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2019/08/19Dow ends up roughly 250 points on hopes for global stimulus, trade truce2019-08-19 13:03:55
2019/08/19Dow industrials up 300 points early Monday2019-08-19 06:39:54
2019/08/19All 30 Dow stocks on rise ahead of Monday’s open, led by Apple and Goldman2019-08-19 05:31:06
2019/08/16Jeffrey Epstein’s death ruled a suicide by hanging, medical examiner says2019-08-16 13:25:55
2019/08/16Dow closes up over 300 points Friday after volatile week2019-08-16 13:03:56
2019/08/16Stocks on the rise Friday but positioned for hefty weekly losses2019-08-16 08:07:55
2019/08/16U.S. housing starts fall 4% in July, but building permits rise2019-08-16 05:39:54
2019/08/16Dow futures point to 200-point rise at Friday open2019-08-16 05:15:53
2019/08/15Nvidia stock rises 6% after earnings top estimates2019-08-15 13:31:54
2019/08/15Dow industrials finish up 99 points as Walmart gains2019-08-15 13:05:54
2019/08/15Dow industrials up 60 points amid tentative stock-market rebound bid2019-08-15 07:04:53
2019/08/15U.S. retail sales surge in July2019-08-15 05:34:14
2019/08/15U.S. first-time unemployment claims rise to six-week high2019-08-15 05:34:12
2019/08/15Need to Know: Yield-curve inversion called no match for American consumer2019-08-15 05:32:54
2019/08/1430-year Treasury bond yield falls below 2% level for first time2019-08-14 20:14:55
2019/08/14Pivotal stock spikes 70% higher amid VMware merger discussions2019-08-14 15:29:55
2019/08/14Cisco Systems stock falls 7% on light outlook2019-08-14 13:22:53
2019/08/14Dow closes down 800 points in worst day of the year2019-08-14 13:02:56
2019/08/14Dow down 770 points as U.S. stock decline again accelerates2019-08-14 11:46:53
2019/08/14Gold futures settle at highest level in more than six years2019-08-14 10:37:52
2019/08/14Dow industrials now down 700 points — and Nasdaq’s decline is even more severe2019-08-14 09:58:52
2019/08/14Just two components now in positive territory as Dow decline exceeds 550 points2019-08-14 08:09:53
2019/08/14Wall Street wagers on 50-basis-point Fed rate cut jump as yield curve inverts2019-08-14 07:57:02
2019/08/14Twenty-nine of 30 components in the red as Dow skids 400 points at opening bell2019-08-14 06:33:54
2019/08/14Dow futures down nearly 400 points2019-08-14 06:01:55
2019/08/13CBS and Viacom shares rise on news of merger pact2019-08-13 11:19:54
2019/08/13Some U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods delayed till December2019-08-13 07:01:04
2019/08/13Dow industrials up 350 points after U.S. stocks reverse opening declines2019-08-13 06:52:53
2019/08/13Need to Know: Bond market now meets these four bubble criteria2019-08-13 05:46:59
2019/08/13U.S. consumer prices rise 0.3% in July2019-08-13 05:32:55
2019/08/12Yum Brands names COO David Gibbs new CEO2019-08-12 13:32:54
2019/08/12Dow ends down 390 points, falling below 26,000 as bond yields slide2019-08-12 13:03:55
2019/08/12Corn futures fall 6% after bearish USDA crop report2019-08-12 10:12:55
2019/08/12Dow industrials down 200 points after Monday’s opening bell2019-08-12 06:46:53
2019/08/12Need to Know: Reasons for investor optimism despite stock-market hammerings2019-08-12 05:10:52
2019/08/12CannTrust plummets a further 25% as regulator calls second facility noncompliant2019-08-12 05:02:54
2019/08/09Stocks late-day run to the upside falters as seesaw day ends well in the red2019-08-09 13:02:05
2019/08/09The Dow has turned positive as stocks stage a late-day rebound Friday2019-08-09 12:11:55
2019/08/09Stock declines deepen markedly as Trump dampens hope for China trade deal2019-08-09 07:38:55
2019/08/09Intel, Cisco, IBM sharpest-declining components as Dow falls 105 points2019-08-09 07:01:02
2019/08/08China sets yuan midpoint weaker than 7 for second time this week2019-08-08 18:51:57
2019/08/08Uber stock dives 12% as ride-hailing service posts $5.24 billion quarterly loss2019-08-08 13:14:53
2019/08/08Stocks surge Thursday, with Nasdaq and S&P 500 wiping out losses for the week2019-08-08 13:01:53
2019/08/0827 of 30 components in the black as Dow runs intraday gain to 250 points2019-08-08 08:51:57
2019/08/08U.S. mortgage rates fall sharply amid mounting trade concerns2019-08-08 08:14:04
2019/08/08U.S. stocks on rise after China pegs yuan at higher level vs. dollar than feared2019-08-08 06:45:55
2019/08/08First-time unemployment claims drop to 209,000 in early August2019-08-08 05:32:54
2019/08/08Ten-year Treasury yield edges up after hitting nearly three-year low2019-08-08 05:19:54
2019/08/08Need to Know: The bad-news-is-good-news era may be over for investors2019-08-08 05:11:53
2019/08/07China sets yuan’s midpoint at weakest level since 20082019-08-07 18:48:52
2019/08/07Roku stock is gaining after company earnings and outlook beat forecasts2019-08-07 13:23:53
2019/08/07Lyft stock jumps 11% on record Q2 revenue, raised guidance2019-08-07 13:21:54
2019/08/07The Dow stages its sharpest turnaround in 7 months as stocks climb off early low2019-08-07 13:03:52
2019/08/07All 3 major stock indexes are now trading higher, reversing huge early declines2019-08-07 12:34:54
2019/08/07Consumers racked up more debt in June, but at the slowest pace in 3 months2019-08-07 12:03:55
2019/08/07Silver tallies its largest daily gain in 3 years and gold is up 2.4% Wednesday2019-08-07 11:50:54
2019/08/07The Nasdaq has completely reversed a 130-point slide and is now up for the day2019-08-07 10:56:55
2019/08/07Disney and J.P. Morgan Chase are the Dow’s biggest Wednesday losers2019-08-07 07:33:55
2019/08/07Dow industrials off nearly 600 points as opening declines accelerate2019-08-07 06:50:56
2019/08/07Premarket Dow industrials gains vanish as Treasury yields sink2019-08-07 05:44:53
2019/08/07Disney’s stock single-handedly set to cost Dow industrials 40 points2019-08-07 05:18:54
2019/08/06Disney reports record revenue, but stock falls in after hours2019-08-06 13:26:54
2019/08/06Stocks rebound Tuesday from their biggest losing day of 2019, with Dow up 3122019-08-06 13:02:52
2019/08/06Dow up 100 points as stock market tries rebound after 767-point blue-chip plunge2019-08-06 07:31:53
2019/08/05U.S. stock futures recover from steep early losses2019-08-05 21:04:53
2019/08/05U.S. stock futures sink, suggesting more steep losses on Tuesday2019-08-05 17:33:55
2019/08/05U.S. Treasury Dept. designates China as a currency manipulator2019-08-05 15:03:53
2019/08/05Shake Shack stock climbs 6% following earnings results that beat estimates2019-08-05 13:13:55
2019/08/05Stocks take a beating Monday, with the Dow down 765 points though off its low2019-08-05 13:01:56
2019/08/05Is the stock market’s ‘everything bubble’ popping? 1 chart might hold the answer2019-08-05 12:43:55
2019/08/05Amazon stock drops 3.5% Monday, marking its longest losing streak in 13 years2019-08-05 12:15:56
2019/08/05Gold has risen to a 6-year high as investors seek shelter from trade-war fallout2019-08-05 11:35:54
2019/08/05Stocks are now down more than 3% across the board, with tech faring the worst2019-08-05 11:26:53
2019/08/05The Dow is down 700 points but Arms index suggests no panic in the stock selloff2019-08-05 10:31:54
2019/08/05Monday-morning decline in Dow industrials exceeds 600 points2019-08-05 07:47:53
2019/08/05ISM gauge of U.S. economy’s services sector hits lowest level in three years2019-08-05 07:07:54
2019/08/05Dow down 500 points after China trade strife is ratcheted up2019-08-05 06:51:54
2019/08/05Amazon’s stock on path to longest losing streak in 13 years2019-08-05 06:37:55
2019/08/05Twenty-eight of 30 Dow stocks in red as blue-chip index plummets 460 points2019-08-05 06:37:02
2019/08/05Dow futures down nearly 400 points as premarket declines accelerate further2019-08-05 06:17:01
2019/08/ loses one-third of value as no buyer emerges in strategic review2019-08-05 05:46:53
2019/08/05Dow futures down nearly 350 points as U.S.-China trade friction intensifies2019-08-05 04:56:54
2019/08/05Need to Know: The 1% are selling stocks, buying property, keeping cash at hand2019-08-05 04:38:54
2019/08/02Stocks take it on the chin for a second day, with tech hit especially hard2019-08-02 13:00:54
2019/08/02Fluor stock in biggest selloff ever, down 27% and headed to a 15-year low2019-08-02 12:07:15
2019/08/02Gold settles at a more than 6-year high after gaining 3% this week2019-08-02 10:51:55
2019/08/02Apple’s stock takes a ‘gut punch’ from Trump’s tariff threat2019-08-02 10:48:00
2019/08/02U.S. consumer-sentiment gauge edges upward in June2019-08-02 07:07:00
2019/08/02Dow suffers triple-digit loss as Wall Street juggles jobs data and trade strife2019-08-02 06:42:54
2019/08/02Stock-market futures fall further after July jobs report2019-08-02 05:48:55
2019/08/02U.S. trade deficit narrows slightly as global economy softens2019-08-02 05:38:02
2019/08/02U.S. economy adds 164,000 jobs in July; June’s gain revised lower2019-08-02 05:31:53
2019/08/02Stock futures extend tariff-inspired decline ahead of July jobs report2019-08-02 05:30:55
2019/08/01Aphria shares surge nearly 20% after cannabis company posts surprise profit2019-08-01 13:46:53
2019/08/01Square sells Caviar and stock falls as outlook comes up short2019-08-01 13:32:57
2019/08/01NetApp stock tumbles 13% as data firm warns on earnings, revenue2019-08-01 13:30:01
2019/08/01Pinterest shares surge 14% as social-photo site posts big revenue gains2019-08-01 13:14:54
2019/08/01Stocks close with big losses as Trump ramps up trade war with China2019-08-01 13:01:54
2019/08/01Escalation of trade war with China staggers stocks, with Dow down 200 points2019-08-01 11:20:54
2019/08/01Stocks surrender gains after Trump tweets threat of new tariffs on China2019-08-01 10:40:59
2019/08/01Kellogg’s stock on track for biggest one-day gain in 19 years2019-08-01 09:41:54
2019/08/01Kura Sushi shares open 6.4% above IPO price and then extend gain2019-08-01 08:28:54
2019/08/01U.S. construction spending falls in June2019-08-01 07:07:57
2019/08/01First-time unemployment claims rise at end of July2019-08-01 05:31:56
2019/08/01Stock-market futures bouncing back after Fed disappointment sparks selloff2019-08-01 05:23:54
2019/07/31Live blog: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris set for rematch in Democratic debate2019-07-31 16:54:00
2019/07/31Beyond Meat prices secondary offering at $160 a share, six times the IPO price2019-07-31 16:30:55
2019/07/31Dow sinks 330 points, leading a broad selloff following Fed interest-rate cut2019-07-31 13:03:55
2019/07/31Here’s what you can expect stocks to do now that the Fed has cut interest rates2019-07-31 12:23:56
2019/07/31Fed’s Powell defends rate-cut decision as stock market drops like a rock2019-07-31 11:53:55
2019/07/31The Dow is down 250 points as stocks react badly to Fed interest-rate cut2019-07-31 11:49:53
2019/07/31U.S. stocks turn negative after Fed rate cut2019-07-31 11:07:53
2019/07/31Fed cuts interest rates by a quarter-point on 8-2 FOMC vote2019-07-31 11:01:55
2019/07/31Market Snapshot: Stocks holding steady ahead of Fed interest-rate decision2019-07-31 09:00:55
2019/07/31Apple’s 4% surge not enough to keep blue chips positive on Fed decision day2019-07-31 07:41:55
2019/07/31Need to Know: How the Fed could rattle, rather than soothe, markets later today2019-07-31 06:31:58
2019/07/31U.S. economy added 156,000 private-sector jobs in July: ADP2019-07-31 05:20:56
2019/07/30Live blog: Democratic presidential hopefuls clash in Detroit debate2019-07-30 16:53:54
2019/07/30Apple stock rises as earnings, revenue top estimates2019-07-30 13:32:54
2019/07/30AMD stock falls 4% on in-line earnings, revenue outlook2019-07-30 13:24:54
2019/07/30FireEye stock falls 13% on quarterly results, lowered outlook2019-07-30 13:07:56
2019/07/30Stocks end lower after Trump tweets dent optimism on U.S.-China trade deal2019-07-30 13:02:55
2019/07/30U.S. consumer confidence jumps in July2019-07-30 07:20:56
2019/07/30Tuesday kicks off with triple-digit Dow loss and 25 of 30 blue chips in the red2019-07-30 06:32:54
2019/07/30PCE inflation gauge comes in at 1.4%, well below 2% target2019-07-30 05:36:55
2019/07/30U.S. consumer spending rises 0.3% in June2019-07-30 05:33:08
2019/07/29Capital One says hacker accessed information on more than 100 million people2019-07-29 16:32:54
2019/07/29MarketWatch Q&A: Goldman chief economist sees no need for Fed rate cut this week2019-07-29 13:48:04
2019/07/29Beyond Meat stock dives after secondary offering announced2019-07-29 13:31:44
2019/07/29Beyond Meat earnings show big sales gains, stock wavers in late trading2019-07-29 13:10:54
2019/07/29Dow ekes out gain as stocks close little-changed ahead of Fed meeting2019-07-29 13:04:56
2019/07/29Beyond Meat shares plummet as much as 13% ahead of earnings report2019-07-29 07:35:54
2019/07/29On the week’s earnings-report menu: Beyond Meat, Apple and a bag of chips2019-07-29 05:31:55
2019/07/26S&P 500, Nasdaq end at records to close out a strong week for tech2019-07-26 13:01:53
2019/07/26Hershey is raising prices on its candy bars and says Halloween treats are next2019-07-26 12:27:53
2019/07/26T-Mobile–Sprint deal wins Justice Department approval; both stocks surge2019-07-26 08:41:56
2019/07/26U.S. stocks post slight gains at opening bell in wake of latest GDP data2019-07-26 06:39:08
2019/07/26GDP report: U.S. economic growth rate slows to 2.1% in second quarter2019-07-26 05:32:54
2019/07/26Need to Know: Hedge-fund billionaire Kyle Bass says the Fed has lost its punch2019-07-26 04:58:55
2019/07/25Pot producer CannTrust fires CEO amid illegal grow scandal2019-07-25 16:01:54
2019/07/25House passes two-year budget and debt-limit deal2019-07-25 14:26:56
2019/07/25Starbucks stock rallies after company tops targets, raises outlook2019-07-25 13:18:54
2019/07/25Intel stock rallies 7% on earnings beat2019-07-25 13:09:55
2019/07/25Amazon stock down over 2% as earnings miss estimates2019-07-25 13:07:54
2019/07/25Apple to buy majority of Intel smartphone business for $1 billion2019-07-25 13:04:55
2019/07/25Apple to buy majority of Intel smartphone business for $1 billion2019-07-25 13:04:01
2019/07/25Dow ends down over 100 points as earnings disappoint2019-07-25 13:04:01
2019/07/25Late in the day, the Dow and Nasdaq are on track for their worst day in 4 weeks2019-07-25 12:30:59
2019/07/25Ford stock drops 7%, biggest loss in 18 months, following disappointing outlook2019-07-25 07:14:57
2019/07/25Summer treat? Baskin-Robbins is launching plant-based ice-cream flavors2019-07-25 06:54:54
2019/07/25U.S. stocks open lower following ECB signals that it will ease monetary policy2019-07-25 06:32:53
2019/07/24Jeffrey Epstein found injured in his jail cell: report2019-07-24 20:16:55
2019/07/24Tesla shares fall further as No. 2 exec J.B. Straubel to leave his post2019-07-24 16:00:55
2019/07/24Arianna Huffington and Matt Cohler resign from Uber board2019-07-24 14:43:53
2019/07/24Tesla stock falls over 7% after quarterly loss is bigger than expected2019-07-24 13:51:55
2019/07/24Facebook stock rises over 4% as quarterly results top estimates2019-07-24 13:08:54
2019/07/24S&P 500, Nasdaq finish at record highs2019-07-24 13:01:55
2019/07/24Mueller testimony resumes, this time in front of House Intelligence committee2019-07-24 10:11:55
2019/07/24Boris Johnson becomes British prime minister2019-07-24 07:49:58
2019/07/24Cannabis company’s CEO: Unbanked status meant paying $3 million tax bill in cash2019-07-24 07:07:53
2019/07/24New-home sales rebound in June after two down months2019-07-24 07:02:53
2019/07/24Boeing and Caterpillar earnings are key factors in Dow’s early triple-digit skid2019-07-24 06:48:54
2019/07/24Facebook to pay $5 billion in settlement with FTC2019-07-24 05:47:54
2019/07/24Need to Know: Dividend stocks set to leave Treasurys in dust, says fund firm2019-07-24 05:30:54
2019/07/24Live blog: Former special counsel Mueller to testify before two House committees2019-07-24 05:02:55
2019/07/23$5 billion Dish deal may clear path to T-Mobile, Sprint merger: report2019-07-23 18:49:52
2019/07/23Tech stocks fall on report DOJ to open antitrust review of Big Tech companies2019-07-23 13:51:54
2019/07/23Snap stock jumps after results top expectations2019-07-23 13:29:54
2019/07/23Chipotle stock gains 5% after earnings top estimates2019-07-23 13:15:53
2019/07/23Texas Instruments stock rallies 5% after earnings beat2019-07-23 13:07:54
2019/07/23Dow ends up over 170 points on reports of U.S.-China trade talks2019-07-23 13:03:54
2019/07/23Stocks are rallying Tuesday afternoon, sending the Dow toward a new record high2019-07-23 11:57:54
2019/07/23Amazon and Realogy want to tempt home buyers with $5,000 of free stuff2019-07-23 11:42:54
2019/07/23GNC stock drops 10% after sales miss and retailer says it will close 900 stores2019-07-23 10:27:57
2019/07/23Coca-Cola leads way for Dow advance with 5% gain at Tuesday’s start2019-07-23 06:48:57
2019/07/23Need to Know: Fed can’t ward off a meltdown, says forecaster who called 20082019-07-23 05:26:53
2019/07/22Trump says compromise deal on budget, debt ceiling reached2019-07-22 15:01:59
2019/07/22Apple close to buying Intel’s modem business: report2019-07-22 14:34:55
2019/07/22U.S. stocks end higher, led by rally in information technology2019-07-22 13:02:53
2019/07/22Generic-drug make Lannett’s stock leaps 40%, but the reason is a mystery2019-07-22 12:28:54
2019/07/22You’d think boat stocks would be a good bet this summer, but you’d be wrong2019-07-22 10:11:53
2019/07/22Apple powered by share-price-target boost as it leads Dow gainers Monday2019-07-22 06:47:55
2019/07/22Need to Know: Trump’s stock market is closing in on Obama’s2019-07-22 04:41:53
2019/07/19Fed’s Rosengren says economy doesn’t look like it needs interest-rate cut2019-07-19 13:53:56
2019/07/19U.S. stocks end lower as expectations for half-point rate cut wane2019-07-19 13:02:54
2019/07/19Stocks have turned negative in the final hour of trading Friday2019-07-19 12:06:55
2019/07/19Disney’s live-action ‘Lion King’ should rule the movie world on this hot weekend2019-07-19 10:22:54
2019/07/19You can now buy Trump-branded straws to counter the ‘liberal’ paper versions2019-07-19 09:10:54
2019/07/19Deep Dive: Big-bank earnings point to near-term pain and long-term opportunity2019-07-19 08:03:56
2019/07/19Microsoft hits all-time intraday high as it joins Boeing in pacing Dow advance2019-07-19 07:18:55
2019/07/19Stock-market futures holding gains after consumer-sentiment report2019-07-19 05:38:53
2019/07/19Need to Know: Morgan Stanley investment chief warns of oncoming 10% correction2019-07-19 04:59:53
2019/07/19Stock-market futures on rise even as Fed clarifies Williams’s dovish comments2019-07-19 04:50:53
2019/07/18Red Robin stock jumps 13% after takeover bid2019-07-18 14:56:53
2019/07/18Boeing to take $4.9 bln charge in second quarter on 737 Max grounding2019-07-18 13:37:53
2019/07/18CrowdStrike stock rallies 8% after better-than-expected outlook2019-07-18 13:19:57
2019/07/18Microsoft stock rises as earnings top expectations2019-07-18 13:08:54
2019/07/18U.S. stocks end with modest gains after Fed’s Williams spurs rate-cut hopes2019-07-18 13:03:54
2019/07/18Stocks have jumped to their highs of the day as interestcut hopes rise2019-07-18 12:05:55
2019/07/18Silver, after lagging gold, has rallied to its highest level in more than a year2019-07-18 10:31:53
2019/07/18Dow industrials down 130 points as Thursday stock-market declines steepen2019-07-18 08:39:54
2019/07/18U.S. stocks on track Thursday morning for third straight down day2019-07-18 06:55:55
2019/07/18U.S. first-time unemployment claims on rise in mid-July2019-07-18 05:35:54
2019/07/18Need to Know: Energy stocks could double by next summer, says contrarian2019-07-18 04:52:06
2019/07/17IBM stock rises 3% after hours as earnings beat estimates2019-07-17 13:18:54
2019/07/17Netflix stock down over 9% after subscriber numbers disappoint2019-07-17 13:04:52
2019/07/17Dow ends down over 100 points as stocks fall for second session2019-07-17 13:03:53
2019/07/17Fed’s Beige Book finds economic outlook is ‘positive’ despite trade worries2019-07-17 11:07:54
2019/07/17Need to Know: UBS says these pricey growth stocks are worth hanging on to2019-07-17 05:30:53
2019/07/16House Democrats vote to condemn Trump’s ‘racist’ tweets2019-07-16 16:07:55
2019/07/16Stocks end lower, retreating from records after Trump stokes trade uncertainty2019-07-16 13:01:57
2019/07/16Dow taps all-time intraday high as investors weigh big-bank earnings2019-07-16 08:06:56
2019/07/15Dow, Nasdaq post record close as stocks edge higher2019-07-15 13:02:53
2019/07/15Need to Know: How stock-market investments are like Fyre Festival tickets2019-07-15 05:20:57
2019/07/12U.S. stocks end at record highs, fueled by optimism over Fed interest-rate cuts2019-07-12 13:02:56
2019/07/12Facebook stock moves higher after report of $5 billion FTC settlement2019-07-12 12:57:53
2019/07/12There are 5 things atop investors’ minds as earnings season is about to begin2019-07-12 12:25:55
2019/07/12Acosta is out as U.S. labor secretary2019-07-12 06:54:56
2019/07/12U.S. indexes stake out record highs Friday as investors sustain Fed-cut hopes2019-07-12 06:39:54
2019/07/12PPI report shows U.S. wholesale prices rising 0.1% in June2019-07-12 05:35:53
2019/07/11CannTrust says it will temporarily stop marijuana sales and stock slides 10%2019-07-11 16:54:01
2019/07/11Dow industrials close above 27,000 for the first time2019-07-11 13:02:55
2019/07/11Dow industrials expand Thursday’s gain to 200 points2019-07-11 09:43:53
2019/07/11Dow reclaims 27,000 level intraday, with S&P back in striking distance of 3,0002019-07-11 08:15:56
2019/07/11These are the stocks hitting all-time highs alongside the S&P2019-07-11 07:14:55
2019/07/11Amazon market cap tops $1 trillion intraday for first time in 10 months2019-07-11 07:11:56
2019/07/11Need to Know: Goldman prescribes stocks to own during ‘unexpected shocks’2019-07-11 05:56:54
2019/07/11U.S. consumer prices edge 0.1% upward in June2019-07-11 05:36:54
2019/07/10U.S. stocks end higher after Fed chief’s testimony; Nasdaq notches record close2019-07-10 13:02:56
2019/07/10‘Many’ Fed officials said in June they’d be willing to cut interest rates2019-07-10 11:05:52
2019/07/10Fed’s Powell tells House panel he’d refuse to leave if Trump sought to fire him2019-07-10 08:12:55
2019/07/10Dow on course to snap three-day skid after Fed’s Powell revives rate-cut hopes2019-07-10 06:33:57
2019/07/10Stock-index futures turn higher as Fed’s Powell cites economic ‘uncertainties’2019-07-10 05:49:52
2019/07/09S&P 500, Nasdaq end higher as investors await remarks by Fed’s Powell2019-07-09 13:04:55
2019/07/09Federal appeals court rules Trump cannot block critics on his Twitter feed2019-07-09 07:49:58
2019/07/093M is sharpest decliner as Dow suffers 135-point skid early Tuesday2019-07-09 06:46:56
2019/07/09Acacia shares rocket on news of $2.6 billion Cisco buyout2019-07-09 05:18:56
2019/07/08Dow industrials end down over 100 points as Apple weighs on tech2019-07-08 13:05:54
2019/07/08Nio’s stock is surging again, heading for its best 5-day run in nearly 5 months2019-07-08 10:53:55
2019/07/08Apple, Intel, 3M, Boeing biggest losers as Dow rings up 160-point decline2019-07-08 06:45:00
2019/07/08Boeing’s stock leads premarket Dow decliners on report of lost Saudi order2019-07-08 05:40:54
2019/07/05Slight stock-market declines Friday leave indexes in black for week2019-07-05 13:39:55
2019/07/05Dow sustains triple-digit loss as jobs data cast new doubt on rate-cut prospect2019-07-05 06:34:55
2019/07/05Unemployment rate rises to 3.7% as U.S. economy adds 224,000 jobs2019-07-05 05:31:55
2019/07/03MoviePass going dark on a busy July 4 — and perhaps longer2019-07-03 17:09:55
2019/07/03Justice Department still pushing for citizenship question on 2020 Census2019-07-03 15:08:53
2019/07/03Three main U.S. stock benchmarks set sights on record-high closes2019-07-03 09:49:03
2019/07/03S&P 500 notches all-time intraday high at start of abbreviated Wednesday session2019-07-03 06:37:55
2019/07/03Everything you need to know about how the Fourth of July affects market hours2019-07-03 06:16:54
2019/07/03U.S. first-time unemployment claims fall to 221,000 in late June2019-07-03 05:33:54
2019/07/03U.S. gains 102,000 private-sector jobs in June: ADP2019-07-03 05:32:00
2019/07/02Lee Iacocca, legendary Detroit auto executive, dies at 942019-07-02 19:44:54
2019/07/02Tesla reports record deliveries, stock jumps 6%2019-07-02 13:30:57
2019/07/02S&P 500 notches record close for second day2019-07-02 13:04:54
2019/07/02Oil prices drop nearly 5% to their lowest in 2 weeks2019-07-02 11:53:55
2019/07/02Dow falls to session low as gold and bond prices see midday surge2019-07-02 09:52:56
2019/07/02U.S. stocks in modest retreat after S&P’s day-ago close at record high2019-07-02 07:01:58
2019/07/02What you really need to know about corporate stock buybacks2019-07-02 05:34:55
2019/07/02Need to Know: How earnings results could contradict trade-truce headlines2019-07-02 04:50:59
2019/07/01S&P 500 closes at record high; Nasdaq ends up 1%2019-07-01 13:03:55
2019/07/01S&P 500 backs off all-time intraday high2019-07-01 11:33:54
2019/07/01All 30 Dow components on the rise early Monday, led by shares of Apple and Intel2019-07-01 04:50:52
2019/06/30U.S. stock-market futures surge after trade-war timeout2019-06-30 15:38:53
2019/06/30Kevin Durant to sign with Brooklyn Nets: reports2019-06-30 14:41:04
2019/06/28Trump tweets an invitation to meet North Korea’s leader after G-20 meeting2019-06-28 16:39:54
2019/06/28Nasdaq leads stock benchmarks with 21% climb midway through 2019; S&P 500 up 17%2019-06-28 13:18:01
2019/06/27Democratic Debate, Part II: Follow along for live updates and analysis2019-06-27 17:58:54
2019/06/27Adaptive Biotechnologies rockers 94% in trading debut2019-06-27 08:20:55
2019/06/26Live blog & video: 10 Democratic hopefuls square off at Miami debate2019-06-26 17:50:55
2019/06/26East Coast braces for greater pump-price volatility with key refinery to close2019-06-26 11:24:54
2019/06/26Kyle Bass exclusively on MarketWatch: Where I agree with Bernie Sanders2019-06-26 07:33:54
2019/06/25Robert Mueller agrees to testify before House committees on July 172019-06-25 18:09:57
2019/06/25Consumer confidence falls to lowest level in 21 months; new-home sales falter2019-06-25 07:22:58
2019/06/24A housing-market slump could send global growth to a decade low: economists2019-06-24 11:35:54
2019/06/24Leveraged-lending bust could hit economy more quickly than subprime did: Bair2019-06-24 10:57:53
2019/06/22Trump delays ICE raids for two weeks so Congress can reach deal2019-06-22 12:23:55
2019/06/21Fed’s stress test shows nation’s top banks could withstand $410 bln of losses2019-06-21 13:35:57
2019/06/21S&P 500 index notches 2% weekly gain, but ends Friday session in the red2019-06-21 13:04:55
2019/06/21These factors could drive gold above $1,400 over the next six to 18 months2019-06-21 10:32:54
2019/06/21Dow industrials climb more than 100 points, now on track to end at a record2019-06-21 08:15:56
2019/06/20U.S. reportedly calls off airstrikes against Iran at the last minute2019-06-20 20:25:59
2019/06/20Canopy Growth says Canadian pot sales fell last quarter2019-06-20 17:51:00
2019/06/20S&P 500 notches record close in broad stock market rally2019-06-20 13:02:54
2019/06/20U.S. oil prices post biggest 1-day gain of the year2019-06-20 11:53:55
2019/06/20Investors are snapping up homes at a pace not seen since 19992019-06-20 10:21:55
2019/06/20Stocks pull back from their highs after Trump comments on possible Iran strike2019-06-20 09:48:53
2019/06/20Nigam Arora likens the stock market to a drunken party: Know when to leave2019-06-20 09:31:54
2019/06/20Slack stock leaps after workplace-communication company’s direct-listing debut2019-06-20 09:22:56
2019/06/20Gold soars near a 5-year high after Fed hints at interest-rate cuts2019-06-20 09:08:55
2019/06/20Grocery Outlet stock debuts with a big rally2019-06-20 08:56:54
2019/06/20Oracle stock hits all-time high after software company reports earnings2019-06-20 08:34:54
2019/06/20Leading economic indicators hint at a slowing U.S. economy2019-06-20 07:16:57
2019/06/20Mortgage rates hold near recent lows, but can they still fall from here?2019-06-20 07:03:56
2019/06/20The S&P 500 has touched an all-time intraday high in opening trades2019-06-20 06:35:00
2019/06/20Dow leaps 250 points as stocks open in upbeat mood following dovish Fed actions2019-06-20 06:32:58
2019/06/19Oracle stock rises over 6% as results top estimates2019-06-19 13:06:53
2019/06/19U.S. stocks finish higher as Fed signals willingness to cut rates2019-06-19 13:02:53
2019/06/19Stocks hold gains after Fed keeps interest rates steady, but are off best levels2019-06-19 11:40:54
2019/06/19Powell says Fed’s overarching goal is to sustain the U.S. economic expansion2019-06-19 11:35:54
2019/06/19Consumers have racked up so much debt it’s almost equal to the 2008 crisis highs2019-06-19 11:21:56
2019/06/19Read a sharply divided Fed’s statement on interest-rate policy2019-06-19 11:04:54
2019/06/19Fed holds interest rates steady, predicts no change in 20192019-06-19 11:02:54
2019/06/19We’re nearing the Fed’s interest-rate decision. Follow news and reaction live2019-06-19 10:45:54
2019/06/19This is exactly how much it will cost you to retire in every state in America2019-06-19 07:38:56
2019/06/19Stocks tick higher at the open as investors await Fed decision later Wednesday2019-06-19 06:31:58
2019/06/19Stocks tick higher at the open as investors await Fed decision later Wednesday2019-06-19 06:31:57
2019/06/19Dividend stocks have been hot this year, and the Fed could add to that fire2019-06-19 05:54:55
2019/06/18Trump on potential for Powell demotion: ‘Let’s see what he does’2019-06-18 13:23:56
2019/06/18Dow industrials end up more than 350 points ahead of Fed decision2019-06-18 13:02:55
2019/06/18Here are the best-performing U.S. stocks as the S&P 500 nears a record high2019-06-18 09:13:53
2019/06/18Trump says he’ll have ‘extended meeting’ with China’s Xi at G-20 and stocks leap2019-06-18 06:49:53
2019/06/18Beyond Meat’s stock shoots above $200 in early trading before paring gains2019-06-18 06:47:54
2019/06/18Dow opens 150 points higher, cheering ECB stance on possible stimulus2019-06-18 06:32:57
2019/06/18Facebook’s stock set to rise 2% after official launch of Libra cryptocurrency2019-06-18 03:34:53
2019/06/17U.S. stocks end higher as telecom and social-media stocks lead rally2019-06-17 13:01:54
2019/06/17Home-builder sentiment dips in June2019-06-17 07:05:57
2019/06/17Stocks open higher, shrugging off poor reading from the Empire State index2019-06-17 06:32:54
2019/06/17Sotheby’s stock soars after auction firm gets $3.7 billion buyout bid2019-06-17 06:17:01
2019/06/14U.S. stocks end slightly lower as chip makers weigh on tech sector2019-06-14 13:03:53
2019/06/14Microsoft stock is climbing toward a record high as stocks overall lose ground2019-06-14 11:49:55
2019/06/14Kids today can expect to live past 100. They’ll have to learn how to save for it2019-06-14 11:37:55
2019/06/14This new peanut butter brew will really put the nuts in your weekend beer party2019-06-14 11:05:54
2019/06/14Mortgage rates have been dropping but that’s not enticing more home buyers. Why?2019-06-14 09:11:55
2019/06/14U.S. business conditions sink to worst level since 2008, Morgan Stanley says2019-06-14 08:11:58
2019/06/14Chewy stock soars as trading opens, gaining 70% from its IPO price2019-06-14 08:08:54
2019/06/14Chewy stock is indicated to start trading as high as $38, or 73% above IPO price2019-06-14 07:44:53
2019/06/14U.S. consumer sentiment declines in June as Americans fret over tariffs2019-06-14 07:14:57
2019/06/14U.S. business inventories rise 0.5% in April2019-06-14 07:07:54
2019/06/14Stocks open lower as bad economic data in China outweigh good U.S. retail sales2019-06-14 06:34:53
2019/06/14Industrial production climbs 0.4% in May on strength in automotive output2019-06-14 06:26:54
2019/06/14Retail sales climb 0.5% in May and April sales are revised upward2019-06-14 05:40:55
2019/06/14Kura Oncology stock soars toward record high after lymphoma drug achieves goal2019-06-14 05:01:54
2019/06/14Mark Hulbert explains why the next bear market in stocks could sink the Dow 35%2019-06-14 04:59:54
2019/06/14Broadcom stock’s 10% premarket drop triggers wider selloff in the chip sector2019-06-14 04:41:54
2019/06/14Bond guru Gundlach is sounding the alarm on a U.S. recession and betting on gold2019-06-14 04:31:03
2019/06/14Stock futures are heading lower before Friday’s open, hit by China economic data2019-06-14 04:21:53
2019/06/13Sarah Sanders leaving as White House press secretary, Trump says2019-06-13 13:16:54
2019/06/13Dow industrials finish up over 100 points as oil shares lead rally2019-06-13 13:04:56
2019/06/13Secretary of State Pompeo warns Iran after tanker attacks that sent oil up 2.2%2019-06-13 11:39:53
2019/06/13Disney stock surges toward a record high after Morgan Stanley ups price target2019-06-13 10:00:56
2019/06/13Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway should be fired, federal agency recommends2019-06-13 09:25:54
2019/06/13Fiverr’s stock opens trading 27% above $21 IPO price2019-06-13 07:44:53
2019/06/13Mortgage rates hold at 2-year lows, extending borrowers’ home-buying power2019-06-13 07:06:00
2019/06/13U.S. stocks open higher despite oil uncertainty following Mideast ship attacks2019-06-13 06:31:54
2019/06/13Red Robin stock soars after big shareholder readies buyout bid for burger chain2019-06-13 06:21:54
2019/06/13DryShip stock soars 26% after cargo company receives buyout proposal2019-06-13 05:44:59
2019/06/13Oil prices surge after two tankers reportedly attacked near Strait of Hormuz2019-06-13 03:38:56
2019/06/12U.S. stocks finish lower for second session as trade tensions continue2019-06-12 13:02:55
2019/06/12This stock sector is having its best month in 4 years and, no, it’s not tech2019-06-12 12:25:54
2019/06/12U.S. oil prices settle at their lowest level in 5 months, hit by supply data2019-06-12 11:40:57
2019/06/12The Dow transports are bucking overall stock weakness; airlines, truckers rise2019-06-12 10:03:55
2019/06/12CrowdStrike stock soars more than 80% in trading debut after IPO2019-06-12 08:34:55
2019/06/12Mattel stock jumps 8% on reports of rejected merger offer2019-06-12 06:48:55
2019/06/12Stocks fade as trading opens Wednesday, but selling is muted2019-06-12 06:32:54
2019/06/11Dow snaps six-day winning streak after early rally fizzles2019-06-11 13:02:54
2019/06/11Apple’s stock has just done something it hasn’t done since the dot-com bubble2019-06-11 11:44:55
2019/06/11U.S. stock-market gains all but evaporate near midday2019-06-11 08:49:54
2019/06/11U.S. stocks rise early Tuesday as China moves to bolster its economy2019-06-11 06:41:56
2019/06/10Dow industrials extend winning streak to sixth session2019-06-10 13:02:56
2019/06/10Dow industrials advance 150 points early Monday2019-06-10 06:32:54
2019/06/07Uber stock down following report operating, marketing chiefs stepping down2019-06-07 13:26:07
2019/06/07Major U.S. stock indexes finish up over 1% Friday, notching gains for the week2019-06-07 13:05:00
2019/06/07Twenty-nine of 30 components in plus column as Dow rises 270 points2019-06-07 08:30:59
2019/06/07Ten-year Treasury yield falls to 21-month low after disappointing jobs report2019-06-07 07:15:54
2019/06/07Stocks post gains as investors wager rate cut is likelier after weak jobs report2019-06-07 06:52:54
2019/06/07Premarket advance by U.S. stock indexes nearly vanishes after jobs report2019-06-07 05:54:57
2019/06/07U.S. economy adds a far-fewer-than-forecast 75,000 jobs in May2019-06-07 05:31:55
2019/06/06Beyond Meat stock rallies after first quarterly results since IPO2019-06-06 13:20:54
2019/06/06Dow ends up over 180 points, gaining for fourth straight day2019-06-06 13:03:55
2019/06/06Bookseller Barnes & Noble nears deal to be taken private: Wall Street Journal2019-06-06 11:06:54
2019/06/06Gold futures have now gained for 7 straight trading sessions2019-06-06 10:47:54
2019/06/06Dow battling early Thursday to extend winning streak to fourth session2019-06-06 06:42:53
2019/06/06Google to acquire big-data company Looker for $2.6 billion2019-06-06 06:24:53
2019/06/06U.S. first-time unemployment claims flat at 218,0002019-06-06 05:49:54
2019/06/05Fiat Chrysler shares sink after report that it has dropped Renault bid2019-06-05 15:58:55
2019/06/05Cloudera stock drops more than 25% on CEO departure, revenue weakness2019-06-05 13:31:54
2019/06/05Dow finishes up over 200 points on rising hopes of Fed rate cut2019-06-05 13:02:56
2019/06/05Fed’s Beige Book finds ‘moderate pace’ of economic growth across most of U.S.2019-06-05 11:04:01
2019/06/05Oil prices are on track to enter a bear market, falling after crude-supply data2019-06-05 08:43:54
2019/06/05The service side of the U.S. economy is still showing strength, ISM data show2019-06-05 07:19:57
2019/06/05Apple’s stock is roaring ahead, on track for biggest 2-day gain in 4 months2019-06-05 06:40:53
2019/06/05Stocks open solidly higher Wednesday, following through on Tuesday’s rally2019-06-05 06:30:58
2019/06/05Gold prices surge to highest level in more than a year after weak ADP jobs data2019-06-05 06:08:54
2019/06/05InflaRX stock plummets 82% after failure of skin-disorder drug2019-06-05 05:52:57
2019/06/05Fed rate cuts are not a certainty, regardless of market view: economists2019-06-05 05:07:53
2019/06/04Dow zooms 500 points higher as stocks embrace dovish words from Fed’s Powell2019-06-04 13:02:54
2019/06/04Financial stocks are rallying broadly to lead markets even higher Tuesday2019-06-04 12:08:01
2019/06/04Stocks are extending their strong gains Tuesday, with the Dow now up 400 points2019-06-04 08:21:56
2019/06/04Factory orders sink again, stoking fears about the strength of the U.S. economy2019-06-04 07:50:55
2019/06/04Stocks are set to rebound Tuesday, a day after the Nasdaq entered a correction2019-06-04 05:48:54
2019/06/03House panel to investigate antitrust by big tech companies2019-06-03 15:23:55
2019/06/03Nasdaq tumbles 1.6%, ending in correction territory on tech regulation fears2019-06-03 13:03:54
2019/06/034 big tech stocks are getting hammered over possible U.S. antitrust probes2019-06-03 11:51:54
2019/06/03U.S. construction spending was flat in April, with housing still struggling2019-06-03 07:44:54
2019/06/03The Dow has reversed course again and is now up more than 100 points2019-06-03 07:42:53
2019/06/03Shares of Alphabet, parent of Google, have fallen into bear-market territory2019-06-03 07:24:54
2019/06/03ISM manufacturing index drops to lowest level since October of 20162019-06-03 07:22:06
2019/06/03Stocks have quickly reversed course and are now trading lower across the board2019-06-03 06:57:54
2019/06/03Dow shrugs off weakness in futures trading to open higher Monday2019-06-03 06:32:56
2019/06/03Genocea Biosciences shares rocket 101% after positive data on cancer vaccine2019-06-03 06:20:57
2019/06/03El Paso Electric to be acquired by JP Morgan fund in $4.3 billion all-cash deal2019-06-03 04:43:58
2019/06/03U.S. bond yields could sink much lower as trade tiffs persist, J.P. Morgan says2019-06-03 04:34:55
2019/06/03Stocks are set to slide again at the open of trading Monday2019-06-03 04:24:53
2019/05/31At least 11 dead, 6 injured in Virginia Beach mass shooting2019-05-31 16:11:53
2019/05/31Dow ends down over 350 points as stocks suffer first monthly loss of the year2019-05-31 13:02:55
2019/05/31Mexico exchange-traded fund down more than 4% after Trump tariff tweet2019-05-31 07:00:59
2019/05/31Just one Dow component in black as index skids 275 points early Friday2019-05-31 06:33:54
2019/05/31Dow futures down nearly 300 points2019-05-31 05:44:54
2019/05/30Stock futures tumble as Trump slaps tariffs against all imports from Mexico2019-05-30 17:55:54
2019/05/30Trump announces 5% tariff on all imports from Mexico2019-05-30 16:42:55
2019/05/30Gap stock slides 11% after ‘extremely challenging’ first quarter2019-05-30 13:34:54
2019/05/30U.S. stocks finish slightly higher as trade selloff abates2019-05-30 13:06:55
2019/05/30Major stock indexes have turned lower in afternoon trading2019-05-30 11:43:56
2019/05/30Thirty-year mortgage rate below 4% as trade war buffets markets2019-05-30 07:06:56
2019/05/30Stocks rise tentatively at Thursday’s opening bell2019-05-30 06:37:54
2019/05/30U.S. trade deficit widens in April2019-05-30 05:52:52
2019/05/30U.S. first-time unemployment claims edge upward to 215,0002019-05-30 05:36:53
2019/05/30First-quarter U.S. economic growth rate trimmed to 3.1%2019-05-30 05:35:54
2019/05/29Dow closes down more than 200 points as falling bond yields spook Wall Street2019-05-29 13:02:56
2019/05/29Stock-market decline steepens after Robert Mueller’s public statement2019-05-29 08:40:54
2019/05/29Mueller announces resignation, says charging Trump with crime wasn’t an option2019-05-29 08:23:57
2019/05/29Mueller public statement on special-counsel probe imminent — watch it live here2019-05-29 07:52:54
2019/05/29Dow industrials tumble more than 200 points early Wednesday2019-05-29 06:50:55
2019/05/29Robert Mueller to make statement today on probe of Russian election interference2019-05-29 06:41:01
2019/05/28Stocks end at lows of the day as early gains unravel over trade fears2019-05-28 13:01:55
2019/05/28Dow gives up gains, falls to session low in Tuesday afternoon stock trading2019-05-28 11:39:53
2019/05/28U.S. stocks move upward Tuesday as investors look past global tensions2019-05-28 07:25:00
2019/05/28Annual growth rate in U.S. home prices is slowest since 20122019-05-28 06:19:56
2019/05/25Memorial Day: Everything you need to know about trading hours, market closures2019-05-25 06:32:56
2019/05/24Stocks close higher Friday in an otherwise down week ahead of Memorial Day2019-05-24 13:03:53
2019/05/24Oil futures suffer worst weekly performance of 2019, dropping about 8%2019-05-24 12:20:56
2019/05/24House disaster-aid bill stalls as Republican freshman objects2019-05-24 08:24:55
2019/05/24Dow appears headed for fifth straight weekly loss despite early Friday rally2019-05-24 06:37:55
2019/05/24U.S. durable-goods orders drop 2.1% in April2019-05-24 05:32:55
2019/05/23Major U.S. stock indexes finish more than 1% lower2019-05-23 13:03:59
2019/05/23Bicycle Therapeutics shares slide 10.7% in trading debut2019-05-23 10:15:58
2019/05/23Just two of 30 Dow components in the black as intraday loss exceeds 400 points2019-05-23 09:01:58
2019/05/23U.S. manufacturing PMI slumps to 9-year low2019-05-23 07:23:53
2019/05/23Dow industrials down 400 points as investors gird for a protracted trade war2019-05-23 07:01:56
2019/05/23U.S. first-time unemployment claims hover near half-century low2019-05-23 05:37:54
2019/05/22Dow industrials end down 100 points as trade-war fears continue2019-05-22 13:02:55
2019/05/22Fed minutes: Voters say patient stance can last ‘for some time’2019-05-22 11:01:56
2019/05/22Trump says infrastructure talks with Democrats are off because of investigations2019-05-22 08:52:55
2019/05/22Dow slips at opening bell as Wall Street awaits Fed minutes2019-05-22 06:52:57
2019/05/22Exclusive: Facebook sticks to global ban on promoting marijuana on platform2019-05-22 04:16:01
2019/05/21Nordstrom stock falls 9% after retailer posts sales miss2019-05-21 13:19:55
2019/05/21Dow industrials finish up nearly 200 points as tech fuels rally2019-05-21 13:04:55
2019/05/21U.S. existing-home sales fall for a second straight month2019-05-21 07:18:54
2019/05/20Judge says Trump can’t block House subpoena of his financial records2019-05-20 14:27:55
2019/05/20Nasdaq ends down over 1% as Huawei aftermath weighs on tech sector2019-05-20 13:05:54
2019/05/20Nasdaq is downside stock-market standout, falling 120 points early Monday2019-05-20 06:56:54
2019/05/20Ford to cut 7,000 jobs by end of August — that’s 10% of work force2019-05-20 06:26:56
2019/05/20Sprint’s stock rockets as FCC chairman plans to recommend T-Mobile merger2019-05-20 06:10:54
2019/05/17U.S. stocks end lower for day and week on U.S.-China trade uncertainty2019-05-17 13:03:56
2019/05/17The U.S. and Canada have agreed to eliminate all tariffs on steel and aluminum2019-05-17 11:01:53
2019/05/173M stock keeps falling as its most-bearish analyst has just gotten more bearish2019-05-17 09:45:53
2019/05/17Luckin Coffee—which aims to unseat Starbucks as No. 1 in China—opens on Nasdaq2019-05-17 08:08:55
2019/05/17Dow industrials suffer triple-digit loss at Friday’s opening bell2019-05-17 06:43:55
2019/05/17Trump delays automobile-tariff decision2019-05-17 06:03:56
2019/05/17Bitcoin’s plunge headlines cryptocurrency selloff2019-05-17 05:42:54
2019/05/17Premarket skid undercuts stocks’ campaign to claw back from Monday collapse2019-05-17 05:30:53
2019/05/16Nvidia stock jumps as earnings top estimates2019-05-16 13:24:53
2019/05/16Pinterest stock drops over 10% after post-IPO earnings report2019-05-16 13:06:54
2019/05/16Dow finishes up over 200 points as stocks gain for third day2019-05-16 13:02:55
2019/05/16Boeing says development of 737 Max software fix is complete; stock rises2019-05-16 12:28:57
2019/05/16U.S. stocks seek third straight gain in wake of Monday’s value destruction2019-05-16 06:50:54
2019/05/16Need to Know: Why State Street is counseling you keep close tabs on the dollar2019-05-16 06:36:56
2019/05/16U.S. housing starts climb 5.7% in April2019-05-16 05:32:53
2019/05/16U.S. initial jobless claims drop by 16,000 to 212,0002019-05-16 05:31:52
2019/05/15Berkshire Hathaway’s Amazon stake tops $900 million2019-05-15 13:46:56
2019/05/15Cisco earnings, revenue forecast top Wall Street estimates2019-05-15 13:06:53
2019/05/15Dow ends up over 100 points following reports Trump will delay auto tariffs2019-05-15 13:04:55
2019/05/1525 of 30 components in black as Dow runs intraday gain into triple digits2019-05-15 08:31:58
2019/05/15Nasdaq cues up outsized gain of more than 1% as stocks rebound2019-05-15 08:31:54
2019/05/15U.S. home-builder confidence hits a seven-month high in May2019-05-15 07:01:59
2019/05/15Dow industrials down 165 points early Wednesday2019-05-15 06:45:54
2019/05/15U.S. industrial production drops 0.5% in April2019-05-15 06:17:55
2019/05/15U.S. retail sales drop in April with gasoline and automobiles excluded2019-05-15 05:34:54
2019/05/14Donald Trump Jr. agrees to limited testimony before Senate panel2019-05-14 14:59:55
2019/05/14Dow ends up over 200 points, partly rebounding from Monday’s rout2019-05-14 13:02:54
2019/05/14Dow up 300 points as recovery from Monday rout gathers steam2019-05-14 09:12:55
2019/05/14Stocks staging modest rebound after worst Dow and S&P session since Jan. 32019-05-14 06:38:55
2019/05/13Dow ends down over 600 points in worst day since January2019-05-13 13:02:53
2019/05/13These stocks are taking the biggest beating Monday with Dow now down 700 points2019-05-13 10:08:54
2019/05/13A lower close Monday would saddle Amazon with longest losing streak in 3 years2019-05-13 09:32:00
2019/05/13Dow down nearly 600 points as stock-market decline steepens further2019-05-13 07:08:54
2019/05/13Uber shares down nearly 14% from IPO price in second day of public trades2019-05-13 06:47:58
2019/05/13Dow falls 470 points in opening minutes; Nasdaq damage more severe by percentage2019-05-13 06:39:55
2019/05/13Legendary actress Doris Day is dead at 972019-05-13 06:28:55
2019/05/13China putting tariffs as high as 25% on $60 billion in U.S. goods2019-05-13 05:36:54
2019/05/13All Dow components point to Monday declines, led by Apple, Boeing, Caterpillar2019-05-13 05:35:52
2019/05/13Dow futures tumble 450 points as investors react to U.S.-China trade stalemate2019-05-13 05:27:54
2019/05/10House chairman issues Mnuchin, IRS chief subpoenas over Trump taxes2019-05-10 13:50:54
2019/05/10Dow ends up over 100 points after big turnaround; stocks suffer weekly losses2019-05-10 13:04:53
2019/05/10Stocks have turned strongly positive late in the trading day Friday2019-05-10 12:27:53
2019/05/10The Dow and S&P 500 are now up even though China trade talks ended with no deal2019-05-10 11:09:54
2019/05/10Uber’s stock begins trading at nearly 7% discount to IPO price2019-05-10 08:53:54
2019/05/10CPI shows rents and gas prices driving inflation in April2019-05-10 05:34:54
2019/05/09U.S., China to continue trade talks Friday, despite tensions2019-05-09 19:37:58
2019/05/09Uber prices IPO at $45 a share, near the low end of range2019-05-09 14:18:54
2019/05/09Symantec CEO Greg Clark steps down; shares tumble over 14%2019-05-09 13:23:55
2019/05/09U.S. stocks finish lower ahead of China tariff deadline2019-05-09 13:04:53
2019/05/09Dow down 400 points as Thursday declines accelerate; 29 of 30 components in red2019-05-09 07:42:55
2019/05/09U.S. mortgage rates move lower for third straight week2019-05-09 07:04:54
2019/05/09Dow drops 300 points after Trump says at Fla. rally that China ‘broke the deal’2019-05-09 07:01:55
2019/05/09U.S. first-time unemployment claims dip in early May to 228,0002019-05-09 05:34:54
2019/05/08Trump on trade talks with China: ‘They broke the deal’2019-05-08 18:10:53
2019/05/08House Judiciary Committee votes to hold Barr in contempt of Congress2019-05-08 13:36:54
2019/05/08Disney stock rises after earnings top expectations2019-05-08 13:09:56
2019/05/08U.S. stocks finish mostly in the red after volatile trading session2019-05-08 13:02:53
2019/05/08Stocks are rebounding Wednesday with Dow up 100 points on Disney strength2019-05-08 11:53:56
2019/05/08May is shaping up as U.S. stock market’s worst month since December’s rout2019-05-08 05:53:53
2019/05/08Uber drivers strike a day ahead of anticipated IPO pricing2019-05-08 05:23:56
2019/05/07Lyft reports large loss in first quarterly results since IPO2019-05-07 13:19:56
2019/05/07Dow suffers worst drop since January on U.S.-China trade worries2019-05-07 13:02:53
2019/05/07The Dow is now down 500 points, but stock selling is far from a panic level2019-05-07 10:24:55
2019/05/07Dow industrials down 400 points; biggest losers: Boeing, Home Depot, Apple2019-05-07 08:29:58
2019/05/07Dow off 240 points early Tuesday as U.S.-China trade tensions persist2019-05-07 06:58:01
2019/05/06Mnuchin won’t turn over Trump’s tax returns to House Democrats2019-05-06 14:53:55
2019/05/06Dow finishes well off day’s low after clawing back from 472-point plunge2019-05-06 13:04:58
2019/05/06Stocks have staged a powerful turnaround, shedding a good share of early losses2019-05-06 12:11:02
2019/05/06Biggest stock-market losers after Trump’s latest tariff threat2019-05-06 07:54:55
2019/05/06Dow industrials down nearly 500 points at opening bell as trade-war fear spikes2019-05-06 06:32:54
2019/05/05Asian markets plunge as U.S.-China trade deal appears in jeopardy2019-05-05 19:04:56
2019/05/05China may withdraw from this week’s trade talks with U.S.: report2019-05-05 17:49:55
2019/05/05U.S. stock futures tumble after Trump’s latest tariff threat2019-05-05 15:21:54
2019/05/03Nasdaq closes at record high; Dow jumps over 190 points2019-05-03 13:03:54
2019/05/03The Nasdaq is up more than 110 points, its best daily rally in 7 weeks2019-05-03 10:46:54
2019/05/03Stocks open higher as they bid to rebound from recent skid, buoyed by jobs data2019-05-03 06:33:55
2019/05/03U.S. trade deficit in goods widens slightly in March to $71.4 billion2019-05-03 05:46:52
2019/05/03U.S. creates 263,000 jobs in April, topping forecast; unemployment falls to 3.6%2019-05-03 05:33:54
2019/05/02Beyond Meat soars 163% in biggest-popping U.S. IPO since 20002019-05-02 15:24:54
2019/05/02Stocks end lower for second day after Fed dampens rate-cut expectations2019-05-02 13:05:53
2019/05/02Stephen Moore withdraws from consideration for Fed post, Trump says2019-05-02 09:39:55
2019/05/02Beyond Meat’s newly issued stock poised to open 80% above IPO pricing level2019-05-02 08:43:05
2019/05/02A ‘troubling’ rise in automobile-industry layoffs as vehicle sales slump2019-05-02 07:39:54
2019/05/02U.S. mortgage rates tumble2019-05-02 07:12:04
2019/05/02U.S. factory orders jumped in March2019-05-02 07:11:56
2019/05/02U.S. first-time unemployment claims at three-month high2019-05-02 05:36:55
2019/05/01Barr says he won’t testify before House panel Thursday2019-05-01 15:15:53
2019/05/01Square stock tumbles on weak second-quarter outlook2019-05-01 13:18:54
2019/05/01Qualcomm stock falls 4% after earnings results2019-05-01 13:13:55
2019/05/01Dow industrials end down over 160 points after Fed news conference2019-05-01 13:02:57
2019/05/01Dow, S&P 500 have turned lower in afternoon trade following Fed rate decision2019-05-01 11:44:53
2019/05/01Fed Chairman Powell faces questions following decision to hold key rate steady2019-05-01 11:33:56
2019/05/01Fed leaves key interest rates unchanged, says U.S. economy is growing solidly2019-05-01 11:02:54
2019/05/01Apple on track to recapture trillion-dollar market capitalization at close2019-05-01 08:31:55
2019/05/01U.S. manufacturing growth in April slowest since 2016 election: ISM2019-05-01 07:19:59
2019/05/01Stocks pare gains after manufacturing and construction-spending data2019-05-01 07:10:06
2019/05/01Watch now: Live video of William Barr’s testimony before Senate committee2019-05-01 06:51:00
2019/05/01U.S. stocks move higher with Apple rally powering the Dow and the tech sector2019-05-01 06:49:55
2019/05/01S&P 500 hits all-time intraday high at opening bell2019-05-01 06:47:57
2019/05/01Apple’s stock set to single-handedly lift the Dow by 70 points at open2019-05-01 05:38:03
2019/05/01Stock futures add to gains as ADP data show private sector adding 275,000 jobs2019-05-01 05:35:56
2019/05/01Need to Know: Gene Munster maps Apple stock’s path to $350 — a 75% rise2019-05-01 04:53:56
2019/04/30AMD stock jumps 7% after earnings beat estimates2019-04-30 13:29:54
2019/04/30S&P 500 closes at record high for third straight session2019-04-30 13:02:59
2019/04/30Alphabet’s stock on track for worst day on record as Google revenue growth slows2019-04-30 09:59:58
2019/04/30Barron’s on MarketWatch: How Burger King botched its Tim Hortons takeover2019-04-30 08:09:54
2019/04/30U.S. consumer confidence snaps back in April2019-04-30 07:21:55
2019/04/30U.S. pending home sales skyrocket in March2019-04-30 07:09:54
2019/04/30Beyond Meat increases size of IPO and lifts pricing-range forecast2019-04-30 06:41:55
2019/04/30U.S. home-price growth hits 6 ½–year low: Case-Shiller2019-04-30 06:04:57
2019/04/29Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein resigns, effective May 112019-04-29 14:42:53
2019/04/29Alphabet shares down over 2% after quarterly results2019-04-29 13:06:53
2019/04/29S&P 500, Nasdaq finish at record highs2019-04-29 13:02:54
2019/04/29Disney stock rides ‘Avengers: Endgame’ wave to record high, then loses its power2019-04-29 07:34:54
2019/04/29The Nasdaq and the S&P 500 hit intraday record highs out of the gate Monday2019-04-29 06:37:02
2019/04/27One dead in shooting at Poway, Calif., synagogue; mayor applies hate-crime label2019-04-27 14:54:54
2019/04/27Injuries reported after shooting at San Diego–area synagogue2019-04-27 12:58:54
2019/04/27What to look for when Apple reports earnings after the bell Tuesday2019-04-27 12:01:56
2019/04/27Money managers in exclusive Barron’s poll foresee Trump re-election2019-04-27 10:55:54
2019/04/27The mystery behind the stockpiling of inventories that led to the GDP surprise2019-04-27 08:04:55
2019/04/26Tesla CEO Elon Musk, SEC settle complaint over his Twitter use2019-04-26 14:42:57
2019/04/26S&P 500, Nasdaq notch record closes to end solid week for stocks2019-04-26 13:02:56
2019/04/26U.S. consumer sentiment slips in April2019-04-26 07:25:56
2019/04/26Barron’s on MarketWatch: Are Russian stocks worth buying again?2019-04-26 06:59:56
2019/04/26U.S. stocks slump early Friday as investors digest GDP report2019-04-26 06:52:06
2019/04/26Intel’s stock is on track for biggest one-day drop since 20082019-04-26 06:50:56
2019/04/26Slack Technologies files for IPO2019-04-26 06:12:57
2019/04/26GDP data show U.S. economy expanding faster than forecast in first quarter2019-04-26 05:31:59
2019/04/25Amazon stock rises as earnings top estimates2019-04-25 13:07:00
2019/04/25Intel stock drops 8% on disappointing outlook2019-04-25 13:06:56
2019/04/25Dow industrials end down over 100 points as 3M weighs2019-04-25 13:01:58
2019/04/253M stock is on the verge of its worst day since the 1987 market crash2019-04-25 10:13:53
2019/04/25U.S. mortgage rates rise for the fourth week in a row2019-04-25 07:01:58
2019/04/25Microsoft’s market cap crosses trillion-dollar threshold for first time2019-04-25 06:40:55
2019/04/253M is the big loser as Dow industrials move 215 points lower early Thursday2019-04-25 06:40:01
2019/04/25U.S. durable-goods orders surge to seven-month high2019-04-25 05:37:55
2019/04/25U.S. first-time unemployment claims jump to highest level since early February2019-04-25 05:32:58
2019/04/24Tesla stock down after company reports wider-than-expected loss, revenue miss2019-04-24 14:16:59
2019/04/24Facebook stock jumps nearly 5% following quarterly results2019-04-24 13:10:59
2019/04/24Microsoft stock rises as results top estimates2019-04-24 13:08:56
2019/04/24S&P 500, Nasdaq snap winning streak as Caterpillar falls2019-04-24 13:03:02
2019/04/24Stocks try to push to new record highs Wednesday following mixed earnings news2019-04-24 06:34:57
2019/04/23White House misses deadline to turn over Trump taxes to Congress2019-04-23 14:38:54
2019/04/23EBay stock up 4% after earnings top estimates2019-04-23 13:20:53
2019/04/23Snap stock jumps over 10% after user growth, revenue beat2019-04-23 13:16:56
2019/04/23S&P 500 index, Nasdaq Composite close at record highs2019-04-23 13:01:58
2019/04/23The Nasdaq has also now broken above its all-time closing high2019-04-23 09:09:57
2019/04/23The S&P 500 at midday Tuesday is trading above its all-time closing high2019-04-23 08:56:53
2019/04/23S&P 500 is less than 10 points from a record closing high as stocks extend climb2019-04-23 08:13:53
2019/04/23Stocks open modestly higher as earnings of Dow companies take center stage2019-04-23 06:34:55
2019/04/23Netflix shares slip as company says it will issue $2 billion in new debt2019-04-23 06:19:54
2019/04/23Major hospital or bike path? Let MarketWatch pick your retirement destination2019-04-23 05:25:54
2019/04/22S&P 500, Nasdaq finish higher as oil jumps; Boeing weighs on Dow2019-04-22 13:02:54
2019/04/22Herman Cain asks Trump not to nominate him to Federal Reserve board2019-04-22 09:25:53
2019/04/22Stocks open lower as rise in oil prices sparks concern2019-04-22 06:34:55
2019/04/20Can Spotify become the Netflix of audio? Not if Amazon has a say2019-04-20 09:11:54
2019/04/19Tesla is dramatically changing its board2019-04-19 14:57:54
2019/04/18Dow finishes up over 100 points as investors digest deluge of earnings2019-04-18 13:06:55
2019/04/18Major stock indexes are now all green after Mueller report goes public2019-04-18 11:19:55
2019/04/18Amazon’s got an audiobook of the Mueller report for an Orwellian price of $19.842019-04-18 08:53:54
2019/04/18Pinterest stock jumps 25% after IPO2019-04-18 08:32:52
2019/04/18Zoom stock soars 75% after IPO2019-04-18 08:27:54
2019/04/18The full, redacted Mueller report is due out shortly and we’ve got live reaction2019-04-18 07:56:53
2019/04/18Pinterest stock indicated to open at $22.50-$23.50, 18% to 24% above IPO price2019-04-18 07:37:54
2019/04/18Greenlane Holdings opens up 35% in IPO debut2019-04-18 07:19:56
2019/04/18Mueller report lists 10 instances of possible Trump obstruction of justice: Barr2019-04-18 06:48:54
2019/04/18Attorney General Barr: Mueller reports finds ‘no collusion’ by Trump campaign2019-04-18 06:46:53
2019/04/18Dow, S&P 500 open in record territory as investors watch Pinterest, Zoom IPOs2019-04-18 06:39:53
2019/04/18Stocks open mostly higher with Dow in the lead as investors await Mueller report2019-04-18 06:34:53
2019/04/18Watch our live coverage of the Mueller report release and stock-market reaction2019-04-18 06:27:55
2019/04/17Pinterest prices IPO at $19 a share, valuation tops $10 billion2019-04-17 17:26:54
2019/04/17Canopy Growth stock climbs on report of potential deal with U.S. pot company2019-04-17 15:02:02
2019/04/17JPMorgan CFO Marianne Lake to step down, head bank’s consumer-lending platform2019-04-17 13:45:53
2019/04/17Attorney General Barr to address Mueller report 9:30 a.m. Eastern on Thursday2019-04-17 13:44:56
2019/04/17U.S. stocks finish lower as health-care sector weighs for second day2019-04-17 13:02:55
2019/04/17Fed’s Beige Book reports ‘slight to moderate growth’ across the U.S.2019-04-17 11:06:54
2019/04/17The Dow transports are soaring, bucking a broader slump in stocks Wednesday2019-04-17 09:13:53
2019/04/17Stocks turn negative as weakness in health-care shares drags markets down2019-04-17 07:08:58
2019/04/17Nasdaq 100 marks first intraday record in more than 6 months as tech stocks rise2019-04-17 07:02:55
2019/04/17Stocks open mostly higher, but IBM, UnitedHealth weigh on Dow2019-04-17 06:36:55
2019/04/16Intel drops out of 5G modem business after Apple-Qualcomm settlement2019-04-16 16:46:55
2019/04/16Sprint, T-Mobile shares fall on report merger won’t be approved as structured2019-04-16 13:44:54
2019/04/16IBM shares fall as quarterly revenue misses estimates2019-04-16 13:09:54
2019/04/16Netflix stock down over 5% after quarterly results2019-04-16 13:05:58
2019/04/16U.S. stocks finish higher on upbeat earnings results2019-04-16 13:02:54
2019/04/16Qualcomm stock surges as Apple agrees to settlement in all lawsuits2019-04-16 12:17:55
2019/04/16Gold futures fell Tuesday to their lowest finish of 20192019-04-16 10:49:54
2019/04/16Positive earnings news propels stocks higher at the open Tuesday2019-04-16 06:32:54
2019/04/16Industrial production weakens further in March2019-04-16 06:18:55
2019/04/16Bank of America shares edge lower as first-quarter revenue falls short2019-04-16 04:04:55
2019/04/16Johnson & Johnson stock rises as company raises sales guidance after earnings2019-04-16 03:56:55
2019/04/15U.S. stocks finish lower after bank earnings disappoint2019-04-15 13:04:55
2019/04/15Goldman Sachs stock leads Dow losers with other indexes also in the red Monday2019-04-15 11:34:55
2019/04/12Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to leave Facebook’s board2019-04-12 13:51:54
2019/04/12Dow finishes up over 260 points on solid bank earnings; Disney, JPMorgan jump2019-04-12 13:03:55
2019/04/12Disney stock is having a big day, and then there’s the ‘Star Wars’ trailer hype2019-04-12 11:14:55
2019/04/12Stocks roar out of the gate Friday, fueled by bank earnings, China optimism2019-04-12 06:32:55
2019/04/12Financial stocks are getting a big premarket boost after big-bank earnings shine2019-04-12 06:06:54
2019/04/12Disney stock is set to open at a record high following streaming-service news2019-04-12 05:53:55
2019/04/12Chevron to buy Anadarko Petroleum in $33 billion cash-and-stock deal2019-04-12 03:21:58
2019/04/11J.Crew is weighing an IPO for its Madewell clothing brand2019-04-11 13:35:54
2019/04/11Uber releases its filing to go public, seeks listing on NYSE under ticker “UBER”2019-04-11 13:19:53
2019/04/11Dow, S&P 500 end little changed ahead of start of corporate earnings season2019-04-11 13:04:03
2019/04/11PPI report shows surge in U.S. wholesale prices2019-04-11 05:39:55
2019/04/11First-time unemployment claims sink below 200,0002019-04-11 05:35:58
2019/04/10U.S. stocks finish higher following Fed minutes2019-04-10 13:03:56
2019/04/10Major stock indexes are now all on the plus side after release of Fed minutes2019-04-10 12:07:53
2019/04/10Majority of Fed officials expect interest rates to be unchanged for rest of 20192019-04-10 11:01:55
2019/04/10U.S. stocks eke out gains at Wednesday open; Fed meeting minutes awaited2019-04-10 06:47:55
2019/04/10Big-bank CEOs testifying in House — follow via MarketWatch live blog with video2019-04-10 06:26:56
2019/04/09S&P 500 snaps 8-day winning streak ahead of earnings season2019-04-09 13:02:55
2019/04/09Barron’s on MarketWatch: Don’t look now — Apple’s worth nearly $1 trillion again2019-04-09 09:33:53
2019/04/09U.K.’s Standard Chartered fined $1.1 billion over evasion of Iran sanctions2019-04-09 07:16:56
2019/04/09Barr says he expects to release redacted Mueller report ‘within a week’2019-04-09 07:00:55
2019/04/09Dow industrials’ Tuesday-morning decline exceeds 200 points2019-04-09 06:55:55
2019/04/09Trump tariff threat imperils S&P 500’s eight-session win streak2019-04-09 06:35:53
2019/04/09IMF cuts global economic-growth forecast for third time in six months2019-04-09 06:04:55
2019/04/09Need to Know: Oil-price rally gets no buy-in from this commodity analyst2019-04-09 05:58:53
2019/04/09Stock-market futures edge lower as Trump threatens EU tariffs in tweet2019-04-09 05:27:59
2019/04/08Zogenix stock drops 25% after FDA rejects filiing2019-04-08 13:48:53
2019/04/08S&P 500 stock index extends winning streak to 8 days2019-04-08 13:01:59
2019/04/08Dow off 150 points early Monday as investors begin to turn attention to earnings2019-04-08 06:41:54
2019/04/08Barron’s on MarketWatch: The bull market has no expiration date2019-04-08 06:36:54
2019/04/05The S&P 500 notched its 7th straight gain as stocks were cheered by jobs data2019-04-05 13:01:55
2019/04/05Apple stock is heading for its 8th straight daily gain and a No. 1 market cap2019-04-05 12:19:56
2019/04/05Week’s best: China-rebound bets | Alexa and your health | Travel on the cheap2019-04-05 09:08:54
2019/04/05Trump calls on Fed to adopt quantitative easing after jobs report2019-04-05 07:13:56
2019/04/05U.S. economy adds 196,000 jobs in March; unemployment rate remains 3.8%2019-04-05 05:31:56
2019/04/05U.S. stock-market futures on rise after trade-talks update from China’s Xi2019-04-05 05:04:53
2019/04/05Need to Know: This hedge-fund manager sees Amazon’s stock headed to $5,0002019-04-05 04:46:54
2019/04/04Stocks end mostly higher Thursday with Dow leading the way2019-04-04 13:01:55
2019/04/04Boeing, Dow and Disney lead way as blue chips gain 125 points2019-04-04 07:18:54
2019/04/04U.S. initial jobless claims fall to 202,000 at end of March2019-04-04 05:33:53
2019/04/03Tesla falls short of expectations for first-quarter deliveries2019-04-03 17:18:54
2019/04/03House committee requests Trump’s personal and business tax returns2019-04-03 15:22:52
2019/04/03Stocks scratch out gains Wednesday, with tech-heavy Nasdaq the biggest winner2019-04-03 13:01:55
2019/04/03Stocks give up day’s gains, trade at session lows in midafternoon action2019-04-03 11:12:53
2019/04/03U.S. private-sector hiring skids to 18-month low as manufacturing jobs fade: ADP2019-04-03 06:03:53
2019/04/02Dow industrials finish lower as Walgreens stock tumbles2019-04-02 13:03:54
2019/04/02Walgreens is sharpest decliner as Dow industrials sustain triple-digit loss2019-04-02 07:06:54
2019/04/02Need to Know: Call of the day is a sanguine take on Lyft’s post-IPO plight2019-04-02 05:45:54
2019/04/02U.S. durable-goods orders slump in February2019-04-02 05:42:54
2019/04/01Major U.S. stock indexes end up over 1% to kick off new quarter2019-04-01 13:03:55
2019/04/01Oil ends day sharply higher on signs of slower OPEC output, upbeat China data2019-04-01 11:45:53
2019/04/01Stock gains have acclerated in afternoon trading, with the Dow now up 300 points2019-04-01 11:18:54
2019/04/01U.S. manufacturing rebounds in March, ISM index shows2019-04-01 07:21:53
2019/04/01Construction spending jumps 1% in February following up on big January gain2019-04-01 07:10:53
2019/04/01Dow jumps 200 points at Monday’s opening bell2019-04-01 06:32:59
2019/04/01World’s largest bond investor sees little recession warning in yield curve2019-04-01 05:29:52
2019/03/29U.S. stocks close out day, week, month and quarter with gains2019-03-29 13:02:56
2019/03/29Apple cancels AirPower wireless charging pad: report2019-03-29 12:54:52
2019/03/29Barr says Mueller report will be released in mid-April ‘if not sooner’2019-03-29 12:30:57
2019/03/29Lyft stock opens for trading at $87.24, 21% above its $72 IPO price2019-03-29 08:51:54
2019/03/29U.K. Parliament again rejects Brexit agreement, leaving process in limbo2019-03-29 07:54:55
2019/03/29Consumer sentiment improves for second straight month in March2019-03-29 07:28:53
2019/03/29New-home sales rise in February to an 11-month high2019-03-29 07:17:53
2019/03/29Ride-hailing service Lyft debuts as publicly traded stock2019-03-29 06:33:55
2019/03/29Stocks open solidly higher Friday, driven by hopes for trade-talk progress2019-03-29 06:31:58
2019/03/28Lyft’s IPO prices at $72 a share, valuing company at roughly $24 billion2019-03-28 14:06:53
2019/03/28Morgan Stanley’s No. 2 executive, Colm Kelleher, is retiring: report2019-03-28 13:38:53
2019/03/28Wells Fargo CEO Tim Sloan to retire2019-03-28 13:13:54
2019/03/28Stocks post modest gains Thursday as U.S.-China trade talks advance2019-03-28 13:01:59
2019/03/28Dow industrials jump 100 points early Thursday2019-03-28 06:33:59
2019/03/28GDP: U.S. fourth-quarter economic growth rate revised down to 2.2% from 2.6%2019-03-28 05:47:54
2019/03/28U.S. first-time unemployment claims match 2019’s low in late March2019-03-28 05:42:54
2019/03/27Lyft increases expected IPO range to between $70 and $72 a share2019-03-27 13:53:52
2019/03/27U.S. stocks end slightly lower as health-care and energy sectors weigh2019-03-27 13:05:53
2019/03/27Trump says he discussed China and ‘political fairness’ with Google CEO2019-03-27 12:55:53
2019/03/27Dow industrials turn positive in final half-hour of session2019-03-27 12:36:55
2019/03/27Barron’s on MarketWatch: The case for buying Boeing’s stock now2019-03-27 09:36:00
2019/03/27Apple and Travelers are lone Dow stocks in the black near midday2019-03-27 08:43:55
2019/03/26Southwest Boeing 737 Max makes emergency landing at Orlando airport2019-03-26 14:26:55
2019/03/26U.S. stocks finish higher as energy shares climb; Dow ends up 140 points2019-03-26 13:10:53
2019/03/26U.S. home-price gains slow to 6½-year low: Case-Shiller2019-03-26 06:28:54
2019/03/26All 30 Dow components post gains in premarket trading2019-03-26 05:53:55
2019/03/25Stocks end little changed as 10-year Treasury yield hits lowest since 20172019-03-25 13:03:53
2019/03/25Stocks skid Monday as growth worries outweigh Barr summary of Mueller report2019-03-25 07:24:54
2019/03/24Read William Barr’s letter to Congress summarizing the Mueller investigation2019-03-24 13:15:53
2019/03/24Mueller report doesn’t implicate — or clear — Trump2019-03-24 12:59:54
2019/03/22Mueller is not recommending any further indictments, Justice official says2019-03-22 15:48:53
2019/03/22Mueller has delivered Russia report to Attorney General Barr: reports2019-03-22 14:06:54
2019/03/22Pinterest files for IPO, will trade under ticker “PINS” on NYSE2019-03-22 13:32:54
2019/03/22Dow industrials end down over 450 points over global growth fears2019-03-22 13:03:55
2019/03/22The U.S. just posted its biggest monthly budget deficit in history2019-03-22 11:25:54
2019/03/22Stocks slide as European data fuel global growth fears; Nike is big Dow loser2019-03-22 06:43:55
2019/03/21Nike stock down 2% after company’s quarterly earnings2019-03-21 13:20:53
2019/03/21Dow industrials end up over 200 points as tech, Apple stock gain2019-03-21 13:02:54
2019/03/21Leading indicators suggest U.S. economy expanding at fastest pace in five months2019-03-21 07:18:54
2019/03/21U.S. first-time unemployment claims fall to 221,0002019-03-21 05:33:54
2019/03/20Boeing stock drops after report FBI is joining investigation into 737 Max2019-03-20 13:18:59
2019/03/20Micron stock rises 1% after results top expectations2019-03-20 13:06:54
2019/03/20Dow, S&P 500 close lower after Fed news conference2019-03-20 13:03:57
2019/03/20The Dow has joined other stock indexes in posting gains after Fed no-hike stance2019-03-20 11:41:52
2019/03/20Fed’s Powell says 2.1% growth this year would be ‘solid:’ Watch remarks live2019-03-20 11:36:54
2019/03/202 of 3 major stock indexes move into positive territory following Fed decision2019-03-20 11:06:56
2019/03/20Fed ‘dot plot’ shows just 1 interest-rate hike in 2019, none in 20202019-03-20 11:01:55
2019/03/20Where are interest rates headed? Follow our live coverage of the Fed decision2019-03-20 10:48:54
2019/03/20Dow industrials saddled with triple-digit loss as investors await Fed decision2019-03-20 06:42:54
2019/03/20Need to Know: Ignore FedEx CEO’s cautionary words at your own risk2019-03-20 05:42:52
2019/03/19White House to nominate Steve Dickson as permanent FAA chief: WSJ2019-03-19 13:16:52
2019/03/19FedEx stock down 3% after company’s quarterly earnings miss2019-03-19 13:07:57
2019/03/19Dow snaps 4-session winning streak2019-03-19 13:02:54
2019/03/19Dow industrials clear 26,000 mark in early going Tueday2019-03-19 07:10:54
2019/03/18Cannabis producer Tilray stock rises after revenue tops estimates2019-03-18 13:12:54
2019/03/18Boeing and Disney bar Dow from participating in early stock-market rise2019-03-18 06:46:52
2019/03/18Need to Know: Are we overinvested in Goldilocks-economy and bull-market ideas?2019-03-18 05:59:54
2019/03/15Dow ends up over 100 points as major indexes notch weekly gains2019-03-15 13:04:54
2019/03/15Trump signs first veto, overruling Congress on border emergency declaration2019-03-15 12:57:55
2019/03/15Boeing joins Microsoft and Intel among top Dow gainers2019-03-15 09:51:54
2019/03/15Dow gain hits 200 points as trade optimism gets upper hand over economy data2019-03-15 09:47:58
2019/03/15Stocks mixed as weak economic data counterweigh trade optimism2019-03-15 08:08:54
2019/03/15Amazon’s stock now rated buy by all 45 analysts included in FactSet survey2019-03-15 06:14:55
2019/03/15Need to Know: Merrill Lynch is now on the lookout for this trio of red flags2019-03-15 05:04:56
2019/03/15New Zealand mosque shootings leave at least 49 dead2019-03-15 04:07:53
2019/03/14Boeing to pause 737 Max deliveries after groundings, crashes2019-03-14 14:19:53
2019/03/14Oracle’s near-record high stock wobbles after earnings beat2019-03-14 13:17:55
2019/03/14Facebook’s chief product officer to leave company2019-03-14 13:05:54
2019/03/14S&P, Nasdaq snap three-day winning streak; Dow ekes out gain2019-03-14 13:03:53
2019/03/14Senate votes to join House in rejecting Trump’s border-emergency declaration2019-03-14 11:55:55
2019/03/14U.S. benchmark mortgage rates skid to lowest levels in a year2019-03-14 07:27:52
2019/03/14U.S. new-home sales drop 7% in January2019-03-14 07:26:54
2019/03/14New U.S.-China trade-deal doubts push stock benchmarks into negative territory2019-03-14 07:23:54
2019/03/14U.S. first-time unemployment claims rise to 229,000 in week of March 92019-03-14 05:32:54
2019/03/14Need to Know: Man who predicted last recession has tips on readying for next2019-03-14 04:34:54
2019/03/14Beto O’Rourke becomes latest declared Democratic candidate for president2019-03-14 03:44:55
2019/03/13British pound hits 9-month high after Parliament takes no-deal Brexit off table2019-03-13 14:13:54
2019/03/13Dow notches triple-digit gain as S&P 500, Nasdaq end higher for third day2019-03-13 13:02:54
2019/03/13British Parliament rejects any no-deal Brexit with 16 days left to find solution2019-03-13 12:31:05
2019/03/13Boeing on pace to shed $33 million in market value this week after 737 Max woes2019-03-13 12:03:54
2019/03/13Southwest Airlines stock dives after Trump grounds Boeing 737 Max jets2019-03-13 11:52:58
2019/03/13Trump says U.S. to join countries grounding Boeing’s 737 Max 8 and 9 planes2019-03-13 11:35:54
2019/03/13Manafort’s aggregate prison time hits 90 months after D.C. sentencing2019-03-13 09:15:53
2019/03/13Boeing turns negative as Canada bars 737 Max 8 and Max 9 from its airspace2019-03-13 09:11:54
2019/03/13Boeing plays leadership role as Dow industrials surge 100 points early Wednesday2019-03-13 06:35:56
2019/03/13U.S. durable-goods orders rise for third straight month2019-03-13 05:36:54
2019/03/12S&P 500 index, Nasdaq end higher; Boeing weighs on Dow industrials2019-03-12 13:03:02
2019/03/12British Parliament rejects PM Theresa May’s Brexit deal for second time2019-03-12 12:35:54
2019/03/12Chipotle joins dozens of other big-name stocks in hitting one-year high2019-03-12 09:27:53
2019/03/12Boeing shares on track for steepest two-session selloff in more than a decade2019-03-12 08:59:53
2019/03/12U.K. aviation authority becomes latest to bar Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft2019-03-12 06:55:55
2019/03/12Boeing’s stock down 4% as aviation authorities take steps to ground 737 Max 82019-03-12 06:35:54
2019/03/12CPI shows U.S. retail-level inflation rate of 0.2% in February2019-03-12 05:31:52
2019/03/12Need to Know’s daily call: Don’t count on Apple and Facebook to lift the market2019-03-12 05:03:52
2019/03/12Stock-market futures point to slight gains, as Boeing again weighs on the Dow2019-03-12 04:23:53
2019/03/11Stitch Fix stock soars after earnings top estimates2019-03-11 13:30:52
2019/03/11Dow erases triple-digit decline to close up 200 points2019-03-11 13:06:55
2019/03/11Nasdaq’s 2% late-day rally puts index on brink of best day in about 6 weeks2019-03-11 12:44:53
2019/03/11Dow rides 365-point intraday turnaround into positive territory2019-03-11 08:28:55
2019/03/11Nasdaq and S&P 500 manage gains, but Boeing’s 11% skid keeps Dow in red2019-03-11 06:43:54
2019/03/11U.S. retail sales jump in January; November, December data look worse on review2019-03-11 05:33:54
2019/03/11Need to Know: Is the market’s current appetite for stocks ‘unwholesome’?2019-03-11 04:35:52
2019/03/11Boeing’s stock set to take 250-point toll on Dow after Africa plane crash2019-03-11 04:06:54
2019/03/092019-03-09 10:44:52
2019/03/09Barron’s annual best-fund rankings: American Balanced earns top spot2019-03-09 07:26:59
2019/03/09On bull market’s 10th anniversary, can stock investors shrug off latest gloom?2019-03-09 06:43:55
2019/03/08U.S. stocks end off intraday lows to close out worst week of 20192019-03-08 13:01:53
2019/03/08Hong Kong–based online brokerage Futu’s stock soars 39.5% in trading debut2019-03-08 09:01:54
2019/03/08U.S. housing starts surge 18.6% in January2019-03-08 05:33:56
2019/03/08U.S. stock-market futures moving lower ahead of February jobs report2019-03-08 05:27:55
2019/03/07Paul Manafort sentenced to 47 months in prison for tax, bank fraud2019-03-07 16:03:54
2019/03/07Dow industrials down over 200 points, extending losing streak to fourth day2019-03-07 13:03:00
2019/03/07S&P 500 slips below 200-day moving average2019-03-07 08:37:57
2019/03/07U.S. benchmark mortgage rates snap a four-week string of declines2019-03-07 08:05:54
2019/03/07Just two Dow stocks in positive territory as blue-chip gauge falls 250 points2019-03-07 07:18:53
2019/03/07Lower stock-market open puts main U.S. indexes on track for 4-day losing streaks2019-03-07 06:46:55
2019/03/07U.S. first-time unemployment claims dip to 223,000 in early March2019-03-07 05:35:56
2019/03/06China’s Huawei sues U.S., seeking to overturn sales ban2019-03-06 18:25:53
2019/03/06U.S. stocks end lower as Beige Book cites slowing growth expectations2019-03-06 13:02:55
2019/03/06OECD cuts its forecast for global economic growth2019-03-06 05:48:54
2019/03/06U.S. trade deficit soars to a 10-year high in 20182019-03-06 05:33:55
2019/03/06U.S. private-sector hiring is slowing: ADP2019-03-06 05:32:57
2019/03/06Need to Know: This contrarian investor calls the bull-market anniversary phony2019-03-06 05:14:56
2019/03/05Michael Bloomberg says he will not run for president in 20202019-03-05 13:08:54
2019/03/05U.S. stocks close slightly lower after topsy-turvy trading session2019-03-05 13:04:54
2019/03/05Stocks edge lower early Tuesday as U.S.-China trade remains an investor focus2019-03-05 07:24:54
2019/03/04Dow ends down over 200 points as investors search for clarity on U.S-China trade2019-03-04 13:03:54
2019/03/04Dow off nearly 400 points as Monday stock-market losses accelerate2019-03-04 09:23:53
2019/03/04Dow down 275 points; United Health, Boeing, McDonald’s sharpest decliners2019-03-04 08:54:53
2019/03/04White House says it’s reviewing Judiciary Committee’s document request2019-03-04 08:03:54
2019/03/04U.S. stocks inch up after reports that a China trade deal will soon be finalized2019-03-04 07:13:54
2019/03/03Elon Musk says Tesla set to unveil Model Y crossover SUV2019-03-03 14:49:56
2019/03/01Dow, S&P snap three-day losing streak as stocks end day higher2019-03-01 13:02:54
2019/03/01Walgreens is Dow’s biggest loser as stock indexes’ early gains shrink2019-03-01 08:23:54
2019/03/01ISM data show manufacturers expanding at slowest pace since 20162019-03-01 07:24:54
2019/03/01University of Michigan consumer-confidence reading weaker than expected2019-03-01 07:12:55
2019/03/01U.S. consumer spending drops 0.5% in December2019-03-01 05:31:54
2019/02/28Tesla stock falls after Musk says company likely won’t turn profit this quarter2019-02-28 15:01:54
2019/02/28Tesla launches shorter-range Model 3 starting at $35,0002019-02-28 14:07:53
2019/02/28Gap will split into two publicly traded companies; Old Navy to be stand-alone2019-02-28 13:22:53
2019/02/28U.S. stocks fall for third day, but finish February with gains2019-02-28 13:03:55
2019/02/28Tesla halts orders on its website ahead of 5 p.m. Eastern announcement2019-02-28 12:56:54
2019/02/28Mortgage rates remain subdued as housing reform issues claim spotlight2019-02-28 07:02:55
2019/02/28U.S. stocks open lower after economy’s growth rate slows in fourth quarter2019-02-28 07:00:53
2019/02/28U.S. first-time unemployment claims climb in late February2019-02-28 05:35:56
2019/02/28GDP data show U.S. economic expansion in 2018 was strongest since 20152019-02-28 05:34:57
2019/02/27Square shares fall after mixed outlook overshadows earnings beat2019-02-27 13:18:53
2019/02/27Box shares plunge 17% on weak outlook2019-02-27 13:10:53
2019/02/27Dow industrials, S&P close lower for second session; Nasdaq ekes out gain2019-02-27 13:02:54
2019/02/27Limits on state and local deductions to hurt 11 mln taxpayers: government report2019-02-27 09:41:54
2019/02/27Fed’s Powell promises more decisions soon on ultimate balance-sheet size2019-02-27 07:45:59
2019/02/27Lighthizer says much remains to be done on China trade deal2019-02-27 07:27:53
2019/02/27U.S. factory orders eke out December increase2019-02-27 07:16:53
2019/02/27U.S. pending home sales drop hint of spring uptick in housing2019-02-27 07:02:54
2019/02/27Ex–Trump ally Cohen appears before House oversight panel — watch it live2019-02-27 07:00:54
2019/02/27U.S. stocks in decline at start of high-drama news day2019-02-27 06:51:52
2019/02/27U.S. goods trade deficit balloons nearly 13% in December2019-02-27 05:39:53
2019/02/27U.S. home-price gains slow to four-year low: Case-Shiller2019-02-27 05:21:59
2019/02/27Notable premarket movers: Weight Watchers, Dean Foods, Best Buy, Lowe’s2019-02-27 05:12:53
2019/02/26House approves bill blocking Trump’s border emergency2019-02-26 15:40:55
2019/02/26U.S. stocks end slightly lower as Caterpillar, Home Depot weigh2019-02-26 13:04:56
2019/02/26U.S. stock benchmarks turn narrowly positive near midday2019-02-26 08:35:53
2019/02/26Tesla’s Musk has two weeks to explain why he’s not in contempt of court: judge2019-02-26 08:12:00
2019/02/26U.S. consumer confidence rebounds in February2019-02-26 07:21:54
2019/02/26Caterpillar and Home Depot are big decliners as Dow falls 100 points at open2019-02-26 06:34:53
2019/02/26Fed chief Powell testifies before Senate Banking Committee — follow live blog2019-02-26 06:32:57
2019/02/26Home Depot responsible for nearly half of Dow’s premarket decline2019-02-26 06:02:54
2019/02/26U.S. housing starts fell 11% in final month of 20182019-02-26 05:37:52
2019/02/25Tesla falls 4% as SEC seeks for Elon Musk to be held in contempt2019-02-25 15:33:54
2019/02/25Etsy stock jumps 10% after results top estimates2019-02-25 13:10:08
2019/02/25U.S. stocks end higher after Trump delays China tariff deadline2019-02-25 13:02:54
2019/02/25Apple stock has rallied to a 12-week high even though Buffett is not buying now2019-02-25 08:37:53
2019/02/25Stocks open higher as Trump tweets on progress in China trade talks2019-02-25 06:33:07
2019/02/25Oil futures reverse sharply lower as Trump tells OPEC to ‘relax’ on prices2019-02-25 05:24:52
2019/02/24Trump extends China tariff deadline past March 1, citing progress on trade talks2019-02-24 15:06:54
2019/02/22Twitter co-founder Evan Williams steps down from board2019-02-22 13:42:53
2019/02/22Dow retakes 26,000 level, notches 9th consecutive winning week2019-02-22 13:03:57
2019/02/22Dow retakes 26,000 level for first time in 3 months as Friday rally accelerates2019-02-22 09:13:54
2019/02/22Stocks open higher as trade talks spark optimism2019-02-22 06:33:53
2019/02/21Kraft Heinz earnings reveal SEC investigation, massive write-offs; stock plunges2019-02-21 14:17:55
2019/02/21Zillow Group replaces CEO Spencer Rascoff with former CEO Rich Barton2019-02-21 13:19:53
2019/02/21Pinterest confidentially files for IPO, with expected valuation around $12 bln2019-02-21 13:13:53
2019/02/21Nasdaq snaps 8-session winning streak as U.S. stocks close lower2019-02-21 13:02:56
2019/02/21Third straight monthly decline puts U.S. existing-home sales at 3-year low2019-02-21 07:14:52
2019/02/21Benchmark U.S. mortgage rates fall to one-year low2019-02-21 07:04:54
2019/02/21Manufacturing PMI slumps to 17-month low even as services sector picks up2019-02-21 06:56:54
2019/02/21Cars and planes are upside standouts in weak December durable-goods data2019-02-21 05:39:53
2019/02/21Philadelphia Fed’s new-orders and shipments subindexes turn negative2019-02-21 05:38:54
2019/02/21U.S. initial unemployment claims sink by 23,000 to 216,0002019-02-21 05:35:54
2019/02/213 investing takeaways to expect in Warren Buffett’s annual letter2019-02-21 04:15:53
2019/02/20Nasdaq extends winning streak to 8th session after Fed minutes2019-02-20 13:03:52
2019/02/20Stocks have turned red following the release of Fed January meeting minutes2019-02-20 11:28:53
2019/02/20The Fed saw economic outlook becoming ‘more uncertain’ at its January meeting2019-02-20 11:18:58
2019/02/20Stocks edging upward as investors await details of policy pivot in Fed minutes2019-02-20 06:38:55
2019/02/20Marijuana company Tilray to buy hemp food-maker Manitoba Harvest for $317 mln2019-02-20 04:03:55
2019/02/19U.S. stocks close slightly higher as U.S.-China trade talks resume2019-02-19 13:02:53
2019/02/19Weight Watchers stock plunge has cost Oprah $555 million in the last 8 months2019-02-19 12:02:55
2019/02/19Dow led by Walmart and Walgreens as it joins S&P, Nasdaq in positive territory2019-02-19 08:57:54
2019/02/15Dow ends up over 400 points, notching 8th straight week of gains2019-02-15 13:01:54
2019/02/15Special counsel Robert Mueller interviewed Sarah Sanders: report2019-02-15 12:44:53
2019/02/15Mattel’s stock tumbles nearly 16%, on track for worst day in 2 years2019-02-15 12:39:54
2019/02/15Payless will close all 2,100 shoe stores in biggest retail liquidation ever2019-02-15 12:08:54
2019/02/15Dow remains up 300 points as Trump announces national-emergency declaration2019-02-15 08:12:53
2019/02/15Trump to declare national emergency at southern border — watch live2019-02-15 07:53:53
2019/02/15Everything you need to know about Presidents Day market closures2019-02-15 07:21:55
2019/02/15U.S. consumer-sentiment gauge registers post-shutdown rebound2019-02-15 07:18:54
2019/02/15Dow jumps 200 points at Friday’s opening bell2019-02-15 06:36:55
2019/02/15U.S. industrial production slumps in January2019-02-15 06:17:54
2019/02/142019-02-14 21:17:33
2019/02/14Nvidia stock rises over 4% after earnings top expectations2019-02-14 13:23:54
2019/02/14S&P 500 ends four-day winning streak as stocks close mostly lower2019-02-14 13:02:52
2019/02/14Trump will sign spending bill, declare emergency on southern border: McConnell2019-02-14 12:12:54
2019/02/14Market now pricing in greater likelihood of interest-rate cut than increase2019-02-14 09:30:54
2019/02/14Amazon abandons plan for New York ‘HQ2’ location: reports2019-02-14 08:50:53
2019/02/14Coca-Cola shares on track for their worst day since 20082019-02-14 07:22:52
2019/02/14Dow falls 200 points after ‘dreadful’ retail sales report sparks recession fears2019-02-14 06:51:55
2019/02/14Stock-market futures turn negative after startling retail-sales plunge2019-02-14 06:02:58
2019/02/14U.S. initial unemployment claims climb again2019-02-14 05:48:56
2019/02/14U.S. retail sales suffer biggest monthly decline since 20092019-02-14 05:45:53
2019/02/14Cisco shares powering premarket Dow advance as they point toward 18-year high2019-02-14 05:13:52
2019/02/13Yelp stock jumps as much as 10% after earnings beat estimates2019-02-13 13:23:55
2019/02/13Cisco shares rise 3% after earnings top estimates2019-02-13 13:09:53
2019/02/13Dow finishes up over 100 points on optimism over U.S.-China trade talks2019-02-13 13:06:53
2019/02/13Dow finishes up over 100 points on optimism over U.S.-China trade talks2019-02-13 13:02:54
2019/02/13Google says it will invest $13 billion this year in U.S. data centers, offices2019-02-13 10:35:53
2019/02/13Nasdaq on track to escape longest bear market in nearly 30 years2019-02-13 07:56:54
2019/02/13Trump intends to sign border-security compromise legislation: CNN2019-02-13 05:48:55
2019/02/13CPI data show gasoline prices playing key role as inflation flattens in January2019-02-13 05:32:55
2019/02/12Dow industrials up 200 points early Tuesday as shutdown worries recede2019-02-12 06:44:54
2019/02/12Shares of mortgage fintech Ellie Mae soar on news of acquisition by Thoma Bravo2019-02-12 05:23:53
2019/02/11Lawmakers reach border-security deal that could avert shutdown2019-02-11 18:00:55
2019/02/11Amazon to buy home router company Eero2019-02-11 14:04:55
2019/02/11Dow ends lower for fourth session as U.S.-China trade talks resume2019-02-11 13:06:53
2019/02/11Disney and UnitedHealth play outsize roles as Dow turns negative2019-02-11 07:36:54
2019/02/11Regeneron, Sanofi to offer new Praluent cholesterol drug options at 60% discount2019-02-11 04:22:54
2019/02/08Dow closes off session low; S&P 500, Nasdaq eke out gains2019-02-08 21:03:52
2019/02/08Amazon reportedly weighing alternatives to New York ‘HQ2’ selection2019-02-08 16:56:53
2019/02/08Dow industrials slip below 25,000 level in early going Friday2019-02-08 15:08:56
2019/02/08Arconic’s stock rallies in premarket on earnings news and spinoff plan2019-02-08 13:21:53
2019/02/07Mattel shares soar after company reports quarterly results2019-02-07 21:21:00
2019/02/07U.S. stocks end lower on renewed U.S.-China trade worries2019-02-07 21:02:24
2019/02/07Sears stock rallies on report judge approves Lampert purchase2019-02-07 20:59:52
2019/02/07Dow down 230 points after Kudlow remarks on progress of China trade talks2019-02-07 16:10:54
2019/02/07U.S. first-time unemployment claims fall to 234,0002019-02-07 13:35:53
2019/02/07Twitter stock falls amid light outlook, plans to phase out key user metric2019-02-07 12:42:53
2019/02/07SunTrust Banks and BB&T combining in merger of equals worth about $66 billion2019-02-07 11:21:54
2019/02/06Sonos shares drop 15% after company discloses CFO resignation2019-02-06 21:28:54
2019/02/06Chipotle stock up 5% after earnings top expectations2019-02-06 21:16:58
2019/02/06GoPro shares jump 10% after earnings top forecast2019-02-06 21:11:54
2019/02/06S&P 500 snaps five-session winning streak2019-02-06 21:02:55
2019/02/06S&P 500 sets sights on longest win streak in a year as early declines narrow2019-02-06 14:53:57
2019/02/06Trump delivers his State of the Union address: Live blog and video2019-02-06 01:51:53
2019/02/05Electronic Arts stock falls 10% after game maker’s earnings miss mark2019-02-05 21:36:53
2019/02/05Snap shares rally 17% after hours following better-than expected results2019-02-05 21:18:57
2019/02/05Disney stock rises 1% after profit and revenue beat analyst expectations2019-02-05 21:10:53
2019/02/05U.S. stocks climb to 2-month highs ahead of State of the Union address2019-02-05 21:01:54
2019/02/05Apple stock’s early surge puts iPhone maker on track to reclaim market-cap crown2019-02-05 15:04:54
2019/02/05Tech and consumer stocks power Tuesday’s early S&P, Dow, Nasdaq gains2019-02-05 14:58:55
2019/02/05Need to Know: Big investor who called 2018 ‘panic event’ is on heightened alert2019-02-05 12:45:53
2019/02/04Google parent Alphabet’s stock falls after earnings and revenue beat2019-02-04 21:17:54
2019/02/04Tech stocks lead the way as markets post solid gains Monday2019-02-04 21:01:54
2019/02/04The Nasdaq is up 60 points and on the verge of escaping bear-market territory2019-02-04 18:31:55
2019/02/04Cannabis company Namaste fires CEO for cause; stock falls 20%2019-02-04 16:07:53
2019/02/04U.S. stock benchmarks stage orderly retreat early Monday2019-02-04 14:39:54
2019/02/04Tesla to buy Maxwell Technologies in deal valuing Maxwell at $217.9 million2019-02-04 13:42:54
2019/02/04Legendary bond-fund manager Bill Gross to retire: Janus Henderson2019-02-04 13:09:54
2019/02/01Dow, S&P 500 end higher as tech weighs on Nasdaq; stocks notch weekly gains2019-02-01 21:03:53
2019/02/01Stocks are struggling Friday, with only the Dow still in positive territory2019-02-01 19:05:54
2019/02/01Consumer sentiment in January falls to worst level since Trump election2019-02-01 15:13:55
2019/02/01Dow rises 100 points to kick off February trading following strong jobs report2019-02-01 14:32:53
2019/02/01Unemployment rate rises to 4% as U.S. economy adds 304,000 jobs in January2019-02-01 13:32:54
2019/02/01Need to Know: Is there an ominous message in Amazon and Apple earnings?2019-02-01 13:09:58
2019/01/31Amazon reports earnings and revenue that top expectations2019-01-31 21:08:54
2019/01/31S&P 500 ends higher to close out best January since 19872019-01-31 21:06:54
2019/01/31Dow joins Nasdaq and S&P 500 in positive territory at midday2019-01-31 17:01:53
2019/01/31GE’s stock is on track for its best day in 10 years2019-01-31 15:32:56
2019/01/31U.S. new-home sales soar to eight-month high in November2019-01-31 15:16:53
2019/01/31Dow down 120 points even as S&P and Nasdaq eke out gains2019-01-31 15:06:54
2019/01/31U.S. first-time unemployment claims surge to 16-month high2019-01-31 14:13:55
2019/01/30Tesla names new chief financial officer, stock falls2019-01-30 23:44:54
2019/01/30Tesla shares fall after adjusted earnings miss estimates2019-01-30 21:12:53
2019/01/30Facebook shares jump 7% after results top estimates2019-01-30 21:09:53
2019/01/30Microsoft shares down over 2% after quarterly results2019-01-30 21:07:54
2019/01/30Dow ends up over 400 points to above 25,000 level after Fed rate decision2019-01-30 21:02:53
2019/01/30The Dow is now up more than 500 points as investors like what they hear from Fed2019-01-30 20:00:53
2019/01/30Stocks have extended their gains after Fed indicates interest-rate hikes on hold2019-01-30 19:17:53
2019/01/30Fed leaves interest rates unchanged, drops language about further gradual hikes2019-01-30 19:02:53
2019/01/30The Fed’s first interest-rate decision of 2019 is on tap: Follow our live blog2019-01-30 18:46:56
2019/01/30U.S. economy added 213,000 private-sector jobs in January: ADP2019-01-30 15:38:55
2019/01/30Boeing and Apple fuel 285-point Dow surge at Wednesday’s opening bell2019-01-30 14:38:06
2019/01/29Apple shares rise after earnings, revenue top targets2019-01-29 21:32:54
2019/01/29EBay shares rise after quarterly results beat estimates2019-01-29 21:26:54
2019/01/29AMD shares rise after earnings meet targets; revenue, outlook miss estimates2019-01-29 21:24:54
2019/01/29Dow ekes out gain ahead of Apple results; Nasdaq, S&P 500 finish lower2019-01-29 21:02:54
2019/01/29The most and least volatile stocks among the S&P 5002019-01-29 17:23:53
2019/01/29Government shutdown blamed as consumer confidence slumps in January2019-01-29 15:09:53
2019/01/29U.S. stocks open higher Tuesday as investors await Fed and Apple news2019-01-29 14:55:56
2019/01/29U.S. home-price growth slumps to a four-year low: Case-Shiller2019-01-29 14:05:55