After 2 years of development and many loyal users, CANDL has made the difficult decision to end operations due to a lack of funding. Though the app will still be listed on the app store, the data will not be up to date. Our contact and support lines will remain open.

Markets contain a lot of data.

Visualizing it just got easier.



Explore the most innovative stock market app on Android and coming to iOS.
Generate trading ideas with the tap of a finger.

Trading Signals

Proprietary algorithms scan the market for the best trading opportunities.

Multi-chart Feeds

View several charts in a single feed to save time while finding the best possible trade ideas.

Push Notifications

Smart push notifications when your watchlist items are  or ↓  throughout the trading day.

Line or Candlestick

Choose the chart type that fits your trading style with the tap of a finger.


Unique watchlist provides company performance at a glance & indice tracking.

Simple Interface

No more messy market platforms. Clean layout with all the information you need.


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Simple to Use

Whether it's your first time day trading or you're an expert trader, candl's layout was designed with clarity and ease of use in mind. The Candl platform provides multiple technical chart patterns, in addition to daily top gaining and top declining market stocks, with the tap of a finger and all on one screen.

From the appearance of other market information websites and applications, you'd think this clever design had never been considered, until now.



Multi-Chart Search

Browse through all your own favorite charts in a snap with our lightning fast viewport delivering multiple charts in one scrollable feed.




In-Depth Watchlists

This is no ordinary watchlist. We provide company performance at a glance, all in one screen as well as the ability to follow major indices. Best of all, our push notifications notify you when your watchlist items have advanced or declined throughout the trading day. The watchlist with notifications keeps you up to date on the stock market, even while away.




Proprietary Algorithms

The candl app will feature an ever-expanding directory of proprietary trading algorithms that you may view on multi-chart feeds. Often times, finding the best opportunity is difficult viewing just one chart at a time, especially while on the go. The proprietary algorithms deliver known chart patterns right to the palm of your hand.


Multi-Chart Feeds

Quickly view several charts in a single scrollable feed to conveniently look for your next trades. Being able to view multiple charts at once allows you to use your time and phone efficiently, while quickly scanning and comparing charts of similar patterns picked up by our proprietary algorithms. This helps experts to beginners generate their best possible trading ideas.


Line or Candle Charts

We understand that many users like line charts and that many prefer candlestick charts. This app was developed to provide you the best of both worlds. You have the ability to quickly switch between line or candlestick charts by changing just one setting. The application maintains the red/green color display for down/up line charts, as well as candlestick charts.




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