 Dow stocks in red as blue-chip index plummets 460 points2019-08-05 06:37:02
2019/08/05Dow futures down nearly 400 points as premarket declines accelerate further2019-08-05 06:17:01
2019/08/ loses one-third of value as no buyer emerges in strategic review2019-08-05 05:46:53
2019/08/05Dow futures down nearly 350 points as U.S.-China trade friction intensifies2019-08-05 04:56:54
2019/08/05Need to Know: The 1% are selling stocks, buying property, keeping cash at hand2019-08-05 04:38:54
2019/08/02Stocks take it on the chin for a second day, with tech hit especially hard2019-08-02 13:00:54
2019/08/02Fluor stock in biggest selloff ever, down 27% and headed to a 15-year low2019-08-02 12:07:15
2019/08/02Gold settles at a more than 6-year high after gaining 3% this week2019-08-02 10:51:55
2019/08/02Apple’s stock takes a ‘gut punch’ from Trump’s tariff threat2019-08-02 10:48:00
2019/08/02U.S. consumer-sentiment gauge edges upward in June2019-08-02 07:07:00
2019/08/02Dow suffers triple-digit loss as Wall Street juggles jobs data and trade strife2019-08-02 06:42:54
2019/08/02Stock-market futures fall further after July jobs report2019-08-02 05:48:55
2019/08/02U.S. trade deficit narrows slightly as global economy softens2019-08-02 05:38:02
2019/08/02U.S. economy adds 164,000 jobs in July; June’s gain revised lower2019-08-02 05:31:53
2019/08/02Stock futures extend tariff-inspired decline ahead of July jobs report2019-08-02 05:30:55
2019/08/01Aphria shares surge nearly 20% after cannabis company posts surprise profit2019-08-01 13:46:53
2019/08/01Square sells Caviar and stock falls as outlook comes up short2019-08-01 13:32:57
2019/08/01NetApp stock tumbles 13% as data firm warns on earnings, revenue2019-08-01 13:30:01
2019/08/01Pinterest shares surge 14% as social-photo site posts big revenue gains2019-08-01 13:14:54
2019/08/01Stocks close with big losses as Trump ramps up trade war with China2019-08-01 13:01:54
2019/08/01Escalation of trade war with China staggers stocks, with Dow down 200 points2019-08-01 11:20:54
2019/08/01Stocks surrender gains after Trump tweets threat of new tariffs on China2019-08-01 10:40:59
2019/08/01Kellogg’s stock on track for biggest one-day gain in 19 years2019-08-01 09:41:54
2019/08/01Kura Sushi shares open 6.4% above IPO price and then extend gain2019-08-01 08:28:54
2019/08/01U.S. construction spending falls in June2019-08-01 07:07:57
2019/08/01First-time unemployment claims rise at end of July2019-08-01 05:31:56
2019/08/01Stock-market futures bouncing back after Fed disappointment sparks selloff2019-08-01 05:23:54
2019/07/31Live blog: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris set for rematch in Democratic debate2019-07-31 16:54:00
2019/07/31Beyond Meat prices secondary offering at $160 a share, six times the IPO price2019-07-31 16:30:55
2019/07/31Dow sinks 330 points, leading a broad selloff following Fed interest-rate cut2019-07-31 13:03:55
2019/07/31Here’s what you can expect stocks to do now that the Fed has cut interest rates2019-07-31 12:23:56
2019/07/31Fed’s Powell defends rate-cut decision as stock market drops like a rock2019-07-31 11:53:55
2019/07/31The Dow is down 250 points as stocks react badly to Fed interest-rate cut2019-07-31 11:49:53
2019/07/31U.S. stocks turn negative after Fed rate cut2019-07-31 11:07:53
2019/07/31Fed cuts interest rates by a quarter-point on 8-2 FOMC vote2019-07-31 11:01:55
2019/07/31Market Snapshot: Stocks holding steady ahead of Fed interest-rate decision2019-07-31 09:00:55
2019/07/31Apple’s 4% surge not enough to keep blue chips positive on Fed decision day2019-07-31 07:41:55
2019/07/31Need to Know: How the Fed could rattle, rather than soothe, markets later today2019-07-31 06:31:58
2019/07/31U.S. economy added 156,000 private-sector jobs in July: ADP2019-07-31 05:20:56
2019/07/30Live blog: Democratic presidential hopefuls clash in Detroit debate2019-07-30 16:53:54
2019/07/30Apple stock rises as earnings, revenue top estimates2019-07-30 13:32:54
2019/07/30AMD stock falls 4% on in-line earnings, revenue outlook2019-07-30 13:24:54
2019/07/30FireEye stock falls 13% on quarterly results, lowered outlook2019-07-30 13:07:56
2019/07/30Stocks end lower after Trump tweets dent optimism on U.S.-China trade deal2019-07-30 13:02:55
2019/07/30U.S. consumer confidence jumps in July2019-07-30 07:20:56
2019/07/30Tuesday kicks off with triple-digit Dow loss and 25 of 30 blue chips in the red2019-07-30 06:32:54
2019/07/30PCE inflation gauge comes in at 1.4%, well below 2% target2019-07-30 05:36:55
2019/07/30U.S. consumer spending rises 0.3% in June2019-07-30 05:33:08
2019/07/29Capital One says hacker accessed information on more than 100 million people2019-07-29 16:32:54
2019/07/29MarketWatch Q&A: Goldman chief economist sees no need for Fed rate cut this week2019-07-29 13:48:04
2019/07/29Beyond Meat stock dives after secondary offering announced2019-07-29 13:31:44
2019/07/29Beyond Meat earnings show big sales gains, stock wavers in late trading2019-07-29 13:10:54
2019/07/29Dow ekes out gain as stocks close little-changed ahead of Fed meeting2019-07-29 13:04:56
2019/07/29Beyond Meat shares plummet as much as 13% ahead of earnings report2019-07-29 07:35:54
2019/07/29On the week’s earnings-report menu: Beyond Meat, Apple and a bag of chips2019-07-29 05:31:55
2019/07/26S&P 500, Nasdaq end at records to close out a strong week for tech2019-07-26 13:01:53
2019/07/26Hershey is raising prices on its candy bars and says Halloween treats are next2019-07-26 12:27:53
2019/07/26T-Mobile–Sprint deal wins Justice Department approval; both stocks surge2019-07-26 08:41:56
2019/07/26U.S. stocks post slight gains at opening bell in wake of latest GDP data2019-07-26 06:39:08
2019/07/26GDP report: U.S. economic growth rate slows to 2.1% in second quarter2019-07-26 05:32:54
2019/07/26Need to Know: Hedge-fund billionaire Kyle Bass says the Fed has lost its punch2019-07-26 04:58:55
2019/07/25Pot producer CannTrust fires CEO amid illegal grow scandal2019-07-25 16:01:54
2019/07/25House passes two-year budget and debt-limit deal2019-07-25 14:26:56
2019/07/25Starbucks stock rallies after company tops targets, raises outlook2019-07-25 13:18:54
2019/07/25Intel stock rallies 7% on earnings beat2019-07-25 13:09:55
2019/07/25Amazon stock down over 2% as earnings miss estimates2019-07-25 13:07:54
2019/07/25Apple to buy majority of Intel smartphone business for $1 billion2019-07-25 13:04:55
2019/07/25Apple to buy majority of Intel smartphone business for $1 billion2019-07-25 13:04:01
2019/07/25Dow ends down over 100 points as earnings disappoint2019-07-25 13:04:01
2019/07/25Late in the day, the Dow and Nasdaq are on track for their worst day in 4 weeks2019-07-25 12:30:59
2019/07/25Ford stock drops 7%, biggest loss in 18 months, following disappointing outlook2019-07-25 07:14:57
2019/07/25Summer treat? Baskin-Robbins is launching plant-based ice-cream flavors2019-07-25 06:54:54
2019/07/25U.S. stocks open lower following ECB signals that it will ease monetary policy2019-07-25 06:32:53
2019/07/24Jeffrey Epstein found injured in his jail cell: report2019-07-24 20:16:55
2019/07/24Tesla shares fall further as No. 2 exec J.B. Straubel to leave his post2019-07-24 16:00:55
2019/07/24Arianna Huffington and Matt Cohler resign from Uber board2019-07-24 14:43:53
2019/07/24Tesla stock falls over 7% after quarterly loss is bigger than expected2019-07-24 13:51:55
2019/07/24Facebook stock rises over 4% as quarterly results top estimates2019-07-24 13:08:54
2019/07/24S&P 500, Nasdaq finish at record highs2019-07-24 13:01:55
2019/07/24Mueller testimony resumes, this time in front of House Intelligence committee2019-07-24 10:11:55
2019/07/24Boris Johnson becomes British prime minister2019-07-24 07:49:58
2019/07/24Cannabis company’s CEO: Unbanked status meant paying $3 million tax bill in cash2019-07-24 07:07:53
2019/07/24New-home sales rebound in June after two down months2019-07-24 07:02:53
2019/07/24Boeing and Caterpillar earnings are key factors in Dow’s early triple-digit skid2019-07-24 06:48:54
2019/07/24Facebook to pay $5 billion in settlement with FTC2019-07-24 05:47:54
2019/07/24Need to Know: Dividend stocks set to leave Treasurys in dust, says fund firm2019-07-24 05:30:54
2019/07/24Live blog: Former special counsel Mueller to testify before two House committees2019-07-24 05:02:55
2019/07/23$5 billion Dish deal may clear path to T-Mobile, Sprint merger: report2019-07-23 18:49:52
2019/07/23Tech stocks fall on report DOJ to open antitrust review of Big Tech companies2019-07-23 13:51:54
2019/07/23Snap stock jumps after results top expectations2019-07-23 13:29:54
2019/07/23Chipotle stock gains 5% after earnings top estimates2019-07-23 13:15:53
2019/07/23Texas Instruments stock rallies 5% after earnings beat2019-07-23 13:07:54
2019/07/23Dow ends up over 170 points on reports of U.S.-China trade talks2019-07-23 13:03:54
2019/07/23Stocks are rallying Tuesday afternoon, sending the Dow toward a new record high2019-07-23 11:57:54
2019/07/23Amazon and Realogy want to tempt home buyers with $5,000 of free stuff2019-07-23 11:42:54
2019/07/23GNC stock drops 10% after sales miss and retailer says it will close 900 stores2019-07-23 10:27:57
2019/07/23Coca-Cola leads way for Dow advance with 5% gain at Tuesday’s start2019-07-23 06:48:57
2019/07/23Need to Know: Fed can’t ward off a meltdown, says forecaster who called 20082019-07-23 05:26:53
2019/07/22Trump says compromise deal on budget, debt ceiling reached2019-07-22 15:01:59
2019/07/22Apple close to buying Intel’s modem business: report2019-07-22 14:34:55
2019/07/22U.S. stocks end higher, led by rally in information technology2019-07-22 13:02:53
2019/07/22Generic-drug make Lannett’s stock leaps 40%, but the reason is a mystery2019-07-22 12:28:54
2019/07/22You’d think boat stocks would be a good bet this summer, but you’d be wrong2019-07-22 10:11:53
2019/07/22Apple powered by share-price-target boost as it leads Dow gainers Monday2019-07-22 06:47:55
2019/07/22Need to Know: Trump’s stock market is closing in on Obama’s2019-07-22 04:41:53
2019/07/19Fed’s Rosengren says economy doesn’t look like it needs interest-rate cut2019-07-19 13:53:56
2019/07/19U.S. stocks end lower as expectations for half-point rate cut wane2019-07-19 13:02:54
2019/07/19Stocks have turned negative in the final hour of trading Friday2019-07-19 12:06:55
2019/07/19Disney’s live-action ‘Lion King’ should rule the movie world on this hot weekend2019-07-19 10:22:54
2019/07/19You can now buy Trump-branded straws to counter the ‘liberal’ paper versions2019-07-19 09:10:54
2019/07/19Deep Dive: Big-bank earnings point to near-term pain and long-term opportunity2019-07-19 08:03:56
2019/07/19Microsoft hits all-time intraday high as it joins Boeing in pacing Dow advance2019-07-19 07:18:55
2019/07/19Stock-market futures holding gains after consumer-sentiment report2019-07-19 05:38:53
2019/07/19Need to Know: Morgan Stanley investment chief warns of oncoming 10% correction2019-07-19 04:59:53
2019/07/19Stock-market futures on rise even as Fed clarifies Williams’s dovish comments2019-07-19 04:50:53
2019/07/18Red Robin stock jumps 13% after takeover bid2019-07-18 14:56:53
2019/07/18Boeing to take $4.9 bln charge in second quarter on 737 Max grounding2019-07-18 13:37:53
2019/07/18CrowdStrike stock rallies 8% after better-than-expected outlook2019-07-18 13:19:57
2019/07/18Microsoft stock rises as earnings top expectations2019-07-18 13:08:54
2019/07/18U.S. stocks end with modest gains after Fed’s Williams spurs rate-cut hopes2019-07-18 13:03:54
2019/07/18Stocks have jumped to their highs of the day as interestcut hopes rise2019-07-18 12:05:55
2019/07/18Silver, after lagging gold, has rallied to its highest level in more than a year2019-07-18 10:31:53
2019/07/18Dow industrials down 130 points as Thursday stock-market declines steepen2019-07-18 08:39:54
2019/07/18U.S. stocks on track Thursday morning for third straight down day2019-07-18 06:55:55
2019/07/18U.S. first-time unemployment claims on rise in mid-July2019-07-18 05:35:54
2019/07/18Need to Know: Energy stocks could double by next summer, says contrarian2019-07-18 04:52:06
2019/07/17IBM stock rises 3% after hours as earnings beat estimates2019-07-17 13:18:54
2019/07/17Netflix stock down over 9% after subscriber numbers disappoint2019-07-17 13:04:52
2019/07/17Dow ends down over 100 points as stocks fall for second session2019-07-17 13:03:53
2019/07/17Fed’s Beige Book finds economic outlook is ‘positive’ despite trade worries2019-07-17 11:07:54
2019/07/17Need to Know: UBS says these pricey growth stocks are worth hanging on to2019-07-17 05:30:53
2019/07/16House Democrats vote to condemn Trump’s ‘racist’ tweets2019-07-16 16:07:55
2019/07/16Stocks end lower, retreating from records after Trump stokes trade uncertainty2019-07-16 13:01:57
2019/07/16Dow taps all-time intraday high as investors weigh big-bank earnings2019-07-16 08:06:56
2019/07/15Dow, Nasdaq post record close as stocks edge higher2019-07-15 13:02:53
2019/07/15Need to Know: How stock-market investments are like Fyre Festival tickets2019-07-15 05:20:57
2019/07/12U.S. stocks end at record highs, fueled by optimism over Fed interest-rate cuts2019-07-12 13:02:56
2019/07/12Facebook stock moves higher after report of $5 billion FTC settlement2019-07-12 12:57:53
2019/07/12There are 5 things atop investors’ minds as earnings season is about to begin2019-07-12 12:25:55
2019/07/12Acosta is out as U.S. labor secretary2019-07-12 06:54:56
2019/07/12U.S. indexes stake out record highs Friday as investors sustain Fed-cut hopes2019-07-12 06:39:54
2019/07/12PPI report shows U.S. wholesale prices rising 0.1% in June2019-07-12 05:35:53
2019/07/11CannTrust says it will temporarily stop marijuana sales and stock slides 10%2019-07-11 16:54:01
2019/07/11Dow industrials close above 27,000 for the first time2019-07-11 13:02:55
2019/07/11Dow industrials expand Thursday’s gain to 200 points2019-07-11 09:43:53
2019/07/11Dow reclaims 27,000 level intraday, with S&P back in striking distance of 3,0002019-07-11 08:15:56
2019/07/11These are the stocks hitting all-time highs alongside the S&P2019-07-11 07:14:55
2019/07/11Amazon market cap tops $1 trillion intraday for first time in 10 months2019-07-11 07:11:56
2019/07/11Need to Know: Goldman prescribes stocks to own during ‘unexpected shocks’2019-07-11 05:56:54
2019/07/11U.S. consumer prices edge 0.1% upward in June2019-07-11 05:36:54
2019/07/10U.S. stocks end higher after Fed chief’s testimony; Nasdaq notches record close2019-07-10 13:02:56
2019/07/10‘Many’ Fed officials said in June they’d be willing to cut interest rates2019-07-10 11:05:52
2019/07/10Fed’s Powell tells House panel he’d refuse to leave if Trump sought to fire him2019-07-10 08:12:55
2019/07/10Dow on course to snap three-day skid after Fed’s Powell revives rate-cut hopes2019-07-10 06:33:57
2019/07/10Stock-index futures turn higher as Fed’s Powell cites economic ‘uncertainties’2019-07-10 05:49:52
2019/07/09S&P 500, Nasdaq end higher as investors await remarks by Fed’s Powell2019-07-09 13:04:55
2019/07/09Federal appeals court rules Trump cannot block critics on his Twitter feed2019-07-09 07:49:58
2019/07/093M is sharpest decliner as Dow suffers 135-point skid early Tuesday2019-07-09 06:46:56
2019/07/09Acacia shares rocket on news of $2.6 billion Cisco buyout2019-07-09 05:18:56
2019/07/08Dow industrials end down over 100 points as Apple weighs on tech2019-07-08 13:05:54
2019/07/08Nio’s stock is surging again, heading for its best 5-day run in nearly 5 months2019-07-08 10:53:55
2019/07/08Apple, Intel, 3M, Boeing biggest losers as Dow rings up 160-point decline2019-07-08 06:45:00
2019/07/08Boeing’s stock leads premarket Dow decliners on report of lost Saudi order2019-07-08 05:40:54
2019/07/05Slight stock-market declines Friday leave indexes in black for week2019-07-05 13:39:55
2019/07/05Dow sustains triple-digit loss as jobs data cast new doubt on rate-cut prospect2019-07-05 06:34:55
2019/07/05Unemployment rate rises to 3.7% as U.S. economy adds 224,000 jobs2019-07-05 05:31:55
2019/07/03MoviePass going dark on a busy July 4 — and perhaps longer2019-07-03 17:09:55
2019/07/03Justice Department still pushing for citizenship question on 2020 Census2019-07-03 15:08:53
2019/07/03Three main U.S. stock benchmarks set sights on record-high closes2019-07-03 09:49:03
2019/07/03S&P 500 notches all-time intraday high at start of abbreviated Wednesday session2019-07-03 06:37:55
2019/07/03Everything you need to know about how the Fourth of July affects market hours2019-07-03 06:16:54
2019/07/03U.S. first-time unemployment claims fall to 221,000 in late June2019-07-03 05:33:54
2019/07/03U.S. gains 102,000 private-sector jobs in June: ADP2019-07-03 05:32:00
2019/07/02Lee Iacocca, legendary Detroit auto executive, dies at 942019-07-02 19:44:54
2019/07/02Tesla reports record deliveries, stock jumps 6%2019-07-02 13:30:57
2019/07/02S&P 500 notches record close for second day2019-07-02 13:04:54
2019/07/02Oil prices drop nearly 5% to their lowest in 2 weeks2019-07-02 11:53:55
2019/07/02Dow falls to session low as gold and bond prices see midday surge2019-07-02 09:52:56
2019/07/02U.S. stocks in modest retreat after S&P’s day-ago close at record high2019-07-02 07:01:58
2019/07/02What you really need to know about corporate stock buybacks2019-07-02 05:34:55
2019/07/02Need to Know: How earnings results could contradict trade-truce headlines2019-07-02 04:50:59
2019/07/01S&P 500 closes at record high; Nasdaq ends up 1%2019-07-01 13:03:55
2019/07/01S&P 500 backs off all-time intraday high2019-07-01 11:33:54
2019/07/01All 30 Dow components on the rise early Monday, led by shares of Apple and Intel2019-07-01 04:50:52
2019/06/30U.S. stock-market futures surge after trade-war timeout2019-06-30 15:38:53
2019/06/30Kevin Durant to sign with Brooklyn Nets: reports2019-06-30 14:41:04
2019/06/28Trump tweets an invitation to meet North Korea’s leader after G-20 meeting2019-06-28 16:39:54
2019/06/28Nasdaq leads stock benchmarks with 21% climb midway through 2019; S&P 500 up 17%2019-06-28 13:18:01
2019/06/27Democratic Debate, Part II: Follow along for live updates and analysis2019-06-27 17:58:54
2019/06/27Adaptive Biotechnologies rockers 94% in trading debut2019-06-27 08:20:55
2019/06/26Live blog & video: 10 Democratic hopefuls square off at Miami debate2019-06-26 17:50:55
2019/06/26East Coast braces for greater pump-price volatility with key refinery to close2019-06-26 11:24:54
2019/06/26Kyle Bass exclusively on MarketWatch: Where I agree with Bernie Sanders2019-06-26 07:33:54
2019/06/25Robert Mueller agrees to testify before House committees on July 172019-06-25 18:09:57
2019/06/25Consumer confidence falls to lowest level in 21 months; new-home sales falter2019-06-25 07:22:58
2019/06/24A housing-market slump could send global growth to a decade low: economists2019-06-24 11:35:54
2019/06/24Leveraged-lending bust could hit economy more quickly than subprime did: Bair2019-06-24 10:57:53
2019/06/22Trump delays ICE raids for two weeks so Congress can reach deal2019-06-22 12:23:55
2019/06/21Fed’s stress test shows nation’s top banks could withstand $410 bln of losses2019-06-21 13:35:57
2019/06/21S&P 500 index notches 2% weekly gain, but ends Friday session in the red2019-06-21 13:04:55
2019/06/21These factors could drive gold above $1,400 over the next six to 18 months2019-06-21 10:32:54
2019/06/21Dow industrials climb more than 100 points, now on track to end at a record2019-06-21 08:15:56
2019/06/20U.S. reportedly calls off airstrikes against Iran at the last minute2019-06-20 20:25:59
2019/06/20Canopy Growth says Canadian pot sales fell last quarter2019-06-20 17:51:00
2019/06/20S&P 500 notches record close in broad stock market rally2019-06-20 13:02:54
2019/06/20U.S. oil prices post biggest 1-day gain of the year2019-06-20 11:53:55
2019/06/20Investors are snapping up homes at a pace not seen since 19992019-06-20 10:21:55
2019/06/20Stocks pull back from their highs after Trump comments on possible Iran strike2019-06-20 09:48:53
2019/06/20Nigam Arora likens the stock market to a drunken party: Know when to leave2019-06-20 09:31:54
2019/06/20Slack stock leaps after workplace-communication company’s direct-listing debut2019-06-20 09:22:56
2019/06/20Gold soars near a 5-year high after Fed hints at interest-rate cuts2019-06-20 09:08:55
2019/06/20Grocery Outlet stock debuts with a big rally2019-06-20 08:56:54
2019/06/20Oracle stock hits all-time high after software company reports earnings2019-06-20 08:34:54
2019/06/20Leading economic indicators hint at a slowing U.S. economy2019-06-20 07:16:57
2019/06/20Mortgage rates hold near recent lows, but can they still fall from here?2019-06-20 07:03:56
2019/06/20The S&P 500 has touched an all-time intraday high in opening trades2019-06-20 06:35:00
2019/06/20Dow leaps 250 points as stocks open in upbeat mood following dovish Fed actions2019-06-20 06:32:58
2019/06/19Oracle stock rises over 6% as results top estimates2019-06-19 13:06:53
2019/06/19U.S. stocks finish higher as Fed signals willingness to cut rates2019-06-19 13:02:53
2019/06/19Stocks hold gains after Fed keeps interest rates steady, but are off best levels2019-06-19 11:40:54
2019/06/19Powell says Fed’s overarching goal is to sustain the U.S. economic expansion2019-06-19 11:35:54
2019/06/19Consumers have racked up so much debt it’s almost equal to the 2008 crisis highs2019-06-19 11:21:56
2019/06/19Read a sharply divided Fed’s statement on interest-rate policy2019-06-19 11:04:54
2019/06/19Fed holds interest rates steady, predicts no change in 20192019-06-19 11:02:54
2019/06/19We’re nearing the Fed’s interest-rate decision. Follow news and reaction live2019-06-19 10:45:54
2019/06/19This is exactly how much it will cost you to retire in every state in America2019-06-19 07:38:56
2019/06/19Stocks tick higher at the open as investors await Fed decision later Wednesday2019-06-19 06:31:58
2019/06/19Stocks tick higher at the open as investors await Fed decision later Wednesday2019-06-19 06:31:57
2019/06/19Dividend stocks have been hot this year, and the Fed could add to that fire2019-06-19 05:54:55
2019/06/18Trump on potential for Powell demotion: ‘Let’s see what he does’2019-06-18 13:23:56
2019/06/18Dow industrials end up more than 350 points ahead of Fed decision2019-06-18 13:02:55
2019/06/18Here are the best-performing U.S. stocks as the S&P 500 nears a record high2019-06-18 09:13:53
2019/06/18Trump says he’ll have ‘extended meeting’ with China’s Xi at G-20 and stocks leap2019-06-18 06:49:53
2019/06/18Beyond Meat’s stock shoots above $200 in early trading before paring gains2019-06-18 06:47:54
2019/06/18Dow opens 150 points higher, cheering ECB stance on possible stimulus2019-06-18 06:32:57